Sunday, 26 April 2015

Oh My Goodness - The Full Monty

Last night, Hope and I went to the Orchard Theatre 
in Dartford to see the stage version of

We booked the tickets almost a year ago!

We really enjoyed the show,
which is adapted from the 1997 film
and included all the great scenes from the film,
such as this favourite...

What Hope and I hadn't expected was the audience!
99% of them were drunk groups of loud women,
including Hen Parties.
There were only a couple of (long suffering) men in the
audience and they were, strangely, sat either side of Hope and me.

We both felt very under dressed (failed to realise that it
was a sequin short and crop top kinda night) and we
were also lacking whistles, doh!

Anyway, the evening was lots of fun
and I think it could be said that
it was 'an experience'!

So I know the question you're asking,
"Did they go The Full Monty?"

Well...... without giving any spoilers
we think they did!

The show stars;

Gary Lucy (Gaz)

Andrew Dunn (Gerald)

Louis Emerick (Horse)

Rupert Hill (Guy)

Martin Miller (Dave)


Bobby Schofield (Lomper)

The show is on tour until December,
the tour dates and venues can be seen

If you go,
make sure you leave your fellas at home
and take your whistles!


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 15

April theme - Color Safari
(Exploring inks and paints)
April 11th Art Challenge - Acrylics
April 11th Journal Prompt - Cry Me a River

I'm finally catching up with 
Documented Life Project, phew!

Acrylics are my 'go-to' paint medium of choice
so not much of a challenge for me this week!
The Journal Prompt was a bit too sad for me
(and I didn't want to do sad pages),
so it got me thinking about 
rivers-water-swimming-dealing with 
rough patches in life etc.

I adore this quote by Dory from Finding Nemo,
in fact my family say I AM Dory!

In the words of Sir Winston Churchill,
"When you're going through hell, just keep going."


Monday, 20 April 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 14

April theme: Color Safari
(exploring inks and paints)
April 4th Art Challenge: Watercolors
April 4th Journal Prompt: It's water under the bridge

The prompt led me to Simon and Garfunkel's
beautiful song, Bridge over Troubled Water
(the hair on the back of my neck always 
stands on end when I listen to this song, 
I love it so much!).

I dedicate these pages to my darling Grant -
always my 'bridge', always my comfort.