Friday, 14 January 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Well, it's been quite a busy week and also one of quiet reflection, as it would have been my Dad's birthday on Wednesday and my Grandmother's birthday today.  

But as today is Friday it's time to pause for breath and take stock of the good things in the week.

I'm happy because:  The source of THE SMELL FROM HELL (sounds like a film title)  has been located, dealt with and the rather unpleasant aroma is gradually subsiding.   Two words, 'drain' and tree roots', well ok, that's 3 words but you know what I mean.  It wasn't a pleasant job but luckily our next door neighbour Barry (who has a strong stomach and has, he assures us, seen it all before) had a set of extra long drain rods.  Grant had to get down there to cut back the naughty roots which were causing the problem.  Anyway, it seems to be sorted now and we know it's something we can keep an eye on before it reaches that level again.  As I said to Barry at least it was mostly free-range and organic poo, no Lidl crap in our drains!

So an extra thanks to Barry, he deserves a medal but got a 12 pack of beer instead!

I'm happy because:  Hope and I are booked up to see David 'Dr Who' Tennant and Catherine Tate in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.


We both adore, and I mean really ADORE, David Tennant and Hope has studied this play at school.  I thought it would be nice for her to see her first professionally performed Shakespeare play with an actor that she really really likes.  Grant was going to come too until he saw the price of the tickets ;0)

Catherine Tate and David Tennant being interviewed on BBC tv
Can't wait for June.........


I'm happy because:  All 4 of us are going to see The King's Speech at the weekend.  

It looks very good (and it's got Colin Firth in it, nuff said), gets great reviews, and I'm pleasantly surprised that Luke wants to come considering there'll be no killing, bombs, or genetically modified freak monsters.  As far as I'm aware anyway.

I'm happy because:  Clifford the rabbit's nose has recovered which is just as well because she's a really bad patient.  She doesn't exactly sit still and take her antibiotics so she has to be held in a head lock while her teeth are prised apart for the syringe to squeeze in.  Ungrateful little wretch!

I'm happy because:  Luke has agreed that once a week he will cook the family meal (when did this seem a good idea??!!).  

He will have a budget and must run it by me first so we end up with something edible. We did something similar last year but it never really got started and I'm determined that this lad WILL COOK.  


I'm happy because:   I was very brave and talked to my headteacher about what I feel are my strengths (working with the older children, all abilities, aged 8 - 11) and weaknesses (working with the very little children aged 4 - 5, physical work - because of my back, and ideally a break from children with severe special needs), and how I thought I could best be used in the school.  She listened to what I had to say and as a result from Monday I will now be working a) with the older children and b) across the ability spectrum.  I really feel I have more to offer this end of the school and I'm looking forward to working with target groups of children, making a difference.


I'm happy because:  I've been for coffees and chats with Lyndsey and Sue this week.  I was booked in to see Louise but unfortunately she had the lurgey, but hopefully I'll catch up with her soon.


So I'm going to post this with Virginia at Celtic House.  You feeling a bit low, got the January blues?  How about you join in and leave your blog link on Virginia's blog (click on button on right hand sidebar) - sometimes it really helps to remember the good things and focus on them.  There's a lot of dreadful things going on around the world (Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka. Tucson etc etc) and possibly in your life, but I suspect there are also good things worth celebrating.

Wishing you all a great weekend.



Joni James said...

Now, hold Luke to that deal! I've made those a few times in my house and somehow they never seem to really happen as planned.
Sure glad you got your plumbing issue figured out! Have a happy Friday!

missy k said...

Great week Jo, enjoy the film and theatre :)


Monica said...

Currently my DH has agreed to vacuum and clean counters. Grateful for such a deliverance.

SusieJ said...

Great list Joanna and I am green with envy 'cos a. you're going to see David Tennant (yummy!) and b. you're going to see Colin Firth (sigh of longing). Please,please let me know whet the play and film are like - David says we should go to the theatre more often. :)
Good news about your job too- well done to the head who not only listened but acted on it too (v.rare in my experience). I too preferred the older children - in my case 15 - 18's.
My list is now on my blog.
Sue xx

arts4all said...

What an inspiring list! We bloggers do seem to have much to be grateful for in view of the tragedies happening elsewhere - puts everything into perspective!

Good for you for being brave about speaking up to your head - kids can tell when our hearts aren't in what we are doing. They respond so much better when we, ourselves, are happy.

bad penny said...

so glad the smell from hell went - maybe it's run off with my sore throat !
really pleased for you that you got the arrangements at school changed. Enjoy the film especially Luke and can't wait to see what he cooks for you !

Irish3 said...

Happy Friday Joanna! Well I'm surprised to read that you have a bunny too! You'll have to post a picture some time. We have a bunny we named Sundae and I agree they are no fun when they get sick! Our boy is mostly white with brown spots.
I hope the Kings Speech is good I'd like to see that as well.
My husband wants to see the new Anthony Hopkins .. I love Hopkins!
Well have a great weekend!!

Fiona said...


I hope you had a lovely week, really enjoyed your list! It's good to hear your bunny is on the mend! Well done on speaking out too, it is the only way to be at your best in your work! I hope Luke doing the cooking once a week works out this time! Practice makes perfect, hehe!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Fi x x x

Dogwood said...

First of all~I love you new and beautiful banner.
Wow, lots going on. I love this post of yours because I kind of left like we were having a nice conversation over a cup of tea.

Enjoy you weekend.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Joanna, you are so right. Even with so many unfortunate and bad things going on, I too feel there is always soMETHiNG to celebrate, something to be grateful for. Thanks so much for reminding us and yay! GOOD thing you spoke up at school and you will be working where you feel your talents are. That is truly awesome!! Have a wonderful weekend, I love Colin Firth!! Promise I will let you know as soon as your vintage cards arrive for the swap!!

Carmen said...

Fantastic list! Am so jealous about your going to see David Tennant AND the The King's Speech - for me it's Helena Bonham Carter - love her!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Your positive post has certainly lifted my spirits today and each time I come to visit you Jo!
Happy Weekend dear friend!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Another wonderful list!
Glad you got the bad whiff sorted!!
Oh, I fancy 'The kings speech' let me know what you think of it.
Good luck with Lukes cooking! I'm sure he will make some wonderful meals. *Makes note to myself* I really should get my 3 boys in the kitchen to do some cooking!!

Jan x