Sunday, 5 December 2010

Retro Pyrex Colourware and Dick

I picked up this little beauty in a charity shop yesterday for 50p.  A 1950's Pyrex sauce/gravy boat in perfect condition.  Sold as virtually unbreakable, I think this proves the point!

Quite coincidentally, I had just finished page 3 of my Collage Coterie altered book.  Look at the background of the right hand side page - an advertisement for Pyrex Colourware!  Spooky, huh?!

Now please let me introduce you to Dick.  This dear little chap was kindly sent to me by Pixie.  He is fully clothed with a suede waistcoat (with plaid back), soft white shirt and collar, and comfy brown loose weave trousers.  Due to the poor weather conditions he was in transit for rather a long time, and Pixie was worried his bippy would be frozen - but he assures me that it is fine, thank you very much and does not require further investigation.  We named him Dick after Dick Whittington because we are approaching the pantomime season and he looks like the poor Dick, down on his luck, on his way to London where the streets are paved with gold (they're not, I've checked).   Thank you so much, Pixie, for sending me this dear little bear.  He has settled in already in the Land of Small Soft Toys (the stairs) and I can hear him now telling the other toys stories about rural Lincolnshire from whence he came.

Monday tomorrow - it looks like the schools will be open and the trains should be running.  I should be able to get to work, goody goody gumdrops ;0)

I'd better go and make some tea in time for the X Factor semi-final result.  Edge of the seat stuff!


missy k said...

Hi Jo

Hope you've all had a good weekend and are thawed out nicely!

Spooky indeed about your pages (gorgeous) and the gravy boat (funky!)

I never knew about pyrex colourware! I rather like it.... will look good on you table at Christmas!

You have quite a community on your stairs now!

Love Karenx

joy said...

Pyrex was (is) a wonderful product and this is such a pretty Christmas red color. Glad the weather is better there. Your altered book pages are just fabulous; I love your work, Jo!

Tracy said...

Oh Heaven's to Betsy...Dick is quite the cutie! I'm sure his bippy was frozen; with good cause!

SusieJ said...

Welcome Dick! Love the page for your Collage Coterie - spooky indeed about the Pyrex.
Sue xx
p.s. I watched some of the X Factor last night and even voted (for Matt). Saw some of the results show too - why on earth is Cher still in?!!

Dogwood said...

Thanks for introducing Dick to us. He is so handsom in his fancy clothes.

The Scrappy Tree said...

LOVE that Pyrex dish, what a great little find! Cool altered book too,seems you have a destiny with that dish! I think Dick will be a nice addition to the fam :) Have a great week Joanna, glad your weather is lifting.

And Have a Happy Birthday on Wednesday!


Joni James said...

What a darling little dish. I love buying kitchen things from antique or thrift stores!
Love the picture of your queen susie! We use to have a cat that looked just like that but when we moved she decided she liked the retired couple down the street better then a house full of teenagers and a baby. Go figure!?

Happy Holidays!

Serenata said...

Oh Pyrex love for sure! Lucky you finding that and for such a bargain price as well.

It is fffreeezzing here...fingers are numb from feeding the guinea pigs.

Love your new member...sounds like Dick is settling in nicely.

bad penny said...

Dick is a sweetie & I'm sure will get up to all sorts with the rest of the crew ! I love your Pyrex find -I'm off to the CS later's FREEZING in there ! Hope that our customer who will not leave doesn't pop in - we dread his visits now esp at closing time ! WE are NOT a drop in centre - Nor are we a soup kitchen !