Friday, 28 November 2014

Flood the Streets on Black Friday

Black Friday is here.
It's turning into a greed-fest both here in
the UK and in America, with dreadful scenes
of people fighting for consumer goods 
being shown on the news.
The irony is that it comes just one day after
Thanksgiving, when my American friends
reflect on all they have and give thanks for it.

As a counterbalance to this, last year
Scott Wong started a movement called
I'm joining in this year
and later on today I shall be dropping some
of my postcards in the local area.

(altered vintage postcard, collage, found text)

(Gelli print, vintage magazine images, found text)
(Gelli print, vintage magazine images, acrylic paint, collage, found text)
(Gelli print, vintage magazine image, acrylic paint, found text)
Have a great day!


Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Birthday Girl

So it was Hope's 18th birthday 
a couple of days ago.
I know it's a bit of a cliche to say it,
but really, where have the years gone?!

Family Urbani went out for a lovely meal
to celebrate.
Unfortunately, the birthday girl had a bit
 of a cold but she soldiered through.

(blurred/soft focus works best for me these days!)
(me and my girl)
There was much laughter
(especially when Hope noticed that I'd
tipped head first into my handbag -
alcohol not to blame!)
lots of reminiscing 
talk of the exciting times ahead.


Monday, 17 November 2014

The Imitation Game

Grant, Hope and I went to the cinema
today to see

Benedict Cumberbatch
Kiera Knightley
Charles Dance
Mark Strong
etc etc

This was Hope's choice (pre-birthday treat),
even though she hasn't yet forgiven
Mr Cumberbatch for getting engaged recently.

The film follows the life of

the brilliant maths professor who solved the 
code presented by the German's Enigma machine.
His work ultimately led to the end of the
war (estimated 2 years 'early' and saving
14 million lives). 

This was such a good film;
the storyline was remarkable, 
even more so because it is based on truth,
and the acting was superb.

The Urbani3 give the film 10/10 :)


It is going to be my baby-girl's birthday tomorrow.
Hope is going to be 18.
She's not a Party-Party kinda girl
so we're going out for a family meal tomorrow
night and, when they get around to organising 
it, she's going to go with her BFF,
Victoria, to the