Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Collage Obsession 'Mother'

The theme this week at Collage Obsession is 'Mother' and this image was provided. I thought the mother and her children looked like a Russian Nesting Doll (or Matryoshka Doll), with each girl a perfect copy of her mother. On doing a little bit of research it turns out that the word Matryoshka is taken from the Russian 'mat', meaning 'mother'. So this 6" x 4" postcard is my interpretation of the image and the word. The background is acrylic paint, dry brushed with gold and distressed. The dolls are hand drawn and painted (yes, I know they look like they are, that's one angry looking baby!), and varnished a few times to give them a polished wood shine. I wanted the overall feel to be folksy vintage Russian.


Chris said...

ooooh Jo these are just beautiful!! I love russian dolls... in fact I've got a little collection on my bedside table. Always wanted some as a kid but never got any... so guess i didn't get over that and had to have them now I'm grown up (well I think I
Love how you've hand drawn and coloured yours...they are fabulous :D
Chris xx
p.s. my niece is sitting beside me as I type this trying to copy your dolls...rofl and laughing at my comment...cheeky wee snap :D

Yvonne said...

Oh so gorgeous, Jo! I have a Russian sister-in-law, does that count :)

Eila A said...

Jo, I love your interpretation of the theme and the family portrait! They look so great, angry baby included!

Chriss Rollins said...

Had a great catch up and left you some comments.

this piece is fantastic I need to go over to see how the challenges run and what it entails as you inspire me with your takes on the pictures.

well done... pitty you were not around with our club when we did the Matryoshka Doll challenge we had some fab ATC's on that theme.

May have to challenge you to do a swap on them when we have time.

have a great weekend

chriss x

missy k said...


What a fun piece..... I think you really have achieved the look you were after. Fantastic!


Planet Susannia said...

Wonderfull idea! I am also a great fan of Matryoschas! Congratulations!

We are ZNE on etsy! said...

Fabulous! I love how the number of dolls and the positions - matches the original piece. Well done!