Saturday, 18 December 2010

Inchybyinch challenge - 'Blue'

Feeling blue

I'm feeling a bit blue.  

I've had a cold (and then another cold on top of that cold),  it's dark at 4pm,  we've had yet more b****y snow,  and I've got rather a lot on my mind. But I know that this feeling down in the dumps is all in my head, just like the crown-ed lady in my inchy.

This is Fiona's last ever challenge with
inchybyinch :0( and her prompt word is 'blue'.  I will miss Fiona and her inspiration on a Monday.

On a more positive note, my colds are going, HOORAY!
The schools are out for Christmas, HOORAY!
We're warm and snuggly at home, HOORAY!
 I've started wrapping up the Christmas presents, HOORAY!
Matt won X Factor, HOORAY!

I'll be back tomorrow with a late but well intentioned Rocking My World Friday list.  There will be lots of happies in there and no gloom-and-dooms, promise!



Sandra said...

Bella, bella, bella!
Wonderful inchy!
Happy Christmas!!

missy k said...

Hi Jo.

Wonderful 'blue' inchy. Love the threads and border especially...

The dark evenings can be a bit much.... longest day on 21st and then we will have more light each day :) I am really feeling a need for colour and light.

I'll be back for your 'happies' tomorrow.

I loved the Christmas card you sent us..... its my favourite!

Love Karenx

SusieJ said...

Gorgeous inchy Joanna - I understand the feeling blue bit only too well.
If you're going to miss this challenge...could we organise s'thing ourselves? I need the inspiration/kick up the backside to get me crafting again..just a thought.
Sue xx
p.s. thanks for your comments on my blog - I really should have known better with the cricket. Didn't appreciate watching it live at 04:30 this morning - I'm flagging now!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

awwwww, Joannna. I knew you were battling a cold -oh my! COLDS!! yuck. So glad you are feeling better because I miss your artwork when you don't post! I am still lovingly looking at your mail art envelope "enjoy the journey - A person from England". That is the one I kept for myself, thank you very much! Your style was truly shining when you created those envelopes, just marvelous!!!! I like your 'blue' inchie very much too. xox lenna

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Jo,
love your inchie, it's beautiful! So glad your feeling better.Have a wonderful weekend.

Jewels said...

Jo - so sorry you've been under the weather - and so close to Christmas (go figure). Hope you turn the corner soon and have lovely family time. We are headed to Canada for a week and a bit to be with ours. Are you joining Lenna's next swap - I am (I will no longer be a mail swap virgin, LOL). Love the inchie - it is wonderful. Cheers, Jewels

Serenata said...

Lovely inchy and doesn't she have such a thoughtful/pensive face.

Hope you are starting to feel better now. Snow is thick here so don't think we will be going anywhere today!

bad penny said...

I really hope your colds are freezing away ! Lovely thoughtful blue inchie.
I'm glad my Gnomes made you giggle...they sat on the stairs for years but are getting a bit old now so I put them on the landing windowsil. Imagine their suprise when they saw the snow !!! All they've seen for years is legs up & down the stairs & big fluffy beasties running past ! Who says life is over when you get old ? !

Chris said...

awwww Joanna hunny I hope that you are all better for when the man with the white beard arrives!!
Thankfully this year (fingers crossed) I have not been bitten by the flu bug... last year had 3lots one after the other..not nice. Can sympathise with how awful you must be feeling.
Anyhoo your inchies are wonderful missus no matter if you are feeling blue...your mojo hasn't deserted you thankfully :D
Take care hun
Chris xx