Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Wasn't it a beautiful day today? It was lovely to be able to throw open all the windows and get some fresh air flowing through the house. Must clean the windows though........... another day!

I spent half an hour altering another 2 scrabble tiles, for my dog theme. The 'little lady' is a paper napkin snaffled from Karen's at Christmas, along with a tiny piece of Cath Kidston napkin. The 'affectionate' greyhound has a vintage text background which has been Twinkling H20'd.

I've been playing.......with a cheap plastic alphabet slider-y thing (what are they called??). I used text backgrounds, Twinkling H20's and then cute images and rub-on letters. I then crackle glazed the letters. The outside is paper napkin, highlighted with Twinkling H20's and finished off with teeny tiny crystals. The pink button is stitched onto a lacy flower and I left the green cotton trailing. I made life very hard for myself because having made it I then decided to see what it would look like with the letters not in alphabetical order - I didn't like it, so spent the next two hours trying to get it back to how it had been in the first place, aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggghhh!! It's a bit blurry because of the protruding button, sorry. Any advice on how to avoid this? All comments gratefully received.


The Hoppy Girl said...

Ooh, I love that you still have the napkins! You're special, aren't you? xxxx lovely stuff - dogs and alphabetty things. x

freebird said...

It came out nice but doesn't it stink when we should have trusted our instincts and left well enough alone?

I've had some 3-D things not do well under a scan so I put the object in an area near a well lit window and snap a photo which I then crop down before posting.

Jo said...

Thanks! I'll give it a go, although my hands always start to shake........!

missy k said...

Hi Jo

AHH .... I love the dogs!!!! and the slidey - thingy is brilliant! You must have the patience of a saint!!!! I love the colours, I'm totally impressed that the sliders even moved after being altered and even more impressed you got them back in place! What about altering a rubiks cube next!

Re the 'blur'.... sometimes i try putting something else 3d on the scanner glass, next to the thing I am scanning to kind of balance out the distortion. I bet you are thinking 'what?' love Kx

I've used the little lacy flower you sent me on my Garden ATC's .... its sweet :)

Kimmie said...

great idea to alter the little slider toy - it has been much improved by you :)

Anneke said...

I do like your work! The colours are beautiful, what a great idea to alter scrabble tiles! I love the dogs!