Welcome Friends

Hold on to your hats; there are 9!

I'm almost half way through the
100 Happy Days challenge
and it's definitely giving me a
skip in my step :)

Day 36 - these tablets are giving me a 
skip in my step too.
Having suffered with back pain for years, 
I started taking
the 'wellwoman plus' tablets 
a couple of months ago -
wow, I now have NO back pain, 
even when I have been 
gardening for hours, lugging pots around etc.
I feel GREAT!
I have also recently started taking 
the Osteocare tablets,
you can't have too much of a good thing, right?!

Day 37 - Enjoying some precious arting time.

Day 38 - I enjoyed an afternoon tidying up, 
potting up and cutting back.

Day 39 - reclaiming the 'Urbani-ette' at the end of
the garden.  It was used for storage last year
while the extension was being built and it's so
good to have it back.  We enjoy retreating there 
with a cup of tea or glass of wine.

Day 40 - after a long day doing household chores
I really enjoyed some arting time, 
starting the next lesson from 
Life Book 2014 (Finnabair).

Day 41 - grabbing a 15 minute break in the garden 
with a cup of coffee, 
fresh raspberry muffin 
and my magazine.

Day 42 - Travelling to and from a friends house, 
a 2 hour round trip,
I enjoyed chatting with Grant
 about everything and nothing.

Day 43 - a fun day out to the British Museum
with my girl.

Day 44 - Today, I met up with a new friend, 
Mandy, but forgot to take a photo, duh!
So this is the postcard I made for her :)
We had a great time and had no trouble 
finding things to chat about!

Thank you again for reading!


Vikings and the Mummy

Today, Hope and I went to the
to visit  

The Vikings invaded Britain,
amongst other countries, during the
 700s AD - 1100 AD.
They set off from Scandinavia in
longboats, for 6 weeks at a time sometimes
 - both for trading and for conquering.

We both really enjoyed looking at 
the artefacts and were surprised at the
detail and intricacy of the designs.
Some of them were really well preserved.

The exhibition was very busy and it 
wasn't always easy to see the displays 
(especially when someone was
wearing one of those audio guide things 
and just plonked themselves in front 
of a display, listening for a-g-e-s).

There were quite a few children there
(obviously, being school holiday time)
but I have to say that they all looked
bored out of their brains - it really isn't
an exhibition for children.

I think I'll probably go back with Grant;
I have a 'Friend +1' membership of 
the Museum and can go as many times 
as I wish, and with a guest.

On the way out of the museum, 
Hope and I couldn't resist doing a 
'having fun with mummy' selfie....

After a quick lunch stop
we wandered for a while and found
a shop called Tiger,
which originates, I think, from Scandinavia.
It's bonkers in there, in a good way.

Hope and I had fun trying on some sunglasses.
I leave you with this photo of a mad woman...

... who then bought the sunglasses, haha!

Thanks for reading :)


A Celebration of My Positive Qualities **snigger**

There's something so un-British about
'celebrating our positive qualities'
but that is what we were tasked to do in
Tam's lesson in Life Book 2014,
so I took a deep breath and started celebrating!

I had great fun with my
Dylusions Ink Sprays and stencils
and then I put lots of effort into painting 
the face - I went for a more realistic effect
 rather than the suggested whimsical.
I am working hard on my faces,
which have got a bit better, although
 I still find noses tricky.  
Noses are silly.

Rather than putting my positive qualities
on the back of the artwork, as Tam did, 
I decided to put them on my dreamy lady's hair.

I had such fun with the sprays and stencils
that I couldn't resist doing another lady 
(even if she has a pesky nose too)

I'm really very behind with both
Life Book and Soul Food
but I'm not going to stress about it, I'll
just pick and choose what I fancy doing 
when I've got the time and inclination to do it.

Thanks for looking!


Night Sky Postcard and Mail Art Swap

The 'We {heart} Mail Art' 3
(me, Lenna and Jewels)
have been swapping again and
Jewels suggested the theme of
"Night Sky."

While pondering the theme
I saw the photograph of a friend's
garden ornament -
a moon gazing hare.
I now knew what I was going to do, 
thanks Sami!

For my postcard I drew a simple hare and moon, 
which I then white gesso'd.
Around the hare I randomly stuck
washi tape which I then painted
with black gesso and blackboard paint.
The shading on the hare was achieved
by smudging 6B graphite pencil lines.
Frosted grass was added 
(white paint and very fine glitter),
and fine glitter was added to the moon and 
to add a few stars.

I entitled this postcard,
"Why does the hare stare at the moon?"
and Jewels did some research and
has given a brilliant potted history
of the history of the moon gazing hare
which you can read HERE.
(Is it terrible to admit that
I'm too lazy to write it all out myself?!).

For the envelope I simply painted black gesso
round a white gesso moon and added the shading
with the soft graphite pencil smudged again.
A few glittery stars were added; I was pleased
to see that they survived the journey :)

Jewels' postcard shows a very different
'Night Sky'
- one that she saw when at her cottage 
in Canada; isn't it beautiful?!

Jewels used a Gelli print as the background,
complemented with watercolours,
and then added the photograph that she took 
of the stunning sky.

She explains the wonderful saying that 
she put on the envelope,
"the sky rolled over and changed its sides."

Such a cool envelope with
Jewels' trademark stitching :)

And a wonderful star constellation 
map on the back!

And here is Lenna's
"Florida Night Sky"
-totally different again!

Such a sweet rhyme to go with the 
wonderful image of her night sky.

She explains that the photo below is
5 layers of photos put together in

The 'star' lights are solar powered and they hang
on Lenna's gazebo.  The horizontal lines of light
are also these star lights but where Lenna has 
deliberately moved the camera.  If you look 
carefully you will see that there are 2 moons, cool!
The photo is of the canal that runs along 
Lenna and Steve's house (Steve often paddles to
work, a very different daily commute!!).

And Lenna's Mail Art, magical.

On the reverse, those gorgeous colours.

What a fun swap!

Our next one is themed
"Tickled Pink!" :)

Thanks for looking!


Another 7.......

Here are my next 7 photos
for the 100 Happy Days Challenge,
which has easily become part of my day.

Day 29 - hair cut day!  
Battled with my ipad to achieve this selfie :D


Day 30 - catching up with my great friend 
We had such a giggle taking this selfie,

we just couldn't work out where we 
should be looking, haha.


Day 31 - Grant and I had a lovely day visiting my 
FB:WW friend Susie J
where she lives in Thame which is such a pretty 
part of the country!  We enjoyed meeting her dogs,
had some pub grub for lunch and both Susie and I
managed to buy some pretty clothes from a craft fair :)


Day 32 - I loved looking through a new book
about Louis Armstrong -
The Wonderful World and Art of Louis Armstrong
by Steven Brower.
He was, apart from being a jazz musician was, 
wait for it, a very talented collagist!
Many thanks to my FB:WW friend Carmen 
for pointing me in the direction of this 
wonderful book, which I managed 
to find at a bargain price from a 
seller on the Foyles website.


Day 33 - I received a lovely Mail Art postcard
surprise from my FB:WW friend, Virginia,
who is the Queen of using strong images with
stunning backgrounds :)


Day 34 - I enjoyed doing a photoshoot with a nest 
that had fallen out of one of our hedges,
a (sadly damaged) egg that I found on the grass in 
the garden and a teacup.


Day 35 - today I found this lovely necklace 
in a local charity shop.  
Sterling silver encasing mother of pearl.
So pretty.

Another great week :)
Thanks for reading!