Friday, 24 September 2010

what's Rocking My World This Friday!

Hello, it's your Friday wake-up call.  It's such a wet and dreary afternoon here in the South East of England so I do hope it's better where you are.

It's not been a very exciting week but even so, these are some of the reasons why I'm smiling.


 Rosie Mae.  Top Dog, Man's (and Woman's) BFF, Gorgeous Girl.  No food thefts this week (not for the want of trying!).  She's a bit stinky so it's going to be bath time at the weekend ("Oh no, Mum.  I had one last month!").


Susie Tu.  The Madam.  Kit-E-Kat sachets?  Oh no, they're so last week, darling.  No, this week she'll only eat My Cat (Morrisons own label cheapo's - although we tell her they're a premium brand).  I'd take a photograph of her doing something other than sleeping, but I blink and miss the moment. 


Ebay.  This bargain plopped through my letterbox during the week.  I'm thinking of subscribing again to CPS (I used to a couple of years ago) and my birthday is coming up..................  

Also thanks to Ebay I've got some great black and white snaps (family type photographs) coming and I can't wait to use them.  

I enjoyed my time back in the charity shop yesterday.  The 2 1/2 hours went by in a whizz - I was on sorting duty (I've asked not to have to do the till, it hates me and the feeling is mutual), and there was SO MUCH STUFF to sort.  Louise is such a giggle so it was fun.  One funny - a very sexy 'maid's' outfit had been donated (you know the type, er-hem), and one of the more innocent volunteers had put it in the kids dressing up box!  It was quickly 'whipped' out (if you'll excuse the pun!).


Blogging friends.  You are all so kind and lovely and clever and funny and wise and poetic and creative and encouraging and artistic and generous.  It's a shiny happy world out there with you in it.


Well that's my list for today.  I'm off to see what Virginia and the other Rockers have been up to this week. If you want to have a look, click on the button on my side-bar. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Oh, and one last question - with this new Blogger editor, the font size seems to be big like this, or little like this, with nothing in between. 

 Which do you prefer?


Virginia said...

After a very long day at work with bleary eyes looking at a computer screen all day the big font was a joy! LOL Love your list this week absolutely gorgeous as always - working from the laptop whilst we try and sort out the main computers glitches at the minute

SusieJ said...

From the dreary NE of England - loving your list Jo - esp. the animal photos. That magazine looks interesting..mmm..I too have a birthday coming up...
Have a great weekend.
Sue xx
p.s. still laughing about the maid's uniform and I prefer the BIG letters...

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Great post! Glad to hear Rosie Mae has been good this week!

I love getting Cloth, Paper Scissors... I don't subscribe though - my local newsagent has it on order for me.

I prefer the B I G font!

BTW have you ever had Altered Arts Magazine? I've never seen a copy only the covers on blogs!
I thought it looked interesting...

Jo said...

Karen, I have had some of the Altered Arts mags (from ebay!), but it's also available as a digital issue. However, I don't like digital mags so much, I like to sit comfortably in an armchair with a cup of coffee and drool over the pages! x