Friday, 23 July 2010


............and in the blink of an eye it's Friday again! It's been a bit of a difficult week, what with my Dad's funeral on Tuesday, but Friday is here and so here is my list of 'gratefuls'.................


It's the end of term and the summer holidays start here! We haven't got any 'going away' holiday plans - our hearts weren't really in it - but we will have some lovely days out (Longleat, Hampton Court, West End theatre, etc etc) so we will have some family time.


My DS's othodontist who, unlike another orthodontic practice, decided that the work needed to be done on his teeth was indeed suitable for the NHS. That's £3,500 we didn't have to try and find. His 'train track' braces were fitted last week, and after a few days of being really uncomfortable he's getting used to having half a hundredweight of metal in his mouth. He assures me he'll be able to use his braces to slice meat into wafer thin slices, so he'll be useful at last! Thank you to Penny who reassured me, in my panic last Friday, that the pain passes and that he would be able to eat solid food again.


The kindness of people I've never met. I took part in the Your Vintage Gluebook ATC swap (the ones I made are somewhere on my blog), and I sent mine off to America to the organiser, Mary. In due course Mary divvi'd them up and I waited not-so patiently for mine to arrive. Unfortunately, all I got was an empty envelope which had clearly been tampered with and the contents removed. I was so disappointed. I mentioned it on the YVG Flickr discussion board and 2 of the other participants, Linda and Joy, instantly told me they'd send another to me. They arrived this week and I am thrilled with them both.

The one above, with the beautifully YVG'd envelope , is from Linda,

and this one is so kindly sent from Joy, the colours are beautiful.

I'll never know what happened to the other ATC's, I can't imagine the thief would have appreciated what s/he was looking at and probably threw them away. It upsets me that all that work by the YVG people was wasted.
Morrisons, the supermarket! I know, a strange one this, but their plant section is always good and, compared to a garden centre, cheap. I have been stocking up on plants over the past few weeks. Two shrubs for £3 seems pretty good to me. They're quite small, of course, but once they're established they grow beautifully. At that price it's worth the risk of them dying, because I'm no Percy Thrower (now if you know who I'm talking about you're showing your age!!!!). Grant groans when he sees me coming in with more plants because our soil is pure clay and so in the summer (when it's all baked hard), every time he wants to dig a hole for a plant he has to use a hammer and chisel!


I'm off now to get some lunch for me and my DD, who is rolling around the settee with her cheeks sucked in claiming she's 'starving'.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. x


Pixie said...

Sorry to hear about the ATCs getting pinched. i hav ehad that happen with some stuff here. You know they are looking for money and your stuff just goes in the bin. Pisses me off to no end!

SusieJ said...

So sorry about the ATCs Jo - some people!!
The ones you were sent later are fabulous - and what a great envelope!
Have a great weekend Jo.
Sue xx
p.s. unfortunately I do know who Percy Thrower was - I don't have his skills either!

Myzdamena's World said...

Oh goodness I know who Percy thrower is *blish* hehe

Cruddy news about the ATCs going missing but double yeay that people sent more so there was a reason for the tea leaf.... it was so you'd know the absolute kindness of some people

I hope your DD didn't


Gail xxx

Virginia said...

Oh Jo thinking of you this week with the funeral, hopefully you can start to look forward to having a little family time and days out over the summer. I'm also sorry about the ATC's going missing but how awesome are some people coming to the rescue so you didn't miss out - makes you remember that there are some amazing people out there!

Hope you have a good weekend.



Carmen said...

So sorry to hear that the funeral was this week. Hoping you are bearing up.

Love that you found these brilliant positives. Gorgeous ATC's and I'm happy to declare that I DON'T know who Percy Thrower is ;)

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

You are such an amazingly strong woman....bless your heart, after all you've been through this week.

Wishing you every good thing and keeping you in prayer!


Kimberly said...

Hi Jo, by the time you read this, I am sure you'll have already found out what the "big announcement" is, but the "teaser" was actually me hitting the wrong key in blogger, oops!

Bless you and yours as you deal with your loss.

As far as your clay soil and your planting dilemma are concerned, here in the middle of New Jersey, we were once at the bottom of the ocean, we have a mix of clay and sand, which when we are without rain, we have cement or concrete (not sure what it's called in the UK)...and my DH is overJOYed whenever I bring home a new tree or shrub.
Have a beautiful weekend,

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Sweet Jo ~
It breaks my heart that you've had such a difficult time this week. I am lifting you up in prayers and warm thoughts. I am glad that your chums came to your rescue with the swap. And I hope you find even more bargains and that all you plant takes hold and grows beautiful ~ just like my lovely friend across the seas.

Here's to a wonderful Summer holiday filled to the brim with joy my dear! Sending my love, Kt

Linda said...

Hi Jo,
So glad the little birdie atc made it to you this time...hopefully it brings a little cheer with it. Take care, Linda

Miss Iowa said...

So sorry to hear about your dad's passing. Remember the good times! And I'm so glad that you received some ATCs from the gluebook group.

Dogwood said...

Sweet lady you have had lots going on. I am sure you have wonderful memories of your dad which you can keep close to your heart. Hugs~Dogwood

bad penny said...

What a shame to find an empty package ! I read somewhere that a whole blog giveaway had gone missing so the kind blogger made up a whole new package.

Joe's train tracks suit him ! He has a lovely smile with them in. Good thing I didn't tell you when he had the very first appointment to put the spacers in - he fainted !!!
The NHS finally agreed to pay for Joe's treatment - he was " border line " Awful waiting to hear as we couldn't have afforded it but he will benifit from having braces.

Lynn Stevens said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your Dads passing, your in my prayers that you will find peace!

What a week you have had, braces for your son, having your ATC's come up missing. it was so nice that some more were sent out! I hope your week goes better!

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

Hi Jo, I was a lucky recipient of one of your ATC's in the VGB swap. It is just lovely! Please e-mail me your address and I will create and send you one like the ATC's I sent to Mary for the swap. I missed your post on the discussion board or I would have offered immediately.

I hope you are finding comfort following your father's funeral.

All the best from Vermont, USA, Kathy

bad penny said...

Thank you for your comment !!! Queen Squirrel xxx

Fiona Whitehead said...

HI Jo - sorry to hear you've had a bad week - am thinking of you x

Relyn said...

I am very sorry to hear about your father. There are no words that really comfort, I know. But, I will pray for you and your family.

Dawn said...

I am so sorry about your dad hunny I hope you coped ok at the funneral so sad when a loved one passes.

I made some ATCs for a swap and they also went missing I got my SAE back the day after I had posted so I new the envelope had been messed with and they were never recieved It's so annoying when you put hard work in to give others and some one takes them I sealed with cello tape etc so you know they were opened on Purpose (very frustraiting!)

Any way there are some beautiful people out there. love your replacements.

I have watched that program lots of times on the TV about Longleat and I would love to go there for a day I am sure you will have a wonderful time there. We have a had a day trip to York and Scarborough. nothing else oh well a few DTs is better than nothing. I am very greatful I have a car to go on DTs

Re, Morrisons and your Percy Thrower comment (cheekey) ha ha didn't think 41 was that old! and I do remember him gosh I am old aren't I? lol

I love lavender so I am looking for lots of those plants to fit inbetween my shrubs I bought years ago that have now filled out beautifully so yes it's not instant but it's nice to watch them grow.

I'm no PT either but if you get a bag of very cheap light gravel and work it in to the clay with some soil/compost if you have it, you will find the next year it will be fine. It wont be rock hard in the summer and you won't be flooded in the winter (it will drain) I love reading you reasons to be greatful I love the concept. I often think about it but I may just make a journal of reasons to be greatful each week! Thank You

Love Dawn xx