Friday, 21 May 2010


It's Friday morning (just) and it's been a silly busy week, not doing things I particularly want to. But there's always good things to think about....
Rays of sunshine received this week from Virginia and Penny. How lovely to be remembered, and I sure needed that sunshine!
I went on a school trip on Tuesday, to London Zoo (not my favourite place 'cos I'm not a lover of zoos in general). I was responsible for 6 eight year olds, including the little lad I work with who has special needs. All the kids had a wonderful day and I didn't lose (or gain) any, which was quite an achievement! I was in charge of the vomit bucket on the coach (oh, the glamour of my life) and I didn't need it. Thank goodness.
Luke is feeling a bit brighter having been suffering with a yukky viral infection all week. He's been off school all that time but I really think he would have preferred school to what he's had. (uh-oh, I have a vile sore throat today. Please no............)
The weekend is going to be sunny.
My new front doorstep is going to be finished tomorrow. I've had bare concrete for 3 months and I'm really looking forward to it having some slate on top. See, it's the little things that make me happy.
So I'm off to the garden. How about you go and have a look at Virginia's reasons to be cheerful and Penny's? As in Peter Pan (?), think happy thoughts! Have a lovely week everyone.


Virginia said...

Oh Jo thank you for joining in - glad you didn't need the vomit bucket - hurray! Glad Luke is feeling better and sending you positive vibes that you won't come down with anything! A new front doorstep is definitely something to celebrate! I've just edited my post to add a Linky tool - so you can add your blog to it so people can come and check your posting out! So if you fancy go and pop your info in (to see if it works apart from anything else lol)

Hope you have a good day!

Clarky J said...

Love to see whats rockin your world - I agree its not the big things that always make us happy but little ones xx Thanks for stoppin by my blog x Janet

Heavens2Betsy said...

Hey Jo, Lovely joyful list. Glad you survived the school trip - all those 8 year olds ... scarier than the caged beasts! I envy you your doorstep - will you be cutting a ribbon? Or, will Grant be carrying you over it?! You are so right - if we're happy about the little things, we can't be miserable can we?! Happy weekend to you and yours, Pen xxx

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Jo,
yes, it's the little thinks. Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment.Have a wonderful weekend.

SusieJ said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Jo. Oh, the glamour of your life - so pleased you didn't need the vomit bucket!
Sparkles and hugs,
Sue xx

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Thanks for passing on the sunshine award! and isn't wonderful to finally get some of the hot stuff too!!!!!

It's so nice to have you in blogland!

Love Karenx