Friday, 26 November 2010


I've been itching to get my 'Collage Coterie' Moleskine book out and because I'm now up to date with all my commitments, challenges and swaps,  tonight was the night!

I chose not to use gesso to cover the background papers, preferring to keep the flags' vibrant colours.  The picture of the ship is from an old book, and the Pirate standing on the fallen tree trunk is from an old Ladybird book (I appear to have at least one Ladybird book on every subject known to man!).

While on the subject of 'Collage Coterie', Mary Green, who ran that class and 'Your Vintage Gluebook', and runs the fun Monthly Challenge is starting a new Green Paper Collage Club from the New Year.  Emails with images, collage tips, tricks and ideas in a PDF format will go straight into your email inbox twice a month - you can either pay month by month pay-as-you-go or pay for a year (and get a hefty discount!).  I shall definitely be joining this club and I'm really excited about it starting.  Click on Mary's name in this paragraph for more details.


SusieJ said...

I love it Joanna! Those Ladybird books aren't half useful!
Sue xx
p.s. thanks for the tip off about the collage club.

joy said...

Love this spread with the Pirate overlooking the ship, Jo! You have such a fantastic collection of images - I don't know what a Ladybird book is, but you have used some great stuff from them. Mary's plans for 2011 sound like a lot of fun - I will be paying by the month because I don't know if I can participate each time.

Nathalie Thompson said...

You continue to be an inspiration! Another rockin' layout!

Ati. said...

GREAT ! great pages !! What can I say more :)
See you in the monthly class ;))
I am a bit behind now in the paper things due other work :( But I come back!
Have a nice weekend Jo. I admire your work!

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Snow in your neck of the woods???

Not here (yet)......

Love these pages, the flags work really well ungessoed... I agree. Super pirate image. Do you know I hardly ever see any Ladybird Books when I am out and about.... now I know why. You have them ALL!

Love Karenxxxx

Mary's Collage Club sounds like fun.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Beautiful spread! Have a lovely Sunday.
XO Marie

bad penny said...

I finally bought some Gesso today- you'll have to tell me how to use it ! Fab images in this piece.