Friday, 10 September 2010

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

It's Friday-time! Here's my list of some of the good things that I'm grateful for this week.

Bizarre moments - at 2.30am last night I was woken by the
noise of heavy metal trundling down the road outside our house. This was going on for ages and having laid there listening to it for some time it then stopped, pretty much outside our house. Ok, so I'm nosy. Up I get to have a look out the window to see............a steam engine. A full size Robert Louis Stevenson style steam engine. Outside my bedroom window at 2.30am in the morning. And 2 men scratching their heads and holding what looked like oversized wrenches and lumps of wood. From the depths of his slumber Grant asked what I was looking at. "A steam engine," I replied. "Oh'" he replied, and rolled over and went back to sleep. After about 5 minutes, off it trundled again. Bizarre.

My darling Rosie Mae. I was given a box of Milk Tray and I had opened them - the kids had taken a couple and then the box was left on the coffee table in the sitting room. At dinner time that evening I became aware that Rosie wasn't snuffling round the table like she usually does so sent Luke and Hope off on a search mission. They didn't have to look far - yes, you've guessed it, the sitting room, coffee table, choccy box. She'd scoffed about half a dozen. The thing that amused me was that she had left the strawberry and orange creams - does anyone like them??!! On a serious note, chocolate is actually poisonous for dogs so I was relieved that she didn't seem to suffer any ill effects from her chocolate binge.


Her Royal Highness, Queen Susie. Just because she is such a madam. Here she is demanding food (again). When we got her from the rescue charity when she was about 10 years old, she was only allowed dry food to keep her teeth in good condition. However, about a year ago she went on a hunger strike. We bought every flavour of that darned dry food (££££££'s!) but she wouldn't eat it. She was losing a shocking amount of weight, and the vet implied that at her age (about 13) maybe we should prepare ourselves for her fading away. I decided to buy some sachets of 'posh' cat food, deciding that there wasn't much point in her being a corpse with a brilliant set of teeth. Oh yes, she'd eat those, little madam. But she can never decide what ones she likes - she goes mad for a particular sachet and we buy them by the truckload and, she doesn't like them any more, so we're on the hunt for another flavour and/or make.

My work colleague and friend Lyndsey. She makes me giggle and is my lunchtime companion.
She's as mad as a box of frogs, but in a good way.


Collage Coterie. I know this has featured before, but I LOVE IT! There's only one more lesson to go and I shall miss it so much. I hope Mary does another online class, she's a great supportive teacher and online friend.


My darling Grant. He's been in Hope's room all day, wallpapering her walls with her choice of paper - a pretty Laura Ashley rose-bud design. And even having been up there all day, with a brief stop to eat a sandwich, I can still hear him singing to himself. Not a cross word all day. He sure loves his little girl!


Well, it's time to go and see what other rockers have been up to.

Wishing you all a peaceful weekend.


Nathalie Thompson said...

Love your steam engine story. How odd!

I hope your cats know how GOOD they have it! :)

Dogwood said...

Fun post. Your pets are precious. And, odd story about the steam engine. Have a fun weekend.

bad penny said...

aw bless - so you didn't get up & make the steam Engine men a cuppa then ?
Bramble is like that - He had to have tinned tuna tonight as we'd run out of his particular variety of food & quite frankly he sicks up other... eww !! Billy was a bit envious of the tuna !

So funny about Rosie Mae leaving the orange & strawberry chocs - has good taste obviously - seriusly though, glad she is OK as choc is not good for dogs or us for that matter !!!

SusieJ said...

Love your steam engine story - bizarre! So glad Rosie Mae is OK (we're lucky that Max doesn't like chocolate - even doggy chocs) - she does have taste though - no-one likes the strawberry and orange creams - why on earth do they keep putting them in the boxes?
Have a good weekend.
Sue xx

Margaret said...

Oh the steam engine had me laughing!! brilliant, did anyone else hear it??! M

Jo said...

Nope, I was alone in seeing this vision! Maybe it was a time warp?!

missy k said...

I seem to be the odd one out but I like the sickly orange and strawberry creams... oh well takes all sorts!!!

Are you sure you weren't dreaming about the steam engine .... perhaps you were planning some pages in your collage coterie book in your dreams....!

Hope Hope (!) likes her new room.... pat on the back for Grant :)

Have a lovely weekend


Virginia said...

Gorgeous list this week - love it completely - the story of your cat made me giggle and glad your doggy didn't suffer after his little bit of chocolate!

Hope you had a great weekend - I'm so sorry I've been late posting internet went down and it's only just returned!



Lenna Young Andrews said...

i like your "grateful" posts, Jo. This one was so lovely to read. Thank you!
: ) love your art, lenna