Friday, 19 November 2010

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Have you got that Friday feeling?  Hurrah!!!

And this is what I'm shouting "Hurrah!" for at the end of this week.....

Hurrah for Hope!  
It was her 14th Birthday yesterday.  OMG, 14 years old!  Here is Hope as she was only what seems like yesterday

Will Hope ever forgive me for letting that rocking horse, Ragga,  go to a new family?

Bad photo due to mad flash bleaching everything so I switched it off 
and this is her this evening (holding our birthday card to her).  Her special day started off well, but unfortunately she left her bag of lovely birthday presents from her school friends on the train.  She was so upset.  We've reported it to the Lost Property people and we're just hoping that a nice person will have found it and handed it in.  Apparently there is a two week backlog getting found property onto the computer system so we could have a long wait before finding out either way.  On a brighter note, I'm taking Hope and her two friends Victoria and Tabby to see the new Harry Potter film tomorrow.  Then they're going to come back for pizza and chocolate cake - her request!

Hurrah for Luke!  
He bought a lovely card for his sister and the new Avatar (extended edition) dvd for her birthday out of his new wages.  Top son

Hurrah for Grant!  
We needed a handle for the new door from the sitting room to the conservatory and he quietly accepted that I didn't want one from Homebase/B+Q/Wickes - no, sirree!  He happily drove us an hour's journey to The Packhouse in Farnham to find a reclaimed door handle.  We found a lovely old handle which will look gor-jus.   He also put up some shelves for me so all my art stuff is no longer on the floor (I suppose that's a Hurrah for Ikea shelves too!).  I am now 'Organized Artist'.  AND, he's plugging away with the kitchen decorating.

Hurrah for Louise! 
My charity shop manager friend makes me laugh and laugh.  We were standing talking yesterday when the whole wall of laden book shelves in the store/sorting room collapsed, taking out the phone/fax and nearly squashing poor volunteer Cathy.  Louise's response at the carnage in front of her?  Just took out a biscuit, dunked it in her coffee and said how much she liked the blank wall and that she now had somewhere to put her posters.  Tomorrow is the last day for 50p a book at the Oxted Cancer Research shop - there's plenty to choose from!

Hurrah for blog friends!  
I love visiting you in your world and I enjoy it when you visit me in mine.  If you leave a comment, THANK YOU!  It's nice to know who's been calling and your comments are always fun, kind and encouraging.

Hurrah for weekends!  
Over too soon but I love 'em.

Talking of weekends, I hope you have a good one.

Bye for now.



Dogwood said...

Happy Birthday dear daughter. I will keep my fingers crossed that your gifts are returned to you!

Sweet blog. I felt like we were having a conversation over coffee! Fun.


SusieJ said...

Happy birthday to Hope (I'm crossing my fingers for her lost pressies).
What a lovely, cheerful post Joanna.
Hope your w/end is a good one.
Sue xx
p.s. the tea bags that came with Mun-kee are destined for DS (David and I don't drink tea). He's sharing a house with nine other students - mmm. I may even get away with getting another festive Mun-kee!lol

trisha too said...

Hurrah for all your hurrahs--I enjoyed sharing your day, but do hope that Hope gets her gifties back! (I have a Faith, but I also have hope!)


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Hurrah for your blog posts, Joanna! ; ^ ) I so enjoy them. And hurrah that your last envie -the pussycat that lost his way, has arrived in the states, making your set of mail art complete and in my letter box with plenty of time. Hurrah!!!

Serenata said...

A very happy birthday to Hope, sorry to hear about the lost pressies, hopefully they will be found.

A great week by the sounds of it. Hope your weekend is good as well.

joy said...

I, too, enjoy your Friday posts immensely, Jo! I always find something to giggle about. Sure do "hope" that Hope's presents will be returned to her, safe and sound. Cheers!

daisy said...

Have a good weekend one & all :o)

The Scrappy Tree said...

Happy birthday Hope! Fingers crossed for the safe return of her gifts :) we are going to see Harry Potter tonight too!
Gayle xx

bad penny said...

I do hope the pressies turn up - what a nightmare ! poor girl.
I saw the first HP again today - how sweet were the actors ? !
Your tags are sooooo pretty ( I'm worried about mine now )

X factor tonight was... well - weird ! ( still lurv Matt )

Irish3 said...

Add my Happy Birthday thoughts to your beautiful daughter as well!!!
Thanks for checking in on Riley.. he's apparently a medical mystery, after a month they still can not tell me what's wrong with him. He doesn't seem to be in any pain.. but he is losing a lot of weight, and he's pretty slim to begin with. He just sleeps all day, barely eats and only gets up to drink water and go out back to do business. They are waiting for blood tests to come back, hopefully by Monday or Tues we'll know something difinitive.
Thanks so much for the good thoughts though, made me feel better.
I'm going to try and get back in on the challenge for inchies this Monday, I miss you girls!! Your tags turned out so sweet! Very nice work. Have a great weekend!

Lynn Stevens said...

Happy Birthday to hope! how sad she forgot her presents. Lets hope a kind sole finds them and turns them in!
I so want to go see the new Harry potter movie, it looks great! hope it was!


Hurrah for your cheerfulness. Your Hope is gorgeous. I hope she gets her presents back. There are nice people in the world we just need one of them to have found her pressies xoxo

I'm doing the Christmas tags on inchybyinch :o)

Lorraine said...

happy birthday to Hope..hoping you get the presents back

missy k said...

Hurrah for you and your posts!

I really hope that Hope's pressies were picked up by someone with a kind heart.

Love Karenx

Virginia said...

Ooh what a list and a half was that - mainly full of people making life full and fun - the wall demolishing itself was a little more frightful but hopefully as no one was hurt you've all recovered!


Relyn said...