Saturday, 27 November 2010

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

....... on Saturday.

We've all been quite busy this week, nothing exciting really, just getting on with life.  Luke and Hope have had different bugs - Luke's light-headed, nauseous and woozy, Hope's sore throated and coughy.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they don't meet up in no-man's land and swap their germs.  So far Grant and I have stayed immune.   It was Thanksgiving in America on Thursday, and it was lovely to read all the 'gratefuls' of the American bloggers.  I guess the 'Rocking Fridays' is a mini Thanksgiving, just every week and without the turkey.  


Thank goodness for paracetamol, Day/Night Nurse, Nurofen etc etc.  They've made the last week bearable for those afflicted in this household.


Thank goodness for lovely post.  Since I started blogging earlier on this year my letter box has become a much more interesting  place to be at in the morning.

Firstly, I received this wonderful old Ladies Journal and 2 cabinet cards from Mary (Collage Coterie, Your Vintage Gluebook, Monthly challenge and soon to be Collage Club).  The journal and cards were my prize for winning the October Monthly Challenge (random selection of winner, no skill necessary!).  You might recognize the baby on the right as the one from the November Challenge - the baby on the left is the same child, just a few months earlier. 

Next, this lovely collection of altered matchboxes arrived!  Penny hosted this 12 Days of Christmas swap, and I was 3 French Hens (I posted about mine a few weeks ago).  Not only did Penny have a day to do (6 Geese a-laying), but she also made the sweet box in the middle of the photo with a sparkly Christmas tree and button that sure looks like shortbread to me!  Along with the boxes, Penny included the music score for The 12 Days of Christmas!  Penny will be revealing each box individually, inside and out, on the actual 12 Days of Christmas, so be sure to drop by her blog the linen shelf to see them in more detail.  It was a fun swap to be part of.


Thank goodness for safe returns.  DS Luke went to a party last night, his first all nighter.  There was alcohol, there were girls, there were many lads, there were no adults present.  He returned safe and sound at 9.30am and I could breathe a sigh of relief.


Thank goodness for friends, both those I physically meet up with and my blogging ones too.  You ALL make my world a brighter place.

Thank goodness for Mail Order - with the click of a button my Christmas shopping has begun.  I had a trip to Bluewater last Saturday (so Hope and her BFF's could go to the cinema) - and I won't be going there again this side of 2011!  It was a form of Hell.  Mail Order is the way to go - ordered Thursday, delivered today.  


Right, I must go and start gearing myself up for X Factor tonight - Go Matt, GO!!  (Wagner is our guilty pleasure and we vote for him too!!!).  Have a safe weekend, bye for now.



SusieJ said...

What a fab prize Joanna and I love the matchboxes too.
I remember when DS started staying out at's a mother's job to worry isn't it?
Sorry you've had two bugs in the house - hope the invalids have recovered and you & Grant stay germ free.
Sue xx
p.s. I'm gearing up for Strictly - red wine or brandy & coke??

Joanna said...

Oh red wine, Susie! It'll be Babycham for Strictly won't it?!


missy k said...

Hi Jo

Great post! Here and through your letter box :)

Those match boxes are gorgeous!

Glad Luke made it home safely..... I think you'll have lots of nights like that ahead!!!! Glad the first one went well....

Mail order def the way to go!!!!

Love Karenx

ps hope Luke and Hope feel better soon.

Virginia said...

Hello you - another Saturday Rocking Your World - think life is getting a little busy for all of us! Loving it! Love your list, love your thoughts about Rocking Your World being a mini thanksgiving every week! I still find it good therapy particularly when life's been a little tough in the week or the usual roller coaster of emotion! Hope you're having a great weekend, we woke to snow this morning - said 10 year old went out to play but the local numpties did their usual bullying tactics which kind of takes the fun aspect of things! Enjoy your Xfactor evening!


Dogwood said...

Such sweet match boxes. They are all lovely and creative. Sounds like lots of thankfulness happening at your house.

joy said...

Love your "prizes" from Mary and those darling matchboxes! Hope everyone feels much better next week. Thanks for your comments on my blog, Jo!

Heavens2Betsy said...

Sorry your young uns are suffering... hope they on the mend. Love the matchboxes - they're divine. Looking forward to seeing them all in detail. Matt was F A B U L O U S Dahling tonight ... I would buy his records famous or not! Mind you, I'd probably buy his shoelaces... sigh. Pen x

sugar Creek said...

Loving those matchboxes!! Thanks for the comments on my blog! That little kitty was rescued by us. We had to bottle feed her and now she only likes us that live in the house. Go figure!

SusieJ said...

OMG Joanna, NOT Babycham! I haven't touched the stuff since I was a student. The illest (most ill?) I have ever been was after 2 Babychams, I kid you not.
Sue xx

Lynn Stevens said...

I'd say you have some great mail lately! How fun, sorry to hear of the little ones being sick, stay well!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

you are right, joanna -your rockin friday posts are like a mini thanksgiving every week! You are so very smart to appreciate all the good things in your life. I certainly appreciate you! thanks for visiting me and all your truly lovely comments.
xo lenna

Ragamuffin Gal said...

First Dear Jo ~ love love the matchbox wreath ~ looks heavenly, secondly I totally agree on cyber shopping as the way to go! And thirdly, wish my sweet pal a blessed season of gratitude. Please know that i am so grateful for you dear. XO~ Katie

bad penny said...

These bugs are dreadful aren't they ? !
You've displayed your matchboxes so beautifully Jo ( Can I pinch your picture for Christmas ? )It was fun though at one point I thought it wouldn't all come together !

Thanks for updating me about Matt by email as I missed The X Factor on Saturday.. Go Matt Go !!! I mean Don't go Matt... Hell, you know what I mean !

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Hope the kidlets are feeling better now? ...and that you and hubby have avoided all the germs!!
Wahoo, I got my matchboxes too!!(Love the way you have displayed them all for your pic!!)
Jan x