Sunday, 27 July 2014

31 Days of Printmaking Unleashed

I have been watching some
bloggers and flickr contacts joining in with
which is free.

Every day for the month of July
Traci provides an inspiration prompt
(whetting our appetite for her
new book, 

which was released in the
UK yesterday and has been
ordered by moi).

I am very late joining in,
but hope to complete the 31 prompts,
albeit a long time after everyone else.

Here are the first 6 days-worth.

Day 1 - Found Printing Tool

I used the end of a pencil sharpener.

Day 2 - Monoprint

Wheeee, another excuse to get my
Gelli plate out!!!

Day 3 - Hot Glue Stencil

My hot glue gun was a bit feeble, 
which made my hot glue stencils rather
feeble too :/
I have since found my more industrial
sized hot glue gun, so will have another
go another day.

Day 4 - Cardboard Stamp

I made a basic flower shape.

Day 5 - Flower Print

I tried using real flowers and printing
with them but that wasn't very successful,
so then I found some pizza polystyrene 
(I knew it would come in handy) and scored
some basic flower shapes into it.
I then pulled several prints.
Must eat more pizza 
(only for the polystyrene,
you understand!).

Day 6 - Carved Stamp

Two hand carved fishy stamps.
The background is a Gelli print,
found text.

I'm really enjoying this printing
exploration.  Why don't you join in too?
Click here for all the information.


Monday, 21 July 2014

All Together Now.

So Summer of Colour is over
for another year **sob**

SOC4 was great fun.

Here are all of my
SOC4 Moleskine double page spreads
put together in a 'BeFunky' photo collage.

If you want to join in with SOC next year
(and why not, it's such fun)
pop along to Kristin's blog for details.


Sunday, 20 July 2014

Summer of Color - Week 6

I'm back from my hol in the very beautiful
and the very sunny Zante!
There were 9 of us (including Missy K
and her family) and we had such 
wonderful family fun.  

One of the BIG highlights for me
was watching turtles swimming in the sea.
The beach nearest to our hotel was only a couple of 
minutes walk and is a turtle nesting beach.  
Turtles are protected by law :)

The colours chosen by
for the final week's SOC are
and a
Smudge Splash or Pop of

Now I know turtles aren't any of those colours 
but I really wanted to have a turtle on my
pages this week............

I loved the quote by Bill Copeland,

'try to be like a turtle
at ease in your own shell'

This is one of the turtles we saw :)

With many thanks to Kristin
for another year of summer arty fun.
Those 6 weeks just flew by!