Sunday, 14 March 2010

My first post!

Well, this feels like a kind of birthday! Inspired by my talented sister-in-law, Karen (, I have decided to share my life, and in particular my art, with someone other than my family. For starters, I was sent some scrabble tiles by Karen and was immediately inspired and I'm now hooked! The first set had a theme of Marie Antoinette and to this I added some altered dominoes. It was only yesterday that my daughter pointed out that I'd put the initial 'A' on them and, of course, Marie begins with 'M'. Ho hum.......... Next was a dog theme, and then the 'Anything else I fancied doing' theme. For my Mothers Day treat I went to the cinema with my daughter, Hope, to see Alice in Wonderland - we really enjoyed it, and it was lovely to spend some 'me and her' time with her. Grant and our son, Luke, decided to watch Green Zone and came out pumped up with testosterone! That's all for now, Larkrise to Candleford beckons!


The Hoppy Girl said...

Helloooooo! It's Hope here, and I am kinda congratulating myself. Yay. And you. Of course.

Love your blog, and it looks LOVELY! Like the whole sunflower thang you got going on!

H x

missy k said...


Your blog looks lovely :) ...(and well done Hope too!)

Its so nice to see your gorgeous scrabble tiles and dominoes here.

You inspired me on Saturday and yesterday I made 6 altered scrabble tiles and 1 dominoe. I also did a bit more to my 'garden atc's' I had such fun! I can't put anything on my blog at the moment as the printer (and incidentally -the dishwasher) have both decided not to work!!!!



Hello :o)

Your very talented sister in law is sending me some scrabble tiles and dominoes too. I hope I make as good as job with them as you have. Your altered things are wonderful! I've only recently got the hang of inchies, the concept of the size of them and fitting everything on! I've had a lot of help from Karen and couldn't have done it without her!

Hope you enjoy "Alice". Did you see my blog today? If you love Johnny you may be interested ;o)

Hope you enjoy blogging
Best wishes


ps. I tried to add myself as a follower but it's not working at the moment. I will come back and add myself later

missy k said...

Hi Jo

See you have had a visit from Carolyn! She is lovely! She actually had one of stitched stuffies published in Cloth, Paper and Scissors, so is famous too :) and she is having Johny Depp to stay with her soon!

Going to collect our new printer on Friday so should be catching up with my blogging on Saturday.

I LOVE your new look blog by the way! That little frog is SO cute!


Jo said...

Any friend of Johnny's is a friend of mine!! Looking forward to seeing your Blog up and running again, I've missed it! Still having teething troubles with mine, thank goodness for patient teenagers with IT knowledge!


freebird said...

Well it's no wonder your sister-in-law got you going with some materials. You are quite creative and she must have seen it. These are very nice pieces. Ssh, don't tell anyone and no one will know the A doesn't belong.

daisy said...

Here via Karen & I just wanted to say how much I like your dominoes & scrabble tiles.

Beautiful work.

daisy xx

Fiona Whitehead said...

What fabulous pieces - ah now i see the link with Karen - how lucky you both are ro share such great talent x

Jo said...

Thankx for lovely comments everyone! It's lovely to be able to show my efforts rather than just putting them in a cupboard. Jo x

Chriss Rollins said...

wonderful 1st post...welcome to blogland

chriss x

Cath Wilson said...

The detail on these is amazing - gorgeous artwork!

Queen Bee said...

The detail on your dominoes is INCREDIBLE! They are REALLY FANTASTIC!