Wednesday, 26 January 2011

More pages, big and small.

I'm busy with fulfilling my side of the Pay It Forwards challenge.  Why is it as soon as I know I'm making something for someone else I get crippled with indecision and self-doubt?!  Anyway, I've made a start, but I do hope my brave 5 aren't expecting anything too spectacular!

While I was putting off making a start on the PIF things, I completed a couple of pages in my Collage Coterie altered book.  They are a bit calmer than the previous couple of pages.

A Boy All Over
Chemistry For Beginners

In my GPCC Moleskine I did a double page spread which I want to do the opposite of 'Apportioning the Load', in which the eye is naturally drawn to the face of the gentleman.

Travels From My Armchair
In 'Travels From My Armchair' I wanted the eye to be drawn initially to the lady's focus, which is the brightly coloured parrots.

I've also started a teeny-tiny Moleskine book, which is only 6.5cm x 10.5cm.  I had a few little bits and pieces (OK, lots of bits and pieces), generally too small for the larger collages.  The theme of these mini collages is that each one will have a postage stamp in it.  I'm not going to spend too long on these pages, so they're not as involved as others, but it's good to use up my scraps in a creative way.  I really do save ALL the scraps!

Le Silence De La Mer


The Gentleman's Game

Thank you for looking at my collages, I really appreciate your kind and encouraging comments.  


Lottie said...

These are all just amazing pages - you are just so brilliant

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

I find your work very intriguing. One cannot take the eyes away from your collages. I keep looking and searching for little details, meanings that are subtle (sutile) yet there like a riddle!

I must confess that this type of work is totally new to me and I may be misunderstanding it. But, still, it fascinates me.

I love it!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Jo,
I totally agree with both comments above! Brilliant! I love them all. The Gentleman's Game is fabulous - with the elements you used (left out) you added so much interest. Do uou know what I mean? Please keep them coming.
Hugs to you.

bad penny said...

Jo I totally love these new pages - so subtle & light - wonderful !

SusieJ said...

Love them Joanna!
Sue xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I cannot help but to say encouraging comments, Joanna. Your spreads are wonderful! And you are doing them in all different journals & books! I really like that strip of overprinting you did in your collage coterie altered book, A boy all over. It looks so great! Wonderful artwork in all your books!

missy k said...

Hi Jo

What wonderful pages.

I especially love how in the bottom four there is so much 'space'. Definately a case of 'less is more' here. Great stuff!!!


Virginia said...

Jo they are absolutely gorgeous I love them all, you seem to have managed white space on a couple of them too - I really need to get my head around white space LOL! Hope you're having a great day!


Serenata said...

Gorgeous collages Jo...I need some lessons!

daisy said...

Lovely pages & great images. Your creativity is so inspiring.

Where do you get all the different elements from?

Susan T said...


You must teach me how to do this. Someone bought me 'Creative Paint workshop' by Ann Baldwin for Christmas. I haven't got to grips with it yet. But I have a box full of old photos I would like to put in albums in a more creative way. Your work has great charm and beauty.

Sue xx

Ati. said...

Jo, your pages are só very nice. You inspire me to get started with papers again!

Katie said...

These are all so brilliant. I am especially digging Travels from the armchair. She has the perfect look. Your little book sounds like a good adventure. Love your collages!

Irish3 said...

Hi Joanna! It looks like you've been busy! I think I like chemistry for beginners best of all for this post.. but you defintely have an emerging style that is all your own. I could pick your work out now and know it's yours for sure.
Don't stress on the pay it forward work! I'm sure what you put together will be a very sweet surprise to find in the post box! I actually only had one taker for my pay it forward!! lol
The digital stuff isn't hard at all.. if anything it's time consuming. You'd be able to do it no problem. It's just a matter of following steps from books or tutorials and then the more you do the better you get. I find having so many options can be mind boggling and then I'm never sure when I've added enough or if a piece needs more.. but it's fun.
Ok, I'll be back, have a great weekend!!!

Susan Allan said...

I love your collage pages too. You seem to have quite a fan club.
I need to develop my skills ..I do a lot of collage, but it is really to use up the left-overs.
I shall return to see some more of your fascinating pages.
Sue xx