Friday, 28 May 2010


Not feeling overly bright today 'cos recovering from the cold and cough that was starting last week. However, some 'happies' to be thankful for are as follows.......
My cough and cold is going, hurrah!
It's half term next week so no work.
I won the draw at Something Completely Different, a cute stamp plate.
I'm going out tonight for a drinkie or two with 'the girls' (you know Sex and the City? Well, absolutely nothing like that!)
We've got a new nest in the birdbox in the garden, down by Froggy Pond (which has no frogs because of the Anaconda that Luke swears lives in its murky depths).
I'm having my hair cut tomorrow. I look like a walking, talking hedge at the moment so a quick strim will be fab! Grant said I look a bit like Leo Sayer. Hair cut time!
That's about it for today. As a post script to a previous What's Rocking post, Lovey-Dovey finally laid an egg after sitting for what seemed like an eternity. Sadly, it appears to have been plundered by a magpie or crow and having discovered her egg broken and empty, Lovey-Dovey has left us. We'll miss her:O(
Go on, pop over to Virginia at Celtic House - she's the birth mother of What's Rocking My World This Friday, and there'll be links to other people celebrating their 'happies'.


SusieJ said...

Some good ones there Jo (just about to do mine).
Sorry about Lovey Dovey though:(
Sue xx

Heavens2Betsy said...

Lovely reasons2bcheerful Jo. I'm so sorry lovey dovey lost out to her more aggressive feathered friends. Enjoy your strim and sparkle with your friends. Thanks for your lovely comments. I'll be Rockin' tomorrow as too worn out to rock 2day. Need some urgent zzzzzs! Pen x

Virginia said...

I love your rocking your world this week glad your cold is disappearing and you've got some time to yourself1 hope Friday is being kind and positive to you


bad penny said...

I had a bad Friday night - but really enjoying Saturday !
Doing lots of girls' nights to support a friend going through horible divorce - while the reason for them is sad - we are all enjoying ourselves !

Sandra Hall said...

Hi Jo, Lovely to bloggy meet you. Your Friday seems to have rocked very nicely! I've had a little lookie over your previous posts - had to smile at your "sewing machine hates me" statement! The ATC's are great - I love the wording too.
x x

bad penny said...

.....planted my veg but we do have a MASSIVE slug problem ! Will have to get Joe poised with his pellet gun...

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Jo,
glad your cold is gone - hope you had a fun time!
Thanks for stopping by.Have a wonderful Sunday.