Friday, 12 November 2010

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Hey look - it's Friday!  I've actually managed to get my Rocking friday post out on the right day which is really quite an achievement.  OK, here's my little list of what's made me smile this week.....


A school trip to Hampton Court on Tuesday - the Year 5 and 6 children are learning about the Tudors (Henry 8th and all that stuff).  It was jolly chilly and rather damp, but I love that place.  One of the girls made us giggle.  While wandering around she asked my friend and colleague, Lyndsey (her 1:1 Teaching Assistant), if we were going to see Henry 8th.  Lyndsey patiently explained that he was dead, that he'd died many many years ago etc which the little girl accepted.  Into the next room we go, only to be confronted by an actor dressed up as, and pretending to be, Henry.  The little girl just looked at Lyndsey and her facial expression said it all - 'Told you so!'

(Another thing made me and Lyndsey giggle.  The next day we went to Costas for our lunchtime coffee, and we were chatting to the lovely young Barista, Ali, who is foreign (not sure where he's from).  We mentioned that we'd been to Hampton Court and that we'd taken the kids with us.  He looked quite shocked, and expressed surprise that we'd been able to take the children.  He then asked if the Judge gave permission.  No, Ali, not that kind of court!!)

My back is still suffering from the coach journey, but it was worth it for a Grand Day Out.


Grant is always on my list, although he doesn't always get a mention.  You know I love you, darling.  Now could you please finish decorating the kitchen!!


Charity shops!  Look at today's mixed bag of wonders, and all this for under a tenner!!

11 back issues of the V&A magazine -loads of inspiration!

These 2 little chaps, they're a bit blurred 'cos they just wouldn't stand still. 

This beautiful stained glass mirror.

This gorgeous chair (not the pathetic looking dog!).

So what's Rocking Your World This Friday?  You can always join in - click on the button on my sidebar and meet the other Rockers.


SusieJ said...

Fancy calling Rosie Mae pathetic! She's gorgeous!
Your trip out sounds fun and the conversations made me lol.
Also loving your charity shop finds esp.the meeces!
Sue xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

love these rockin' posts, joanna! Thank you for sharing your world. xo lenna

A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Joanna
I love your dog so much !!
Thanks for sharing your outings and misunderstandings - a school trip is guaranteed to create some great questions, isn't it?
Thank you for your lovely comment about our special news as I realise now, that you especially know how very wonderful it is :-)
Have a happy weekend,
Denise x

Serenata said...

Wonderful rockin' Friday Jo. For me it will have to be my wonderful hubby who has worked so hard to get me my 'studio'.

Fantastic charity shop finds. I was good this week, I actually put things back that I picked up in the shops! I know shock! Horror!

bad penny said...

OOh loving the chair ! I've never been to Hampton Court. My brother did ask a Beefeater at the Tower of London if he ate beef ( groan )

Dogwood said...

Thanks for sharing that darling "kid" story. I laughed outloud. So sweet. Kids facial expressions can say so much.

Have a fun weekend. Dogwood

Carmen said...

The school trip story did make me chuckle. Something similar happened when we took the girls to Dover castle. Phoebe was convinced it was haunted and then she walked across this rug that they had rigged so as she did so the voice of Henry boomed out across the hall. Talk about nearly wet herself :P She had already thought there was real bombs going off when we'd done the wartime tunnels tour :P Provided us with much amusement - evil though we are :)

Love your charity shop finds. That mrror and chair are gorgeous.

Virginia said...

Oh what a lovely list I'm loving the chair and the mirror - charity shop buys can be absolutley awesome. The day out at Hampton Court sounds fabulous and I'm loving the story of the little girl - definitely made me giggle!

Hope you've had a great weekend!


Lorraine said...

love your photos especially the grace kelly v&a mags and that lovely mirror and chair..what a great dog you have full of for my fridays well they involve gym, big shop, 3 loads of washing and a load of housework = boring but last friday night I did go out to a barn dance!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I laugh so much at your post that I made my husband pause the TV so I could share a good laugh with him. What great stories! Your week really rocked and I can't even begin to touch that!
Love to you from across the seas. ~ kt

Joni James said...

You're so productive!! And your dog is sweet for posing so we could see him!

Joni James said...

Thanks so much for voting Joanna!! There were a lot of nice entries but most of them aren't specific to the retiring of the Discovery Space Shuttle which is what the art is suppose to commemorate. I'm just hoping I make it past the first voting phase!

missy k said...

Rosie is NOT pathetic....!

I LOVE the chair, great post.


Relyn said...

I love this story. Aren't kids just adorable. And hilarious.