Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Inchybyinch challenge - 'faith'

'Defender of the Faith'
Last week's word at inchybyinch was 'faith' - I'm a bit late but this is my interpretation of the word.  

King Henry VIII was awarded the title of 'Fidei Defensor' (Defender of the Faith), which is quite ironic because he subsequently split from the Catholic church so that he could divorce his wife.  Henry rather liked his title however, and decided to keep it.  His successors keep it to this day, with the letters FD still appearing on British coins.


Heavens2Betsy said...

Your take on the 'Faith' theme is fabulous Jo - I love how you've described such a huge piece of history in such a tiny space. Pen x

Katie said...

cool inchie, and history lesson! :)

missy k said...

Good 'ol Henry!

Love your take on this Jo!


Lorraine said...

now this is a very clever interpretation of faith..excellent idea and piece

bad penny said...

I didn't know the FD thing - off to look at a coin right now ! Great idea to do 'Enery !
( Will never forget Patrick Swazey keeping Whoopie Goldberg awake by singing " I'm 'Enery the eighth I am " in Ghost !!!)

Fiona Whitehead said...

Brilliant inchy Joanna - I didn't know about the FD on coins either - we learn a lot doing inchies don't we! lol x

missy k said...

Hi Jo....

Painted over - gone :(


Relyn said...

I thought this bit of history was very interesting.

Chris said...

You have such a wonderful way of creating inchies Jo... they are always delightful whatever the subject...way to go me lovely:D
I just love this one.
Chris xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I am enjoying your inchies, Joanna . . . and I just noticed (!) that your 'profile' says "It's all about me!!" -you are very funny!!

Thank you for all the many comments you left today on creative swaps as I am sure everyone apprecited that (i did!), and for your lovely comment on my thankful post. Everything is in the oven cooking while i am at my parents house, using my mom's computer. I have not cooked this much in long, long time!!
xo lenna

The Scrappy Tree said...

Love it and I didn't know that!

Have a great day :)

K xx

Micki said...

wonderful work, I just found your blog today and am now a happy follower :)

Micki x

A Bun Can Dance said...

That's fascinating, I never knew it!
Thanks for popping by. I'm pleased you love Lyme too. We always take a walk on the cobb - I'm quite brave about it now (!) but when the waves are crashing against the cobb wall it is a bit unnerving and once we had a big drenching from a rogue wave as we walked along!
Happy weekend,
D x