Thursday, 15 April 2010

Arabian Nights

This is my effort for Chris Rowe's challenge. She has kindly shared a template and donated blog candy - a set of fab rubber stamps actually designed by herself! How cool is that? (note to self; become cool - design own rubber stamps). There's still lots of time to have a go so why not have a look?

To me, the template screamed out 'Arabian Nights'. I put a shadow box behind the door opening (sorry Chris, I removed the doors, they kept of whacking the Sultan in his face and he was not amused!) for Sheherazade to dance in (while she told her stories). The Sultan is sitting comfortably, ready for her to begin. The shadow box is lined with Easter Egg foil (well done me for eating lots of eggs in readiness of Chris' challenge!), and behind the alcohol inked windows are words from 'The Arabian Nights'.


Heavens2Betsy said...

This is so groovy Jo! Love your choice of Arabian Nights and the use of the words from the tale is a lovely touch. Beautiful x

daisy said...

Very exotic ..have downloaded the template to have a play tomorrow ... hope I can come up with something as good as this!

daisy xx

missy k said...

Wow! What a unique piece - I can hear the music playing in my head! (Clap of hands) Let the dancing begin....


Maybe I was out in the sun too long today :)

Anesha said...

Wow, this is wonderful. Anesha

Chris said...

Okay I KNOW I left you a comment on your fabulous Arabian nights... cos it is brilliant and so unique me lovely!!
Someone... I don't know who... keeps nicking me comments... have you got a naughty fairy on your blog :D
Really clever what you did with the template... very sultry and I love all the fibres... magical :D

Chris xx

Chris said...

ha ha ha.... naughty fairy didn't get chance to nick me comment this time... I WAS TOO QUICK ;-D

Dawn said...

I love the images you used very clever! I am glad I popped back for a look around I nearly missed this beauty

Love Dawn xx