Friday, 9 April 2010

I'm still singing....

This little bird cage was in old issue of Craft Stamper and as I am currently confined to quarters, so to speak, I made it my task today to firstly find the particular magazine (not particularly easy given my filing system) and then hopefully make one. Hurrah, I managed both! The base of the cage is made from a the card inner circle of a roll of sellotape (I only had a tiny one but I thought I'd still give it a go). The stamp of the bird came free with that issue of the magazine. Looking at the picture I can see that the base looks a bit ropey so I'll cover that with ribbon later (I really must go and throw some food around the kitchen). Please note that Little Bird is able to leave whenever he wants, he chooses to sit and sing to anyone that'll listen.


missy k said...

Why would he want to leave when he has such a pretty home? I love the coloured glass beads.

I can't see any bit that looks 'ropey' but ribbon would be tweeet!


Chriss Rollins said...

your cage and bird is really tweet and guess what I am going to challenge you to create 2 Zetti ATC's and swap with me...just 'cos you tell me you wouldnt know where to

are you up for it?

chriss x

Jo said...

Aaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhh Chriss, I can't resist a challenge! You're on!