Saturday, 1 January 2011

A child's Journal

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While sorting through some old books, looking for images to use on my notecards for Lenna's latest swap (look here for details, registration is still open!), I found this page.  It is a poem about a child being given her first ever journal on New Year's Day,  and her aunt thinking about her own journal, and the people and events recorded there.  It's a very poignant poem about how things might not have been as you wish but there they are, recorded as they happened.  On this New Years Day, at the start of a fresh year (and century) I thought it was worth sharing, I hope you'll agree.

Virginia, Rocking Friday Queen, posted today about 2011 being a fresh blank canvas, and her post struck a chord with me too.  Click here to read it.


Lorraine said...

what a lovely find..I love old journal vintage finds..hope you had a good christmas and let me wish you a happy new year

missy k said...

Dear Jo

Thank you for sharing....


missy k said...

ps Love your new look blog!!!!

I wondered where I was for a minute!!!


Tracy said...

I love the new look of your blog! The journal entry is quite made me think of the series by Laura Ingalls Wilder; one of my favorites because it was from her young self point of view...
thanks for sharing...

SusieJ said...

Loving the new blog and your journal find.
Happy New Year to you and your family.
Sue xx
p.s. Max wishes Rosie Mae a happy doggy new year too.xx

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Jo,
love your new look!Have a great weekend.

arts4all said...

Hi Joanna,

Those old poems, written in times when life seemed so much less certain, really catch at the heart, but one wonders how certain our own times are....All we can do is take it as it comes.

Thank you for sharing this intriguing bit of literary history

trisha too said...

Very sweet, thank you for taking the time to share it.

Happy New Year to you, Joanna!


Virginia said...

Oh what a beautiful piece of poetry that is Jo - really makes you appreciate what a journal actually represents!

Hope you've had a good new year, thank you for the link to my blog - the posting really seems to have struck a cord!


Dawn said...

Like the new look Jo
Happy New Year to you hunny. I thought this was a great find. The first time I got a dairy/Journal was at Christmas and I loved it. It had a padlock on it and so I felt I could write any thing and my dairy would listen and share my life (I wish I had it now) However, I started journaling a few years ago and it's so helpful to look back at the past to see our hopes fears what whas happening in the world at the time and how we felt about it. Any way enough waffel ;0)

love Dawn xx

Linda said...

How sweet this is...thank you for sharing it. Happy New Year!

bad penny said...

Oh your Blogs had a make over it !
That's really lovely

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Very sweet pages Jo!
The 'blank canvas' post on Virginia's blog was inspirational too - thanks for the link.
Oh, and I am loving your new look! :)

Jan x

Dawn said...

Thanks for the sweet comment Jo

Love Dawn xx

Nathalie Thompson said...

What a sweet discovery! And how nice of you to share it. I journaled when I was younger-- still have the books. I haven't been brave enough to reread anything... heehee