Friday, 16 July 2010


Yet again I'm inspired by Virginia at Celtic House (see side button) and her 'What's rocking.....' post, so here's what I'm grateful for this week.....................
My family with their hugs, kisses and understanding.
My friends with their hugs, kisses and understanding. I've been amazed by the quiet kindness displayed by so many people.
Memories of happy days.
Birds in my garden. Lovey-Dovey managed to nurture an egg to hatching and her baby (not pretty, it has a look that only its mother could love!) has been hanging onto its nest of twigs in the high winds we've been having over the past 2 days, with Lovey-Dovey fussing nearby. We've had a Goldfinch nest in a fir tree, and sadly it got knocked out of the tree by the wind. Susie the cat and I spent a merry half hour trying to be the first to find the babies, but then I saw the parents, thankfully with a baby big enough to fly. Thwarted, darling Susie returned to her snuggly cushion indoors. The wren abandoned her egg-less nest, at the bottom of the garden by Froggy Pond, when we had some work done on a nearby tree. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she comes back next year. Feeding the birds gives me such pleasure (even though the crows repay me by waking me up at 4.30am!). The husband of my friend Lyndsey, affectionately known as M'Jeffrey - short for My Jeffrey - made me a beautiful birdtable. A lovely surprise for both me and my feathered friends.
Charity/thrift shops. I get a buzz every time I walk into a charity shop - you never know what you might find, and often for pennies.
School term times. One more week to go and then my kids and I are off school for 6 weeks. Bliss.
Wishing you all a happy weekend.


SusieJ said...

Great list Jo.
Good news about the baby bird:)
Roll on next Friday and the start of your hols!
Sue xx

Virginia said...

Love your beautiful list this week Jo and glad you are being supported so well! Hugs to you

Carmen said...

Great list. I love the story about the aby bird and I have the same feeling with charity shops :)

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Lovely to read your list... it made me smile!

Especially your wildlife tales....

I saw a lovely little green pottery vase in the charity shop the other day, decided against it at the time, went back next day to get it - and it was gone :(


bad penny said...

Jess finished college & came to help me clean a boat - grumbling all the way - something about could have still been in bed.....

Linda said...

Hello Jo
Thank you so much for finding me and leaving such a lovely comment. I've loved looking at your blog....not seen 'Whats rocking my world' before - but I like it!
So sorry to read about your dad...I feel for you; I lost mine in January. Lucky us though to have great family and friends to help us through....
Linda x

Ragamuffin Gal said...

That is a great list! Love your bird paragraph.

Dogwood said...

fun blog post. i like your writing style. it is hot here today so it will be an inside day of crafting and sewing. fun! have a fun and silly day. dogwood

The Hoppy Girl said...

Love the list - I am looking forward to the end of term too! I was v. v. happy about the goldfinches too - though we're not sure what's happened to Lovey Dovey's baby, are we?

Me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx