Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Willowing course - Art Journal (part 1)

The new FREE Willowing art, heart and healing course has started (you can still join up, just click on the button on my side bar), and the first lesson is about creating a journal page in which we deal with our inner critic(s) - we've all got one or two, right?!

I decided to use a journal that DS Luke had found for me a few weeks ago, although I don't think the paper (handmade with pretty flower petals in it) is really designed for painting.  But I think if I prime the pages with gesso I'll get away with it.  The lovely fabric cover is perfect.

So the first part of this healing exercise is to write down on a journal blank page all of my inner critic's negative thoughts.  I focused on them and tried to work out why they are there.  (Sorry, I haven't shared my negative thoughts with you because they really are too private.)  Having connected with the reasons for their 'birth', I covered them up with gesso as a symbolic 'letting go.'  The petals still show through but I rather like that.

The next stage is to draw a self portrait, or a stylized version of me anyway.  I struggle with drawing faces, but I followed Tam's basic rules and although this gal doesn't actually look anything like me (I wish!) I'm pleased that, for once, I don't look TOO much like an alien.

I've got to get some water soluble crayons tomorrow so I'll be able to get on with the colouring in bit, and then on to the next part of the process.


bad penny said...

This is fantastic Jo - I wouldn't show my inner critic thoughts either & there are many !
no - you are FAR prettier than your portrait & I should know as I've met the real you !

I have finished my new shoes ATC but no hurry - I just had a rush of cutting & sticking the other day !

How sweet to be given that pretty journal - I just get dirty washing !

Jo said...

Aw shucks, thank you Penny!

I have to beg for DS's dirty washing or else go and peel it off his bedroom floor. Yes, the journal was something of a welcome surprise!

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

What a gorgeous journal Jo,
..and what a fabby portrait, love her full lips and eyes!
I've also drawn my portrait , but like you have no water colour crayons, did you manage to get your hands on some?
Jan x

Jo said...

Not yet! I'm off to the orthodontist with DS and hoping to whizz in to a couple of shops to see if they have them. They're not easy to track down:0(

Good luck with your search!


WW said...

I signed up for this class too, I can't wait to start. I love your portrait.

Effy said...

I'm really loving her course, too! Haven't finished my page yet, but I'm excited about the process!

Lynn Stevens said...

What a beautiful journal and a great idea to gesso the pages for use. I can't wait to see all the pages filled with your lovely art!

Carin said...

What a great start! I love your portrait! Amazon does the caran d'ache crayons if you can't get them locally, and I'm sure they have many other water soluble crayons too. I'm hankering for the first lot, but they're blooming expensive. Making do with water colour pencils for this one and it's still turning out quite nice, although obviously a lot softer. Can't wait to see what your coloured version looks like :)

missy k said...

Great work Jo.... I can see 'you' here! Looking forward to the next stage.


missy k said...

ps forgot to say .... Luke what a sweetie you are!