Friday, 30 April 2010


I had to go back to work this week now that my back is so much better, so the last 7 days have been dominated by getting back into the groove. Even so, it's been a good week:-
I had a fabby lunch yesterday with an old friend who I haven't seen for nearly 30 years! It was fun to see Ewan and to catch up with 30 years worth of news. I do hope it isn't another 30 years before we meet again but he lives in Fife, Scotland.
Hope and I went to a charity (Hospice in the Weald) fashion show last night. All the clothes being modelled had been donated to the charity and the models were brave local ladies and children, who were having a wonderful time. There was also rack upon rack upon rack of Spring/Summer secondhand clothes for sale, so we had a good old rummage and found some great clothes to buy. Hope sat with her BFF Ciera while I giggled with my good friend Sue (think Ab Fab!). It was a fun evening.
Clifford the bunny's infected eye is getting better following a week of eye drops. She doesn't like having eye drops .....................................!
Only another week to go before the election, I'll be sooooo glad when it's all decided.
I'm so happy that the long weekend is coming up, what a treat.
I'm enjoying the amount of craftin' I'm doing since I entered blogland. I'd like to take part in more challenges, if only I didn't have to work, cook, clean, iron..........:O(


Virginia said...

Hi Jo

Loving you rocking your world Friday, glad Bunny's eye is getting better. You sound like you had a blast at the fashion show and meeting a friend after 30 years must have felt surreal - I did something similar recently meeting school friends after 20 years and that was mighty fun if not a little scary initially!

I too will be glad when the general election is over I'm quite tired of hearing the polls at the minute can they just shush whilst we make up our mind, I have serious reservations of what will happen if certain parties get in but it's the countries decision let's hope it's a good one. I'm still bewildered however how the banks make the faux pas and then the tax payer not only bails them out but is then expected to pay the cost thereafter, it's like we've all been given the cost of the loan without ever having had the fun of spending it! Mm soap box away -have a grand Friday


Heavens2Betsy said...

Hello Madame Fiddlesnips, so pleased to hear that your back is improving and that you're getting back in the groove. Sounds like you and Hope had a valiant rummage - hope you came away laden with bargains. Lovely to catch up with an old friend - 30 years is such a long time to not be in contact with someone who matters. I cannot begin to imagine the horrors of administering eye drops to a rabbit - my bunny girls (Delilah and Talullah) are a pair or psycho who try to injur me even when I'm offering them food! I have to approach them wearing a coat zipped up to my chin and wearing leather gloves. I'm terrified of them. It is so annoying when real life interferes with our crafting endeavours. I'm on a permanent mission not to let it, but I fear I'm destined to fail! x