Thursday, 23 September 2010

It's a fair swap, Guv

Each word in these inchies begins with a letter in Nathalie's name.
I was admiring some wonderful rusty suspender clips that Nathalie from An Artists Legacy was selling on her Etsy site, but bemoaning the p+p costs to the UK (not hers, just generally).  The lovely Nathalie suggested that I could have some clips in return for some of my artwork - well, for a start I laughed because I was definitely getting the better end of the bargain but having confirmed she knew what she'd be getting, we shook virtual hands on the deal.

This 4" x 6" postcard is influenced by the collage coterie course I did recently.
Nathalie emailed today to say that they had arrived, she said she was happy with them and my suspender clips will be on their way!


Xela said...

Your inchies are wonderful but I love your card. Have a nice day!

missy k said...

Jo ..... Nathalie is going to love all of these goodies. I especially love how you spelt out the letters in Nathalie's name!

I'm sure it's a fair swap! Love the layers in your gluebook inspired postcard too.

Ok, I have to ask ..... what is a suspender clip?

Nothing to do with stockings I'm sure.... but.... please put me out of my 'suspense' hee hee!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Jo, your inchies are wonderful, but your postcard is divine . . . jewels rich and rare, how perfect! Perhaps you and I can trade some art once i get more set up in my new digs. Love your style.

Jo said...

Karen, suspender clips ARE, as far as I'm aware, the clips that hold up stockings! I won't, however, be using them for that purpose - they make great hangers for small artwork.

Lenna, you're on!


JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Nathalie is a lucky gal!!
Your inchies and postcard are gorgeous!!
Would love to trade with you too some day?
Have fun with your sussie clips!! ;) Yep, they are fab to use as art hangers!
Jan x

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I really love this, what a great idea!

SusieJ said...

Fabulous inchies and a gorgeous postcard Jo.
Sue xx

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Jo, I love your collage work, you have a wonderful eye!

daisy said...

So I'm wondering why anyone would want rusty suspender clips ... you have me intrigued! Meanwhile, I love your set of inchies, their style & the images used. The postcard is fab too!