Sunday, 26 October 2014

An Obliging Buck

It was my dear friend 
Susie's birthday yesterday.

I think it's fair to say that she has
a keen appreciation of the male form,
and we share a penchant for cowboys in particular ;)

So I made her this 'one staple collage'.

Cowboy image from a vintage National Geographic magazine,
painted/gelli printed paper scraps, 
page torn from shorthand dictionary,
USA postage stamp,
found text.

I've been enjoying making
'one staple collages'
and will be swapping some with the
We {heart} Mail Art girls soon.

I haven't been blogging much recently,
and apologies if I have been neglecting your blogs.
There are a lot of (happy) decisions/changes going on
in the Urbani household which means I am super
busy de-cluttering in preparation for a downsizing house 
move in 2016 (it's going to take a lot of de-cluttering!).


Monday, 6 October 2014

Poppies and Cider

Mr Urbani and I treated ourselves to a day out on Friday.
We were lucky to catch what was probably the last 
beautiful warm sunshiny day of the year.

First stop was London Bridge train station
and a walk across the bridge to 
follow the Thames path.

We went past the old Billingsgate Fish Market

See the fishy themed weather vane on top of the roof?

Then past The Shard, 308m from ground to tip.

And then on to 

The Tower once had a Menagerie,
hence the wire animal sculptures.

It is currently marking the 100 year
anniversary of the First World War with
a major art installation
'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red'.

By the time the installation is complete 
(on November 11th) there
will be 888,246 poppies filling the moat.
Each ceramic poppy symbolises a British
military death during the 1914-18 war.

It is incredibly moving to see.

They pour out of the window

and go over the top of the walls,
symbolising the soldiers going over the top of the

Traitors Gate always sends a chill up my back!

Mr U, enjoying the sunshine.

We walked along to St Katherine's Dock

where we saw the Queen's Rowbarge, 
created for her Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

There were several vitreous enamel panels
which I really liked.

Walking back along the Thames path

there were a few photo opportunities!

Once back across London Bridge, we
popped into Borough Market
where a friend of ours has recently opened a
very cool cocktail bar
Whiskey Ginger.

Grant and I sat upstairs by the open window
and enjoyed some delicious ice cold cider 
(although the cocktail menu looked very tempting)
and the burgers were sooooo lovely!

I realy liked the lighting!

We had such an enjoyable day
and we still got home with enough time

to take Missy out for a nice long run.
We slept well that night!

The weather has changed somewhat since Friday -
our central heating is on,
and today I wore boots in the rain :(


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Mennonite Foldnote Swap

The We {heart} Mail Art girls
have swapped again, and this time it was a 
little bit different to our usual swaps.

I had spotted on Karen Isaacson's blog,
that she had made Mennonite Foldnotes.
Her blog post is here.
Hmmmm, they looked interesting and so
I suggested to the other girls, Lenna and Jewels,
that we could swap some of our own.

In the meantime Jewels and I managed to track down 
secondhand copies of the book from which Karen 
had taken the original instructions, 

This is the foldnote I made for Jewels;

(folded, it resembles an envelope)
I sploshed acrylic paint over cheap paper,
stamping randomly.
I turned most of the circles into bubbles
(I never seem to be able to resist doing that!).

(unfolded, revealing contents)
Jewels lives in Michigan and has an adorable 
little dog called Mr Darcy (or Mr D to his friends).
When I saw this image in a vintage National Geographic 
magazine I thought of Jewels and her little chap,
and the 'found text' went with it perfectly (I think!).

For Lenna,  I painted the paper with.....

(folded as before)
.......more acrylic paint,
more random stamping,
more bubbles.

(unfolded, contents revealed)
Lenna lives in Florida with her husband, Steven,
and this image (again from a vintage 
National Geographic magazine)
reminded me of them.
The found text seemed appropriate - I know
that Lenna really does make the most of her life
with Steven, and doesn't waste a minute of it.

Once folded and sealed with a vintage postage stamp,
I popped the envelopes in cellophane wrappers
(because I was concerned that the folded paper 
would tear en route) and affixed a proper postage 
stamp to the outside of that wrapper.

Jewels' foldnote to me was created out of a vintage
magazine page which she painted, stamped
and collaged.
(folded and taped to create an envelope)
She blogged about how she made hers here.

(unfolded, revealing contents)
She used a wonderful fortune cookie saying
along with her signature retro images :)

Jewels taped the edges of her foldnote 
to avoid damage during its journey.

Thank you Jewels!

Lenna's foldnote was made out of a
page from 'Featuring' magazine,
appropriately an article about Mail Art!

(folded and glued to resemble an envelope)
She sprayed over the lightly gessoed page
using a stencil.

(unfolded, revealing a message from Lenna)
Lenna glued the edges of her foldnote
to avoid damage during its travels.

Thank you Lenna!


What fun!
This swap was fab.
I loved how one page becomes the letter
and the envelope.  They didn't like any
wastage, those Mennonites!

Our next swap is a 
'One Staple Collage'.

Thanks for looking!