Sunday, 31 October 2010

What's Rocking My World This Friday!


Yes I know, it's Sunday.   But better late than never, eh?  I'll keep it short and sweet, but nonetheless grateful.


Grant and Barry (next door neighbour, friend and all round builder) for putting in my lovely new door from the sitting room to my studio conservatory.  I wanted 2 glazed doors (you know, grand entrance and all that) but had to accept the laws of maths and that only one would fit in, but they gave me 2 glazed side panels to keep me sweet.  I've primed and undercoated and tomorrow I'll give it a coat of satinwood.  For some strange reason Rosie likes walking in and out of the conservatory now it has a door - something she's never done before!  I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon.  The painting isn't as bad as it appears - the glass has got plastic stuck on it (cleverly called 'Paint 'n Peel) so when I've finished painting I can just peel back the plastic and ta-da, no sloppy paint on the glass!


Strangely, I'm grateful that my darling Rosie Mae is now as deaf as a post.  Last night our neighbours across the road threw a large, noisy firework party.  In the past this would have reduced poor Rosie to an inconsolable quivering heap.  Not last night.  She snoozed on regardless, happily dreaming of bunnies and biscuits.  So just for this week and next (and maybe New Years Eve) I shall be breathing a sigh of relief that my baby-girl is stone deaf.

The half term holiday has been uneventful, but I have so enjoyed not being woken up by the alarm clock, and not having to make sandwiches, endless sandwiches for packed lunches!  I have another day off tomorrow and Hope is off for another week.  We're hoping to go up to London on Friday (having failed to inspire much enthusiasm from Luke I think we'll go on our own).


I nearly forgot, we won the National Lottery!  I know, it's incredible, isn't it?  We haven't yet decided how we're going to spend our £10 but we'll spend it on something luxurious and invest the rest.  No begging letters please.


I have a new small soft toy from the charity shop to show you, but she needs a wash and scrub up first before she has her photo shoot.  Poor little lady has had a hard life, but I think she'll fit in just fine in the basket on the stairs with the other rejects, I mean soft toys.  There's a bunny sized gap in there with her name on it (haven't thought of a name for her yet, but you know what I mean).


My TV cup overfloweth for tonight - XFactor, Downton Abbey and Single Father.  Good tv programmes are like buses - there's nothing on for weeks and then 3 come along together.  With XFactor, Hope and I vote for Wagner every week, just because we love him, Matt because he's fab, and this week we're going to vote for Cher because last night she was OUTSTANDING, and has surely silenced any critics who say she can't sing.  I'm predicting that Treyc could be in the bottom 2 again this week, along with Belle Amie.  Don't forget, I did win the lottery this week so I could be right! (Don't put any money on it though).
Edit: Monday morning. Belle Amie have left the XFactor building.  Oh look, I was right!!

Wishing you all a friendly Halloween with no silly eggs and flour stuff.  Have a great week!



Virginia said...

Loving the list and a lottery win to boot - a life of luxury awaits you LOL! Loving the door through to your studio and also glad your cat isn't being put through the torturous firework season - cats so struggle with this our cats used to go absolutely crazy!

Hope you have a good week!



Joanna said...

Rosie Mae forgives you for calling her a cat - although it is probably the worst insult you could throw at a lurcher!

Our cat, Susie, had to be shut up in the kitchen to stop her causing injury to herself in her bid to escape the firework noise.


SusieJ said...

ROFL - a fabulous post Jo.
Yoy won't spend your lottery win all at once will you?
Funnily I've been almost wishing my Max was deaf for the same reason as Rosie Mae. This time of the year is horrendous for us. Poor Max ends up behind my chair quivering and we have to be careful when we walk him. If off lead he has been known to make a dash for home at the sound of a firework (dangerous since he has no road sense). I usually end up playing Rock music at a very loud volume to cover the noise. Helps that I am deaf - just take my hearing aids out.
Enjoy creating in your studio/conservatory.
Sue xx

bad penny said...

Miaw Rosie Mae ! Dillon is very confused at the little cat's miaw on my sidebar - he's been looking all over the kitchen for her !

Matt is lovely isn't he ? Cher was superb & shocked me with her lovely singing !

bad penny said... you have a crystal ball ?

Joanna said...

No, just listened to Belle Amie!!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love your new door! I think it looks just right for grand entrances & exits. And as far as firecrackers and such, our little dog Asia hates them too. She shakes and shakes and there is not much you can do to console her. She is only 8 years old and her hearing is still good! That is actually good Rosie Mae can't hear them anymore . . . and you won the National Lottery!!! Even if it was $16 (I figured it out!) that is still pretty cool.
xo lenna

Carmen said...

Fabby list. The fireworks don't bother our two Jacks one jot. Strange isn't it.

I must admit I was a Cher critic but only because a) I don't like the songs she sang and it was the same every week.
b) Mary was getting grief for singing in the same style as did Ray a few years back but Cher seems to have been immune from it.

However I agree she was fab this week and I hope she doesn't go back to her previous stuff.

What did my lovely Johnny Depp-esque Aiden do to Thriller? *sob, sob*

Think I found you over at Art, Heart & Healing ;) It was the dawgie that gave you away :P

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Jo
Wow, it sounds like some great things are rocking your world at the moment - I love the glazed doors and can only dream of having some of those ;-)
Your lottery win made me smile, as last night on E4 we saw the episode of 'Friends' where they try to win the lottery - so funny!
Have a lovely week in the gentle Autumn sunshine,
D x

Joni James said...

Wow, congratulations on winning the lottery!! I think you should show us what you spend it on in a blog post. ;-D

missy k said...


Congrats on your win!!! You've gotta be in it to win it. We don't buy lottery tickets!!!

Beattie has been freaked out by the fireworks... they seem to go on for weeks around here.

Your doors are cool...... what a brilliant idea with the peely stuff!

Hope you had a fun halloween....