Thursday, 20 January 2011

Green Paper Collage Club Pages 1-3

My new GPCC Moleskine
The Green Paper Collage Club (I'll call it GPCC) is up and running, and I've got the first 3 pages to show you.  I started a new Moleskine book in honour of this special occasion, and I'll only complete GPCC work in it.
The Daily Army of Workers
The Daily Army of Workers: Now, not much to see here you may be thinking?!  Exactly!  This exercise was all about bringing out the background, to allow its own beauty and interest to shine out.  Rather than it being, well, such a background.  I found the busiest background I could find for this exercise, a wonderful image in an old book, called The Daily Army of Workers.  In the complete original there's pretty much every worker depicted (of wartime/postwar Britain anyway).  I selected a couple of old stamps for their colour only.

How a Plant Grows
How a Plant Grows: This double page spread was again to showcase the background.  The floral background on the left was taken from an old tatty Ladybird book, and the page on the right was torn from an old nature book.  The additions are few and selected to enhance rather than to cover.

Apportioning the Load

Apportioning the Load: This week's focus is all about faces in pictures and how the viewer looks at that face in relation to the rest of the picture.  If you want to know more you'll have to join the club (he he!). 

This distinguished looking gentleman is Sir Kingsley Wood, Chancellor of the Exchequer, on his way to announce the Budget of April 1941.  This speech is credited with making finance intelligible to the plain man for the first time (something Grant has been trying to do for me ever since we met!). 
The background papers are an old World map and ledger page.

So there you have the first 3 pages in my Moleskine.  I'm already really enjoying this club, and look forward to Mary's new email plopping into my inbox every other Sunday.  Click on the GPCC button on my sidebar if you think you might fancy joining in.  You can pay monthly so you only pay for the months you'll be playing.


Jewels said...

See now you are much more organized then me - why did I not think to "dedicate" a journal to the club (sigh). Love all your entries Jo...

sugar Creek said...

Oh I love all of them! I so wish I could take an online class but we don't do credit cards and debit cards, well my husband screwed us up on that one! Totally his fault!;)Anyway, thank you for your comment on my quilts! I do hope they enjoy them too! Have a great day!

missy k said...

Great pages Jo.

I wonder what Sir Kingsley Wood was like? What a great name for a start. He looks pretty solid to me.... I love his clothes and hat!!!


SusieJ said...

Oh wow! I just love them Joanna! I'd join in but still haven't done Collage Coterie. Slapped wrist for me. lol
Sue xx

~*~Patty S said...

lovely journal are off and running

maps make such lovely backgrounds...Love what you've done with them

SusieJ said...

I've done it! I've joined (signed up for the year).
What size Moleskine are you using?
Sue xx

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Jo, these are great! My favorite is the last.
Have a great evening.

Katie said...

Ahhh,the thrill of a new moleskin! This club looks pretty fun, a great way to play with new techniques and stuff. You are off to a good start Jo!

Irish3 said...

Nice work! I like the style of images you picked, they have a certain specific old school feel to them that's pretty cool.
I'll get my pay it forward post up on my next post that includes a challenge piece, otherwise no one will be visiting the blog to see the pay it forward!! Have a great Friday and weekend.
ps. I've been asking people if any of them know what a pugilist is, so far only the manly men know the word!!! Ha!

joy said...

You have a great start to you new moleskine - and I'm sure you will have it full in no time. You are so good at keeping up with lessons. I love these pages you have done so far, Joanna!

Dogwood said...

Great and creative pages so far.
It will be fun to follow this project!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

This is wonderful Joanna. I love how you have dedicated this moleskine to only your collage club art, wow! The little logo on the front cover is so precious. I especially like the newest page with the chancellor. You have a way with men - now that doesn't sound right@! I mean, in your gluebooks of course!! You do a great job choosing the right one : )))) I love your whitewashed pages too. xo

Lorraine said...

I am really liking all these collages pages you are doing..and what a nice neat conservatory studio

Relyn said...

I love your constant pursuit of your passions.

Susan Allan said...

Just discovered your blog and I love your journal pages. (Is it the Mary Green glue book course you are doing???)
Best wishes
Sue xx