Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Study of Literature

The Study Of Literature
Collage Coterie,  Moleskine double page spread.  I thought the image of the girl went quite well with the title (taken from a book). The photograph is from an exhibition at Wembley many years ago (I'll have to look that up) - I came by a pack of photo's from the exhibition, where there was a mini version of many parts of the world. 

(Have now found out this was in 1924 - the British Empire Exhibition, hugely popular but not profitable so not continued).

(Just spotted her skirt is turned over at the corner - I'll  take her in for some emergency surgery, but I won't take another photo, if you don't mind!).


Dogwood said...

Another great one! I love your artwork. Great title for this piece.

Have a fun and silly day.

missy k said...

Great pages Jo.

Love the colour added by the stamps.


SusieJ said...

Fabulous Jo! All the elements go so well together and you've found some really great photos.
Sue xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I really love this spread, Jo -it is fabulous. I'm with you- i miss the course too!

ted and bunny said...

hi there, thanks so much for leaving a comment about my Vintage Fair.
Yes, DEF planning to do more- alas, arranging this on a whim at such short notice, Monday 29th was the only free date for the Village Hall before Christmas as the skittles team play 4 days a week...we certainly live it up here you know!
So, keep an eye on the VVH site (if for nothing elde than to watch me go grey!!)

bad penny said...

Well I wouldn't have noticed her skirt flipped up at all ! Gorgeous

daisy said...

Beautiful work Jo. I like the corner of her skirt turned over, revealing the words hidden underneath, as it's like when you've turned the corner of a page down to mark your place in a book & it balances the stamp whose corner is also turned down ... I love all the frayed edges too. Beautiful!

Relyn said...

I just recently bought a Moleskien for my regular journal. LOVE IT! Now I can see for myself what all the fuss is about.

Chris said...

Oh wow Jo you have been a busy girl and it's fab to see your gorgeous art again. i love what you've been doing recently and this double journal page is AWESOME. I really need to invest in a moleskin...I have wanted one for ages.
Chris xx