Sunday, 21 September 2014

What we did on our holiday

Hope and I went to the cinema this morning.
We had free tickets from
for a preview showing of

Billy Connolly
David Tennant
Rosamunde Pike
Ben Miller
Annette Crosby
etc etc etc
this is a charming film.
It is made by the creators of the BBC's
and the three child actors are delightful.
Their unscripted conversations were
fresh and quirky.

The role played by Billy Connolly
(of whom I am a massive fan) was
particularly poignant, especially 
considering his own failing health.

And it had David Tennant in it ;)

Hope and I really enjoyed this film.
It wasn't quite what we were expecting
and it all was the better for it.
Yes it was unashamedly sentimental.
Yes, it was trying hard to be quirkily very British.
And yes, the ending might be cliched and predictable.

But it still had me from the first scene.

We give the film 10/10.


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Take-Off Was Harrowing

It was the birthday last week of
the original Rocking World Friday Queen
and great FB:WW friend.

I sent her one of my postcards.
Unfortunately, it was delivered rather late,
possibly due to the multi-coloured
tape of the envelope which may have
confused the postal machinery.
But it arrived today, hurrah!

(Take-off was harrowing)
'Excess paint from brayer' background
image from vintage National Geographic Magazine
'found' text

Happy Birthday for last week,


Monday, 1 September 2014

Teeth and Carefree Living

I made a couple of postcard sized collages
recently for friends' birthdays.

(Look After Your Teeth)
The first one was for my friend Mandy.
The background was an 'excess paint off the brayer'
 type of background (including the scraps),
and the image was from a vintage 
National Geographic magazine.
Found text.

(Carefree Living)
The other was for a FB:WW friend, Mel.
Gelli print background, image from a
vintage National Geographic magazine,
found text.

Thanks for looking!