Monday, 4 October 2010

You might want to check this out.....

The following is an email I received today which you might want to read.  I have now changed my Picasa settings (I found my albums by Googling Picasa albums - it was quite easy to find the Settings tab once into the albums).

Hi all

Firstly, apologies for the cross-post but I think it very important anyone with 
a Blogger blog reads my post:

Blogger have updated the photo uploader (the post also has a tutorial for this) 
- but did you know that now all the images on your blog are in an album - on 
Picasa - and publicly available for anyonen to copy? If you have several blogs, 
you'll find you have an album for each of them - and that they are all PUBLIC by 

This means anyone can get into them and access - and copy - your private photos 
and artwork. My post shows you how to reset your albums to protect your privacy, 
so I do urge you to go and check on this. Even if your albums were private, you 
may well find the change has also altered this setting to Public, so you'll need 
to reset them again (I know of two people already that this has happened to, and 
one has already had artwork pirated).

Sorry to cause panic, but I find it unbelievable that our blogs aren't set to be 
private in the first place, so that we can choose whether we want our images to 
be publicly available - or not. 

I will now be investigating other blog platforms (WordPress, Typepad, Joomla 
etc) ...



Veronica said...

I dont know how they can get away with such sneaky behaviour. Thanks for sharing this info.

Jewels said...

Jo -I had absolutely no idea about this - I know enough to run a basic blog but I was really gobsmacked when I opened Picassa and saw all my photos! Thanks so much for sharing this!

An'Angelia Thompson said...

Thanks for posting this, Jo. I'm not computer savy enough to be on the lookout for such things. Unbelievable!

missy k said...

Hi Jo

I've checked mine and I hope they are are ok.... so many little things to think about.... why can't people just 'play nice'