Friday, 10 September 2010

Along came 3 butterflies

Part of the Collage Coterie online course is about making an altered book. Mary had lots of tips and advice which made this far more successful than any previous attempts I've made. I used a book that I'd bought from a charity shop ages ago (bought because I liked the cover).
I prepared the book following Mary's instructions and then I had fun with the first page. The background on the left is an old letter, while on the right hand page I added music score. The sweet image of the girl is Little Miss Muffet (from an old Chatterbox annual), and I swapped her spider for 3 butterflies, which I mounted on black card and then put on the reverse of a postcard (this image and that of the butterflies provided by Mary for the class). I finally put some charcoal round the edges (I love the effect that gives). I tried to mirror the placement of the items on the right with the image of the girl and her hat on the left.

Only one more Collage Coterie lesson to go :0(


Ati. said...

Jo, I love !! those first pages in your altered book.( I just cut the pages out of mine ;)

missy k said...


What a wonderful find!

I love the pages.... the image is so sweet and the details and the colours are perfect.

Can't believe the class only has one more lesson- it's been great - Mary is lovely isn't she?

I had another lucky find in the charity shop (conveniently situated close to the post office- so stamps for office = mad hunt in Oxfam!) Livi says I can't cut it up!!!! Just watch me!!! Though maybe not in front of her!

Have a lovely weekend. I am going to my first ever hen night! OMG!


SusieJ said...

Fabulous Jo! Must check out the Oxfam bookshop - though I'm sure I have some books to suit in the attic. :)
Sue xx

joy said...

Great pages, Jo! More from me in the comments in our Flickr group. I, too, have loved this class - hate to see it end. I'm still behind in the lessons, though, so I can extend it a bit longer for myself. LOL

Nathalie Thompson said...

I love anything you create and these pages are no exception. Love the soft reds. You have some wonderful old postage!

Virginia said...

Oh Jo this is gorgeous - just spotted it on my blog list and had to come for a nosey - really really beautiful!