Saturday, 6 November 2010

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

My Rocking post is late again but I was out yesterday with DD Hope when we went up to London.  So that's my first grateful - lovely days out.  

We scooted round Primark in Oxford Street, had a coffee after looking at Selfridges Christmas lights (it was raining so I didn't take a photo because it would have looked too depressing).  I took her to Liberty in Regent Street and it made me smile when she vowed that when she had a place of her own she was going to furnish it from Liberty (she'd better get a very good job!).  We grabbed a bite to eat and then found Bladerubber, a stamping shop near Covent Garden.  It would have been so much easier if I'd remembered the detailed map (left on the fridge freezer at home), but it was so much fun finding it (my words not Hope's!).  So having done a trolley dash round Bladerubber (treated myself to a couple of the Somerset Studio publications) we stumbled across The Forbidden Planet, which Hope loved.  This shop sells everything to do with cult tv programmes and films, such as Star Trek, Dr Who, Twilight, Harry Potter, Family Guy etc etc etc.  I bought a great poster of the WW2 Dalek, exactly like a mock up of a wartime poster,  and this daft book, which will be fun to make...

We then wandered along to Covent Garden, and on the way we saw 'Starman' (from the programme about the Pineapple Dance Studios).  I took a photograph, although it isn't great but a van was speeding up behind me.  A split second later Jesus (the man nearest the camera) turned round and gave us a lovely smile.  I missed that, of course.  

When we got to Covent Garden I had to take a photo of the giant baubles (and Hope)!  The Christmas tree is up but is not yet lit up - that's being done next week.  Apparently, whenever a couple stand under the tree and kiss all the lights will twinkle.  All together now, ahhhhhhhh!


So that was yesterday.  What else am I grateful for?
Grant, who has started redecorating the kitchen.  A thankless task which we have been putting off for too long, but he's started it and it's already looking better.

The Willowing Art Heart and Healing course.  I'm really enjoying having a go at different things and thinking outside my comfort zone.

As promised last week, I said I'd be introducing a new friend.......

Little Miss Bun is another reject carefully chosen soft toy from the charity shop.  She's a product of the 1970's with her little patterned apron.  Sadly she had been abused with string tied around her neck, but I'm sure she'll recover from her ordeal with a little TLC.  Welcome Little Miss Bun!


Have a great weekend!


Carin said...

What a fun day out in London! I haven't been to Liberty's in years and really want to go again sometime soon. Was just thinking about it the other day when I found some old embroidery scissors from there. Don't think I could hack the London crowds any longer though.

Heavens2Betsy said...

Thats quite some adventure you guys had. Daughters are such a joy, aren't they? I love your zombie book and look forward to seeing what comes out of it ....! Best to you Jo, Pen x

missy k said...

Wow! Hope looks so much like Luke - I've never noticed it till now. Luke with curls!

I loved the Blade Rubber shop.... just down the road from the British Museum. Its only small ... but so much rubber!!!!

Looking forward to seeing your felties!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.... hope the decorating goes well for Grant!

Love to you all


SusieJ said...

What a lovely list Jo!
That day out sounds fun - a real girly/crafter day (though I did laugh at your DD furnishing her home @Liberty - how wonderful if she could!)
Looking forward to the zombies and a huge welcome hug for Miss Bun!
Hugs for you too,
Sue xx

Virginia said...

I'm loving the list Jo - absolutely gorgeous - in answer to your question on my blog, the back has improved greatly but i'm having to be very careful with it and remember how poorly it's been! In answer to your request on the hair-do - I'll see what i can do! LOL! You look like you had a fabulous day out - the detailed map sounds like it would have made life far less interesting LOL! And talk about parallel universe - I've been looking at that very same zombie book this week on Amazon - how spooky is that!

Hope the kitchen decoration is coming along nicely! Hope the rest of your weekend proves to be just as much fun and thank you for joining in!


Carmen said...

Like Virginia - I've been ogling that book - I can't wait to see what you make out of it.

Sounds like such a fun time in London, the Dalek poster sounds fab as does the Rubber Stamp shop. I'm afraid I wouldn't have had a clue who the Pineapple Studios people were and would have just wondered why they were there :D

Cindy McMath said...

Loving all of your mail art pieces for Lenna's swap - hope I get one!

Cindy :)