Thursday, 20 May 2010

A ray of sunshine

A few days ago Virginia (birth mother of What's Rocking My World This Friday) sent me a ray of sunshine, and yesterday Penny (such a fun and supportive friend) sent me another one. So although the clouds are rolling up in Kent there's plenty of sunshine in my house! The deal is that once received it should be passed on. I'd like to send some sunshine to;


My dear sister-in-law, Karen, who is such a talented artist, fun to be with and is such a lovely thoughtful person.


Pixie, whose blog ALWAYS makes me giggle. Such wonderful retro photos and junk/treasure finds and 'only she could make 'em' comments.


My darling daughter, Hope. She's beautiful, thoughtful, funny, clever and is so free in her art, long may it continue.


Fiona, at inchybyinch, who is recently having to cope with such sadness. xx


And last but not least, Dawn, who is so refreshingly honest in her friendly creative blog.


missy k said...

Thank you Jo!!!

Apologies.....I've been AWOL a bit this week.... and am only just catching up with things.

Thank you for thinking of me :) and saying such nice things - right back at you!!!!!

Love Karenx

Dawn said...

Oh an award how wonderful thank you so much Jo I am back from my week end and I will be posting shortly, all the goodies I have made along with the other talented ladies that were there.

Thank you again for this lovely award and your continued visits and comments you are really a super bloggy friend and I love all the wonderful comments you make your a real yummy person and a very talented crafter.

Love Dawn xx