Friday, 15 October 2010

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

One World event has trumped anything that's happened in my little existence this week, and so I've chosen this as my sole 'Rocking' entry.


The rescue of the 33 miners in the Chilean mine was so uplifting. What a feel-good story this was!  Who can fail to have been moved by their plight and the determination and hard work of their rescuers.  We all held our breath until the last man emerged safely.

Their survival really rocks (please excuse mining pun)!


More tomorrow about my Grand Day Out with two lovely blogging friends.


SusieJ said...

Great choice Jo .
Sue xx

Virginia said...

Here here - I completely agree Jo - my 10 year old had a miners countdown as they started to be rescued - it was nothing short of a miracle!

HOpe you have a gorgeous and fabulous weekend


Dogwood said...

Great! I think the rescue of the miners in Chile really rocked a lot of peoples world! What an amazing story of bravery!

bad penny said...

Totally the right choice - incredible, moving and simply wonderful.
The whole rescue mission has been a huge success and the way the miners coped a tribute to human spirit and endurance.

It was a great day out wasn't it ? First of many I hope xx

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

A great 'rocking' entry!!
Such an amazing story!
Looking forward to hearing about your grand day out :)

Jan x

Carmen said...

Brilliant entry Jo :) A real feel good factor - made even better by watching it on Channel 4 with John Snow who was positively bouncing in his seat - brilliant enthusiasm, brilliant story and so nice to have GOOD news dominate the news.

You did make me larf with your doodahs comment on my post! :D