Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Mid-week round-up

I've got a few things on the go at the moment, but nothing ready to 'show and tell' so I thought I'd present to you a mid-week round-up.........
This little chap arrived in the post last week.  He was kindly sent by Penny as a friend for the rest of my small and mainly knitted toys.  What she maybe didn't realise is that Quentin, for that is his name, is the long lost brother of Pierre ze Bear, to whom you have previously been introduced.  How about that for family reunions?  They were separated at birth when Pierre was shipped off to Paris while Quentin went to live with an eccentric and reclusive old bear in London.  While Pierre is the artistic type, enjoying all the cultural pursuits that Paris has to offer, Quentin took a more academic route in life and following private education and Oxford University has, in fact, been working for MI6.  He is particularly experienced at working under cover (as you can see, he is almost invisible against the stair carpet).

Having received a friendly and loving welcome,  Quentin has decided to stay, and immediately jumped into the basket with the other small toys.  They have been spellbound by his tales of daring and espionage.  I fear this story is not yet finished - Miss Hunny 'Fickle' Bunny has been fluttering her eye lashes at the new resident.........

This scary Spanish Senorita doll was found in a cupboard at school.  The cupboard had recently been emptied, and then all of a sudden she just appeared.  No one would confess to having ownership of her.  

The hands of a killer?

Don't look into her eyes....
It was discovered that she's musical, and as the haunting and slightly distorted music plays she rotates.  So in the staff room we decided to play a Scary Doll version of Spin the Bottle.  Whoever she was looking at when she stopped rotating had to take her home.  Yes, you've guessed it, she stopped dead when she saw me - her penetrating gaze looking into my very soul.  My friend Ali said I'd have to put her on my blog (but I'm now thinking, supposing the doll is like 'The Ring' and now you've all seen her......?), so here she is.  I'm going to take her back in tomorrow and  when nobody's looking I'll leave her in someone else's cupboard and then listen out for the screams!  

It was jolly chilly this morning, and the water in the bird bath had frozen over.  Also frozen were the spiders webs  - they looked beautiful.  Like diamonds in the mist.

On Saturday Hope and I went to the Christmas Country Living Fair in London.  It was SO BUSY!  The stalls were incredibly varied, and there were many handcrafted things - there are some very clever people out there.  

 I bought a couple of bits, like this gorgeous cinnamon stick hanger - the smell is just divine.  I expect you can smell it where you are now!  It's meant for Christmas, but I couldn't wait to put it out.

 I also bought this pretty tea light holder - it looks really old but isn't.  It casts such pretty patterns on the wall when it's lit.

We got a few other bits and pieces (STOP PRESS: Hope actually got her purse out and treated herself to a pair of earrings!!)(Edit:Oops, Hope read this and I would now like to clarify this comment - Hope is very generous buying and making for other people but is not particularly known for treating herself.  It made a welcome change to see her spending her money on something for herself.) and really enjoyed the Christmassy atmosphere and seeing the inspirational craft work.

That's all for now, folks!  What's in your mid-week round-up? I'd love to hear.


Pixie said...

That Bradley doll really makes me nostalgic. I had a collection of those when i was little! I have a new friend to send to you. send me your addy at scwk0511 (at) yahoo (dot) com.


The Scrappy Tree said...

Aw, so cute!! Our mid-week round-up celebrates our birthday! :D

SusieJ said...

Welcome Quentin - hope he's settled in. Personally I'd rather be Pierre ze bear - any excuse to go to Paris. :)
Love your cinnamon hanger and tea light.
Sue xx

Virginia said...

I love the update on Hope - I'd guessed that it was that she didn't normally buy for herself - but glad you clarified LOL! Love your buys and the stories of the bears - sheer bliss and made me smile this morning - sending you hugs!

bad penny said...

Well I am staggered - Quentin, as I now now he is called kept that very quiet ! Scarey Spanish doll does have the hands of a killer but she will be no match for Quentin !

Well done for surviving the CL show - it exhausted me when I went several years back !

Jess is very like Hope but in Barcelona she bought herself a very nice poster.

Now Jo - your doors... we have the same Norwedian Pine I believe. Some of the windowsils & skirting boards were sanded back to lovely wood when we moved here but the doors are all painted. Should I bite the bullet & have the doors stripped ? I love natural wood.

Our paintwork desperatly needs doing - so to strip or paint ? Did you do them or were they already like that ? They're lovely by the way.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

what a delightful read! You are a great story teller, I so enjoyed. Oh! If you did not see on the blog, 3 of your gorgeous art envelopes arrived yesterday. They are top-notch, on the spot, I really love them! Just waiting for one more, the elusive siamese cat - I hope he visits me today! Then I will showcase all of them on the creative swaps blog : )))

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Joanna
Thanks for your lovely princess comment :-)
I'm loving your bear and all the cuddlies.
As for Hope - well, she's a girl after my own heart and a bit of spending on herself is a very good thing indeed - note to self: must do this kind of thing too!
D x

Kristin said...

Nice to meet Quentin, I'm sure he will fit in nicely considering his master skills and ability to tell an intriguing story of mystery and suspense :) The Spanish Senorita reminds me of Mara in the Indiana Jones film, don't look into her eyes! Lovely spiderweb, frozen stuff, not so lovely :)

Have a great week:)

*And yes, my inspiration pieces were ATC's, thanks for visiting :) Happy early birthday to your daughter.

K xxx

Heavens2Betsy said...

Your tales make me chortle Jo! I LOVE your scary senorita and your wicked plans for her. The cinnamon hanger is gorgeous, as are your spiderwebs! Midweek finds me upcycling more coasters ... one good charity shop and I've a bundle to play with now. I'm sure I should be doing something else, but ... heyho! Pen x

missy k said...

Hi Jo..... what a great mid week round up!

I hope you managed to return that v scary doll to school safely and that she hasn't followed you home..... best check your cupboards!

I can smell your cinamon dec from here :)

Not up to much here, posted an altered revision card thats been sat on my desk for two weeks and I finally finished it tonight.... picking up Livi from the bus stop later as she has had a long day, then Grand Designs with Barry and an early night!

I haven't adjusted to the wintry and dark evenings.

Love Karenx

Relyn said...

The fair sounds wonderful. I wish I could go.

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Wow, you have been busy in my absence :)
I love what you have done with the Willowing course so far, have you made an empathy monster yet?
Hello Quentin :)
OMG that doll is scary!! I remember buying a similar doll on a french school trip, and she used to give me the eebie jeebies too LOL!
By the way Jo, there's an award for you on my Blog :)
Jan x

Lorraine said...

love these tags as I never know what to do with inchies so this is a great idea