Friday, 1 October 2010

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

It's Friday, it's wet, it's windy and my feet are cold.  Now for the goodies, the reasons I'm smiling on this dreary old day. So  in no particular order.....


Lovely Deliveries.  I've had 2 this week, what a lucky girl I am.
The first one was from  Penny at The Linen Shelf.  She, amazingly, was offering vintage issues of La Mode in return for an ATC or similar inspired by the style of the magazine.  My copy arrived this week, along with loads of other papers and threads to make use of.  I've just about finished what I'm making for her and I'll send it to her tomorrow.  I'll post it on my blog when I know she's received it. As an aside, Penny is hosting a 12 Days of Christmas altered matchbox swap, and is looking for more people to join in. She hosted one earlier in the year and it was great fun to do.  Go on, do something different today!
From Penny at The Linen Shelf
The other Lovely Delivery this week was from Nathalie at An Artists Legacy.  You might remember I made her a postcard and inchies in exchange for some gorgeous rusty suspender clips?  Well, they arrived today, along with a beautiful necklace she made - how happy am I?  
From Nathalie at An Artists Legacy

Nature.  It's so beautiful.  It was a gorgeous dewy morning yesterday and the spiders' webs were simply stunning.  My camera isn't great for that kind of thing, but I took a couple of photos.

Luke.  He starts his new Saturday job tomorrow.  9.30am - 7pm.  In a kids soft play barn.  In the middle of nowhere.  No escape.  No Xbox.  Just kids, lots of 'em.  And their parents.  Wish him luck!


Hope.  She had a vaccination on Monday (cervical cancer) - the 3rd of 3, and unfortunately she reacted really badly to it.  She only went back to school today, still as white as a sheet but feeling quite a bit better.  Poor love.

Peachy and One-Foot
Waifs and strays.  I've been doing so much better and have been looking away when a sad soft toy face looks at me.  But Louise (Charity shop manager friend) saved these 2 for me.  She reasoned that I'd have to take them both because they were hugging and that Penguin only had one foot. 


An exciting new online class (button on sidebar).  21 Secrets starts today, although I'll probably dip my toe in at the weekend.  It's a journaling course - I've never done journaling but so want to.  I'm going in.......!


I'm going to post this with Virginia then and pay a visit to the other Rockers (you can too - click on the Rocking button on my right hand side bar and it'll take you straight there),

Have a lovely weekend!


Virginia said...

Hi Hun

Oooh a lovely list the vintage La Mode looks fabulous - hope it's well received share as soon as you can. I absolutely love your spiders webs they are gorgeous - we didn't have anything as pretty yesterday morning when I was hanging washing out in the garden!

Good look to Luke on the Saturday job front and I hope your daughter is feeling better today!

Just off to have a nosey at the journaling course!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend


SusieJ said...

Great list Jo.
Have a fun weekend.
Sue xx

An'Angelia Thompson said...

If my spiders were building webs that big and thick, I'd pack up and move! LOL They are beautiful, though. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm happy to see you've registered for the 21 Secrets playground. See you there! :o)

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Jo,
what a wonderful mailday you had! Just posted my giveaway - so come over and play if you like.
Have a wonderful weekend.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I really enjoyed your post, especially the spider web--I love the intricacy, but I've never been able to get such a good picture.

I hope you have a good weekend!! :-)

Clarky J said...

A fabulous list with lots of palces for me to go explore too x Hope the playbarn job goes well for your son I feel a headache coming on just thinking about it LOL x Janet

bad penny said...

What a packed post Jo ! I'm so glad that you liked your papers & thanks for plugging the swap ...we need more playes !!

Poor girl Hope Jess didn't have a bad reaction luckily but Joe is hurting from having elastic bands added tohis train he is supposed to eat I don't know !!!
I've never had any success photographing spiders' webs & Good luck to Luke xx

Lorraine said...

have a good weekend

Carmen said...

What a fabby list. Those spider webs are amazing. We have loads and loads this year inthe bushes surrounding the carpark where we park. I've lost count of the times I've accidentally walked through them and then stood frantically brushing myself off :P The pictures are just beautiful.

missy k said...

Hi Jo

I love reading your Friday posts - even if it is now Thursday! Poor Hope :( lots of love you poor thing..... lots of love