Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Mennonite Foldnote Swap

The We {heart} Mail Art girls
have swapped again, and this time it was a 
little bit different to our usual swaps.

I had spotted on Karen Isaacson's blog,
that she had made Mennonite Foldnotes.
Her blog post is here.
Hmmmm, they looked interesting and so
I suggested to the other girls, Lenna and Jewels,
that we could swap some of our own.

In the meantime Jewels and I managed to track down 
secondhand copies of the book from which Karen 
had taken the original instructions, 

This is the foldnote I made for Jewels;

(folded, it resembles an envelope)
I sploshed acrylic paint over cheap paper,
stamping randomly.
I turned most of the circles into bubbles
(I never seem to be able to resist doing that!).

(unfolded, revealing contents)
Jewels lives in Michigan and has an adorable 
little dog called Mr Darcy (or Mr D to his friends).
When I saw this image in a vintage National Geographic 
magazine I thought of Jewels and her little chap,
and the 'found text' went with it perfectly (I think!).

For Lenna,  I painted the paper with.....

(folded as before)
.......more acrylic paint,
more random stamping,
more bubbles.

(unfolded, contents revealed)
Lenna lives in Florida with her husband, Steven,
and this image (again from a vintage 
National Geographic magazine)
reminded me of them.
The found text seemed appropriate - I know
that Lenna really does make the most of her life
with Steven, and doesn't waste a minute of it.

Once folded and sealed with a vintage postage stamp,
I popped the envelopes in cellophane wrappers
(because I was concerned that the folded paper 
would tear en route) and affixed a proper postage 
stamp to the outside of that wrapper.

Jewels' foldnote to me was created out of a vintage
magazine page which she painted, stamped
and collaged.
(folded and taped to create an envelope)
She blogged about how she made hers here.

(unfolded, revealing contents)
She used a wonderful fortune cookie saying
along with her signature retro images :)

Jewels taped the edges of her foldnote 
to avoid damage during its journey.

Thank you Jewels!

Lenna's foldnote was made out of a
page from 'Featuring' magazine,
appropriately an article about Mail Art!

(folded and glued to resemble an envelope)
She sprayed over the lightly gessoed page
using a stencil.

(unfolded, revealing a message from Lenna)
Lenna glued the edges of her foldnote
to avoid damage during its travels.

Thank you Lenna!


What fun!
This swap was fab.
I loved how one page becomes the letter
and the envelope.  They didn't like any
wastage, those Mennonites!

Our next swap is a 
'One Staple Collage'.

Thanks for looking!


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Wisley - Surrey Sculpture Trail 2014

Hope and I went to RHS Wisley last week
for Hope to study a Henry Moore statue 
which has been there for many years,
only to find that it has recently been 
removed, grrrrr!!

However, we still enjoyed the 
Surrey Sculpture Trail 2014.

There were 64 sculptures to find and
 we located them all :)

These are the 19 we liked the best........

(Emu by Gilbert Whyman)
(Imminent Collapse by Gerda Rubinstein)
(Lime Leaves by Lisa Pettibone)
(Temps Leves by Michelle Castles)
(Cheetah on Watch by Carol Bryant)
(Crow Landed1 by Olivia Ferrier)
These crows are my joint favourites,
along with The Star Catcher (keep on 
scrolling to see that one).

(Crow Landed2 by Olivia Ferrier)
(Audacious owl by Abby Martin)
(All From One by Jonathan Hateley)
(Totes Amaz Balls (sic) by Katie Netley)
(Freedom by Erica Renelt)
(Aurora Spreads her Rosy Glow by Malcolm West)
(Cat With a Cunning Plan by Teresa Martin)
(The Heavy Horse by Helen Pittick)
(Springer by Linden Hamilton)
(The Star Catcher by Jeremy Moulsdale)
The Star Catcher was my joint favourite 
(along with Crows Landed, scroll up to see)

(Mycelium Major & Mycelium Minor by Abby Martin)
(Eyes of the Beholder by Brigitte Goirand)
(Fine Fissure by Eric Duggan) 

We both fell in love with this little moorhen chick
wandering around - look at the size of it's feet!

We had a lovely day, 
despite the lack of the Henry Moore statue
 - although we then found
a different Henry Moore statue!

Phew!  That was a long post -
but then it was a long trail!

Thanks for looking!


Sunday, 28 September 2014

Art With Brunch and Ice Cream

Today was one of those perfect days.

The sun was out, it was wonderfully warm
(Mother Nature does not seem to realise 
that it is nearly October, and I'm 
certainly not going to tell her)
and Hope and I went to the seaside.

We visited the 
at Hastings.

My friend Tan (from the Booksy blog)
volunteers at Jerwood and very kindly
gave us some complimentary tickets.

Hope particularly wanted to go to the
Jerwood Drawing Prize Exhibition,
and it was really interesting to see all the 
different styles.

We also liked the 
Quentin Blake exhibition
- his sketchbooks are wonderful!

is really varied with drawings,
paintings and sculptures in all different media.

Hope and I had a delicious lunch in the sunshine
on the cafe balcony - I had a brunch and Hope had
a crab sandwich - all under the watchful eye
of some rather large seagulls.

Before we set off for home we just had
to have an ice cream (it must be the law to have
an ice cream at the seaside, surely?!).

I won't need to eat for a week!

As I said, it was one of those perfect days.

Thank you so much for the tickets
and the recommendation, Tan!

ps This fella hitched a lift on the windscreen
all the way from Edenbridge to Hastings
(which took an hour and a half).

Once we parked up he shook his wings,
wiggled around a bit and flew off.

He will have been a long way from home!

He looked too big to be a wasp,
do you think it was a hornet?