Friday, 16 April 2010


WHAT'S ROCKING YOUR WORLD THIS FRIDAY was started by Virginia at Celtic House, and is a wonderful way of focusing on the positive things in life. So I'm joining in (late, as usual!).
So what's rocking my world this Friday?
The birds, starlings, building a nest again in the bathroom wall under the sink pipe. Watching them trying to get twigs that are too long into a tiny hole always makes me giggle. The noise in the bathroom drives Suzie the cat mad, listening to the little bird noises.
The crows collecting discarded bunny groomings that Hope had deliberately left on the grass, to line their nests. How warm and snuggly will they be?!
The birds finally eating the fatballs that have been hung up for four months with no interest.
My back finally starting to feel a bit better, giving me a glimmer of hope that it will recover.
Hope, my 13 year old daughter, being sensitive enough about my back pain, to know to only give me an air hug.
Perversely, Luke, my 15 year old son, not thinking about it but giving me a bear hug. He thought the tears were for emotion! Still loved that hug though.
Watching Suzie and Rosie the dog sleeping in the sun, blissful.
Making new friends from the Blogging community, and sharing what I do. And they GET IT, without me having to EXPLAIN IT. It might not be 'their thing' but that doesn't matter, they understand my need to do it. Thank you, everyone.


Virginia said...

JO - big wave!!!!!!!!!! - I found you finally - managed to add myself as a follower - loving your rocking your world friday - the air hug lovely the bear hug made me wince! Birds making nests - it must be spring! And apparently it's ten to six - hubby calling from other room - desperately trying to catch up on blog postings!


Heavens2Betsy said...

Hey Jo, glad your back is on the mend despite your son's enthusiastic hugging! How sweet. Ouch. Sound like you're enjoying Spring to the full and blogland too. Thanks for your inchy advice the other eve... problem solved apart from the unnecessary purchase I made! have a great weekend my friend x