Saturday, 18 September 2010

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Ok, so it's Saturday, but the thought was there if not the action so it still counts!
Before I start this week's list, I'd just like to add
a little bit to last week's - specifically about the bizarre steam engine sighting in the small hours of the morning. I mentioned it at work in the week and I am somewhat reassured that there was a steam rally held locally last weekend, and they always travel at night so they don't slow down the traffic. So there you have it, I am not imagining things, dreaming or mad.

Here begins my list of happies........


I'm going back to the charity shop (Cancer Research in Oxted)! I had a few months off for personal reasons but I'm now ready to go back for just a few hours on a Thursday. My lovely friend Louise, the manager of the shop and supplier of the unloved soft toys is great company and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to the huge mound of donations. Where's my rubber gloves.......?! Love ya, Louise!


Please say," Hello," or is it, "Bonjour," to Pierre ze Bear. Louise, from the aforementioned charity shop, said he could only be loved by me. He's only tiny so I couldn't say no. Love ya, Pierre!

Luke has a part time job, hurrah! He's going to start
off on Saturdays at a local kids soft-play centre called Manic Monsters. They were, apparently, particularly impressed with his catering experience (WOT?!). He's been helping out in the charity shop on Saturdays for a year and I think that experience has helped to prepare him for employment. Except now he's going to get paid. Love ya, Luke!


It was lovely to meet up with my oldest friend, Dawn, this week. We've been good friends for nearly 30 years, since we started working at the same place (Metropolitan Police, Fingerprint Department). She went on to be a solicitor (she's the brainy one!) and, well..........I didn't. The funny thing is that both of our daughters now go to the same secondary school, and when we first met we lived in totally different parts of South-East London. She now lives about 20 minutes drive from me and, strangely, we see less of each other than ever. Life just seems to get in the way. But having seen her in the week it really reminded me what easy company she is, how well she knows me, so I don't have to impress her (she stopped being impressed by me years ago) or explain my thinking. She just knows. Love ya, Dawn!


One of Life's Great Mysteries - Why has it taken my 13 year old daughter 45 minutes to get ready to pop out for a quick coffee with me? She's just come downstairs looking gorgeous, but the shops are about to shut. Love ya, Hope!


Rosie Mae is in more trouble - this time for stealing
some cookies left in a bag on the coffee table (yep, someone left food on the Rosie-level coffee table again!). The bag was ripped to smithereens (is that really a word?), and she couldn't deny it because she had bits of bag sticking out of her mouth. Still love ya, Rosie Mae!


Susie Tu will now only consider kit-e-kat sachets (fish selection, of course). And cheese. Cheese destined for lunch box sandwiches. Especially if it's left on the kitchen work surface while Mummy pops upstairs for a minute. And when Mummy comes down to find the cheese chewed and licked, she makes all sorts of funny noises. We won't tell the kids will we?! Love ya, Susie!


And lastly, but definitely not leastly, my darling Grant. He's simply the best. Love ya, babe!


Wishing you all a lovely weekend.
Love ya, followers! (ALL 48 of you, how did that happen??!!)


Pixie said...

i bought a little teddy bear today and thought of you. he is so sweet tho he shall be staying with me.

I love the hours I put in at the charity shop. Some days, I am at the till, others, I am sorting and sizing and tagging. i love it!

Virginia said...

I had 48 followers and now it's only 47 sob - so somebody doesn't love me anymore - sob a bit more - love your people and animal list this week - awesome stuff! We've just got back from a lovely family day out to news that hubby's Mum is having issues (she has dementia but still manages in her own home) so I'm home alone at the minute until they get back. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weeked.


SusieJ said...

Loving your list Jo - esp. the antics of Rosie Mae.
No list from me this week - I'm 250 miles from home,from my stash and from my boys. :(
Sue xx
p.s. I've managed to make one ATC for the Collage Coterie course but forgot to bring ink pads with me so I tried using chalk for the blended background. No camera either so can't take/upload pics. Thought I was doing well to remember my laptop and collage sheets plus other ephemera!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

That's a lot going on for the end of the week!! I really don't have anything, but it's just how I like it!! :-)) I hope you're having a good weekend!!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

jo, i just love these 'rockin your world' posts! This one had me giggling with the escapades of your dear dog & cat! xoxox lenna

bad penny said...

Brilliant post Jo - and I didn't think for once you were immagining things.... especially now I know that you worked in the finger print dept !
I've started one afernoom in a CS & have to be very restrained about what I buy ! ( " Do I really NEED it " !
I think this followers thing is bizarre - I only get a few comments but it appears I have heaps of " Followers " - then again I've been guilty of adding myself as a follower then forget to pop back !!!
Do you still want to do a Halloween swap ? I'm joining Little Messy Miss's Whitch themed ATC swap - never swapped an ATC before !


she dreams big! said...

Oh Jo, it looks like your household is so much fun! Glad to know that you NEVER have boring days! Keep us posted on what rocks your world!

Carmen said...

Am chuckling here wondering if we musn't tell the kids because the cheese still went in the sarnies! We have a couple of naughty doggies if things are left at a reachable level too. Then they turn those puppy eyes 'I didn't do it' gaze on you don't they ;) Do miss having a puddy cat.

Love your Rocking week this week Jo :)

Jo said...

Did the cheese still go in the sarnies? That's between me and my purry-furry!!

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Mmmm, I've got an inkling that the cheese ended up in the sarnies!!!! :O
I adore Rosie Mae!! ..and I know all about leaving food (or anything else for that matter!!) on puppy level!! ;)

Great rocking week!

Jan x