Thursday, 20 May 2010

Matchbox swap

Last weekend I received the results of an altered matchbox swap, with the theme of 'Spring into Summer', organised by Bad Penny, and I'd like to share them with you. They are SO GORGEOUS. The beautiful box above was created by the organiser, Penny, and has a 'white washed buildings and geraniums on the window ledge', Mediterranean feel to it. Penny included a dear little smelly linen bag (gorgeous vanilla smelly!) and some fabric which I'll be hoping to use in a project soon.
The next box was made by Hope at Pixies Ponderings. This has a wonderful retro feel to it with a stunning shell and embossing to resemble sand, a gorgeous image on a sandy beach base and a fun kitch sea shell. Do go and have a look at her blog - she's put on some family snaps from the 1970's, the hair alone is worth a look!
The box below was created by Pat from Artfully Ooglebloops. This box is beautifully covered with blossom paper (which looks handmade) and lacy fabric. Such pretty colours.
Little Messy Missy made the next box, with lovely Spring/Summer colouring and natural gifts all the way from Monument Valley, USA. This all came 'wrapped' in the sweetest little knitted bag.
Jan from Jan's Arty ATC Journey made this floral wonder. What gorgeous summery colours, flowers from Spring to Summer, and inside, the most darling little bird's nest with pearl eggs. Stunning!
And lastly, but definitely not leastly, is the matchbox from Kimmie at Art in Red Wagons. Don't you just love the colours of the image on the paper?! Beautifully embellished with jewels, this has such a Spring-Summer vibe, and inside is a sweet inchy with a sun stamped on the reverse.

And you''ll have seen my offering in a previous post. I enjoyed taking part in this swap and Penny has mentioned organising another one in the Autumn, which I'd love to be in.

*PS Sorry for any blurry pictures - rather too much coffee consumed this morning!


Pixie said...

ah, my dear. i have not yet begun to show the horrors of my hair over!

Wasn't this a fun swap? Are you ready to do it again?

Kimmie said...

I just got my package yesterday - I'll be posting it on my blog later on today! Funny thing about the one I made - I didn't read Penny's post very carefully and didn't use her theme - the inchie was an afterthought "spring" into summer (pun intended!)

Isn't happy mail the best!?!

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Sure was a fun swap! Thank you Jo, for your lovely altered matchbox :)

Jan x

Kimmie said...

I meant to tell you too - I love the matchbox from you!!! what an amazing quote - and the teeny tiny packs of seeds are so sweet! Thank you!!!!

bad penny said...

I love the way you have displayed them here

missy k said...

What little treasures!