Friday, 22 October 2010

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Here's some happies for this week.........

Firstly, it's half term, hurrah!!  A week off to enjoy being at home with the kids.  Not much planned although Grant and our friend and neighbour Barry are going to be fitting the door between the sitting room and the conservatory.  I'm looking forward to being locked away in my Creation Zone without the sounds of football/boxing/John Wayne film etc infiltrating my concentration.  At some stage we are also going to try and go to the new Peter Blake exhibition in London (at The Museum of Everything - great name!!).

Secondly,  I'm so relieved that Rosie Mae is better.  I had a very worrying day when she was very under the weather - for the first time EVER, and she's 14!  I've never seen her looking so sad.  Silly girl seems to have spent most the night lying down in the garden (she has a flap), and it had been pouring with rain all night.  She was wet through, but didn't want me to dry her off.  Didn't want me to touch her at all.  I had to go to work but thankfully DS Luke was at home all day to keep an eye on her.  Apparently she flopped about all day, looking fed up.  When I got home I was pleased that she got up to welcome me and by tea time she seemed much brighter and ate her dinner as usual.  By the next day she had fully recovered and I haven't a clue what that was all about.  

Rosie doing her flea impersonation


 I've had such giggles with my work colleague and friend, Lyndsey.  Lyndsey, if you're reading this all I will say is Wendolene Ramsbottom, you know why! 
Wendolene,  don't you just love her?!

I also have to congratulate a mail order company - artifolk.  I had been struggling to track down some water soluble crayons and had searched the High Street with no luck.  I went online and ordered from Artifolk, and I didn't have to buy a pack, just the colours I wanted.  So I pressed the order button at 3pm yesterday.  They arrived this morning, having received an email an hour after placing the order to confirm that they were in the post.  So if you are in the UK and want A1 service from an art supplies company, I can recommend Artifolk.
My lovely new water soluble crayons

I'm looking forward to a night out tonight with my oldest friend, Dawn.  We're off for a meal and a Chat.  That's chat with a capital 'C' because we can chat for England (I really think chatting should be an Olympic sport!).  We always laugh so much and I really enjoy her company.

I've nearly finished the matchboxes that I'm making for The 12 Days of Christmas Matchbox Swap being hosted by Penny.  I'm doing 3 French Hens, ooh la-la .................. no photos yet, folks!

So bye for now, I'm going to post this with the Rocking Mothership (see button on sidebar).

Have a great week



Pixie said...

Artifolk is the bomb! I have ordered from them in the past and the service was incredible. And, don't you just love those crayons? I swear by mine and use them for everything!

SusieJ said...

Love your list of happies. Enjoy your night out and Chat!
Max is sending doggie sparkles to Rosie Mae and hoping she's recovered.
Sue xx

Serenata said...

What an upbeat post! Now I've met you I can just picture your excitement so perfectly now. Have a lovely meal and a great weekend!

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Awww poor Rosie Mae, hope she is feeling heaps better, My Barney sends some doggy kisses for her!! ;)
Hope you had a great night out chatting for England LOL.
Off to artifolk now, thanks for the recomendation :)
Jan x

bad penny said...

Ah well we are well on our way to an Olympic nattering team as when Griffin & I remet we decided we should be in one !
I keep saying to Jess "You will TALK to me in Barcelona won't you ?" She doesn't do chat but then - I didn't at her age !

Hope your door gets fitted nice & snug so you can retreat to create.
Have a fab time with your friend xx

Lorraine said...

thanks for the link to artifolk ...I want those crayons too when my portfolio ones run out as they probably will as I am addicted to painting!

Kristin said...

Oooh, your crayons are so pretty! I hope you have so much fun!
Thank you for your visit and sweet comment about the crayons - I tried mine a bit and just assumed I had the wrong ones - maybe it was operator error (mine!) - either way, I was looking forward to that part best, so thank you for the suggestion - I will give them another go!
Beautiful blog and I love your inchie below, xo

Carmen said...

I've never heard of Artifolk but will definitely investigate - the crayons sound yum!

Hope you enjoyed your Chatfest :P

Irish3 said...

Rosie Mae looks so sweet!!! Glad she's feeling more herself! Love your journal work, maybe I'll check out the workshop if I can make time somewhere!!

Relyn said...

So glad Rosie Mae has recovered!

Virginia said...


I'm so sorry I'm late (been away for the week) but catching up now - absolutely loving your list! Glad Rosie Mae is better! Also loving the art supplies - fabulous service or what!

Anyhow off for some late tea!