Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Touch and Post

Look at this wonderful envelope that popped through my letter box today - it was from my lovely sister-in-law Karen (Missy K). I love Blistering Barnacles! There's so much detailing to take in (the image of that windswept girl is perfect) and it's such fun. Thank you, Karen, I trotted off with this little beauty and left Grant with the bills!

Inchybyinch has returned after the summer break with a new weekly challenge. Fiona will provide us with a word and we are to make an inchy using that word as a prompt. This week's word is 'Touch'. My quote comes from a poem by Bryan Waller Procter (1784-1874);

Touch us gently, Time!
Let us glide adown thy stream
Gently, - as we sometimes glide
Through a quiet dream.

The image of the 2 children comes from a photo with lots of evacuated children from WW2. The photo of the inchy looks more vintage than it does in the flesh for some reason.


Irish3 said...

What a sweet and beautiful sentiment behind your inchie, I love it! Very touching. The mail art you received is fantastic as well!! Wouldn't it be so fun to get something like that every day you go to the post? !!

Irish3 said...

ps.. would love to see more of rosie mae!! What a sweetheart!

SusieJ said...

Love the inchie and that envelope is out of this world.
Sue xx

missy k said...

Hi Jo

I am so glad you liked the envelope!

Your inchy is amazing.... loving the gluebook influence.... it has a lovely faded, warmth and happiness to it.

ps do you think you should blur your address?

Dogwood said...

love the envelope. what fun. i enjoy decorating the outside of envelopes. sweet inchie.

i agree with missy k that you should blurr or cover your address even though the writing is so much fun.


Jo said...

Ooops, forgot about the address thing! Thanks Karen and Cory, x

Ati. said...

Jo it is a miracle that the letter reached you. It was very tempting for the workers in the post offices to keep a paper-artwork like this ;-)
Nice inchie too!

Fiona Whitehead said...

Lovely inchy Jo - its good to be back! Love that quote too - I knew inchies could be educational x

Relyn said...

What a delight! Imagine finding that in your mailbox. What a treat!

bad penny said...

How lovely of your sis.
I like your inchie very much & am making one myself right now!