Saturday, 30 January 2016

Novel Approach - Art Journal Workshop

Tammy Garcia at Daisy Yellow
is a font of creative inspiration.
The inside of her head must be such a beautiful place!
(You may recall that she is responsible 
for the ICAD phenomenon).

Tammy also runs online workshops
and I recently signed up to

I'm working in two books - 
a 1970s copy of a cookery book
(lots of recipes for boiled pigs heads etc, bleugh!)
and a child's Nature book.
Unfortunately my guinea pigs chewed 
beyond use the other book
(a Thomas the Tank Engine one) 
- that'll teach me for leaving it within
reach of the adorable stumpy legged little critters!

Collaged inspiration pages help me decide how I
want the books to 'feel'.

I enjoyed playing with heavy body acrylic paints.

I haven't used them before.

And I like the underpapers just as much :)

I REALLY enjoyed creating these Crazy Heart pages - 
Tammy suggests so many things to try.

She also encourages us to not strive for perfection,
but to just enjoy the process.

I have embraced this aim whole heartedly, 
and I'm loving it!

Finally (so far - I've got loads more lessons 
to do yet) we were prompted to create a cafe.
The one I created is a cabin in the woods, with windows
looking out onto the trees beyond, so we can
enjoy all the seasons throughout the year.
The cafe is called 'Gezellig'
(Dutch word, adj. Describes much more than just cosiness - a positive emotion or feeling rather 
than just something physical - and connotes
time spent with loved ones, togetherness).

I have really enjoyed the Facebook Group created 
for this workshop (and another workshop 
due to be launched some time soon, I think).

I can totally recommend Tammy's workshops,
she is so giving of herself, her ideas and techniques -
and they are such FUN!

Pop along to Daisy Yellow by clicking
and see if there's something
that tickles your fancy :)


Thursday, 28 January 2016

'Different Substrate' Postcard and Mail Art Swap

Oh my goodness,
I can't believe it's been so long since
I paid a visit to my precious little blog - 
Happy New Year to you all!

I've got a stash of stuff to share,
but I won't blast you with it all in one go
or you'll all run for the hills to hide.

Today I am sharing the latest
We {heart} Mail Art Swap.

The theme, 
suggested by the ever inventive Jewels, is
Different Substrate.
The idea was to use, as a base, a material that
we had not used before as a base.

I used acetate.
(For Jewels)
I had no idea how these cards were going to tun out,
they simply evolved.

I rubber stamped the watch faces and quote on the front,
onto which I stuck the photobooth pic (Tim Holtz).
After this I gesso'd on the back, rubbing back a bit to make it
scratchy - and finally I stuck on a piece of pretty tissue paper,
tearing back to distress the effect.

(Mail Art)
I used a plastic bag for the envelope,
rubber stamped, and popped a piece of the 
tissue paper inside the bag.

(For Lenna)
The postcards and Mail Art took a L-O-N-G time
to reach Jewels and Lenna,
but the last one finally arrived today, hurrah!

(Mail Art)
Lenna's Different Substrate was the first to
drop through my letter box.

She used Yupo paper
(a synthetic paper that is 100% polypropylene)
and sprayed all sorts of dyes and inks onto it.
She achieved such a cool effect!

(Mail Art)
Jewels used ten magazine pages sewn together
as her Different Substrate,
achieving a lovely weightiness and padded texture.

It's such a lovely card, perfect to display as
a welcome to Spring :)  

(Mail Art)
Jewels seems to have a never ending supply 
of supercool vintage and retro images!

This was a great swap, lots of fun to do
and I loved seeing what we all did.

Our next swap is going to be 'Found Poetry'.


Thursday, 24 December 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 48

Documented Life Project

November Theme - Stencils, Stamps and Masks
Week 48 Art Challenge - Use All 3
Week 48 Journal Prompt - "Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind.  The second is to be kind.  And the third is to be kind."-Henry James

I lost my way early on with these pages and
the best I can say about them is
that I did use all 3 - stencils, stamps and masks.

I'm calling them done so I can move on to the next prompt - 
I have finally reached December's prompts, hurrah!

I've been a little bit distracted because Grant and I
have found a house which we are now in the 
(long and tortuous) process of buying.  
If all goes to plan then we will be moving to
Bridport, which is where the 
tv series Broadchurch was filmed.

It's also very near to Lyme Regis (the French Lieutenant's Woman was filmed there).

It's such a beautiful part of the country, 
with lots of lovely coastal walks and beaches.
We can't wait!