Friday, 21 January 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!


It's Friday.  Again.  Where did the rest of the week go, I wonder.  Anyway, without further ado I shall launch this week's ship of happiness.


Firstly, DS Luke bought me a present.  It's not Christmas.  It's not my birthday.  I hadn't dropped any heavy hints.  He gave it to me yesterday and  I was almost struck dumb (this is pretty much a first since the sweet little bunny he got me when he went on a school trip when he was 9).  I asked him if there was a particular reason and he responded gruffly, "It was in the sale."  Good enough for me.  

Rumer has a lovely voice, very calm, very mellow.  Very Karen Carpenter. 

This is me in my conservatory studio, snipping and glueing away while listening to my new Rumer cd.  Bliss.

Thank you, Luke.


Today's charity shop finds were very exciting.  A lovely pink  top for DD Hope, for £1.  3 plain wooden birdhouses just asking to be altered, 95p each.  Brand new 'knitted' mug, 50p.  2 big books full of wonderful pictures of the 1930's onwards.  The Diary of a Farmer's Wife 1796-1797, looks like she tells it like it is.  And 2 reels of lovely Gisela Graham vintage look ric-rac, £1 each.  Bargainous.

Thank you to those who bothered to take their unwanted things to a charity shop, rather than putting it in the bin.



We all LOVED The King's Speech, and we so pleased Colin Firth won Best Actor at the Golden Globes.  What a wonderful film; the history of the time, the feel, the mood, the way of speaking, the etiquette, the way of the Royal family.  I drank it all in, and I think I've been quite heavily influenced this week by what I saw in the film (hence Apportioning the Load, previous post?).

We enjoyed seeing the film together, so thanks kids for coming along with us.  It's getting more and more difficult to find a film we all want to see.

  Ahem,  I told Grant I wanted a bit of variety in the bedroom.  When I then said I wanted to bring in a couple of birds, he readily agreed.

Maybe I should explain.

Every night at bedtime, while we read, we drink camomile honey and vanilla tea.  Yummy.  But we can only have a tiny mug because otherwise, being of a certain age, we have to get up in the night.  Not good.  Being as I am a bit OCD the mugs have to match.

So sometimes we have (my favourite) the bunny mugs.

Other nights we have (Grant's favourite) Little Mermaid and Davros.  These might not look like they match on first glance but there is a link if you look carefully (think legs).

But I was getting a bit bored with them, and found these two little feathered sweeties in the charity shop, brand new and shiny just waiting for me.  I have the (Blue) Tit, Grant has the Nut(hatch).

So thank you darling Grant for accommodating my need for more mugs in our life.


That's probably more information than you really needed about my bedtime activities and I sometimes think I should get out more.........

Thank you to bloggy friend SusieJ for using my name 'Joanna' and 'words of wisdom' in the same sentence in her Rocking Friday post.  It doesn't happen often and I'm still savouring the moment.


Thank you to Hope for being extra helpful when Grant was away last night.  


Thank you to Susie and Rosie Mae for making me smile.  I adore our cuddles, thanks girls.

Susie 'the Madam' Tu

Where did Rosie Mae think she was dragging her bed?!

My beautiful Rosie Mae.
Thank you to my friend David who sent me this Youtube link.   If you've got the time to watch it then please do (it lasts about 12 minutes).   We laughed so much we nearly cried.  It is a Yeoman of the Guard giving some tourists a guided tour of the Tower of London.  He should be on the stage and/or teaching our children history.

Thank you David for sending me some laughter.

Thank YOU for having read to the bottom of this post.


That's me for today.  Wishing you all a safe weekend.

I'll leave my link with Virginia (click on button on sidebar) and then go and visit any other Rockers who have posted their lists.

Bye for now.


Jewels said...

Sounds like you had a great week Jo! My hubby would KILL for that Davros mug (LOL). We both very much enjoyed the Yeoman. Doing an international trip this weekend to Canada to check up on parents. Cheers

Joni James said...

I just love your photo of you working in your beautiful, cozy warm work space. That mug line up is too funny!!!

bad penny said...

What a lovely Fridy post. I don't sit in bed drinking Camomile tea but stil have to get up in the night to wee ( and let Princess Frankie in at the same time ) Sweet mugs.

I adore those bird houses & wonder what you will do with them in your lovely sudio. If I had somewhere to craft like that I might do more. Love Rumer too xx

Serenata said...

I really enjoyed reading this post Jo, it is lovely and such fun! Talking about Blue tits and Nuthatches, both were on our bird feeders this morning. :-)

Virginia said...

Oh Jo what a lovely post with lots of links and pictures made me giggle it did, the story over the cups also made me laugh - I wondered where your post was going at first LOL! I'm all for the recycling at Charity shops, working for an organisation that actually has two of them it's something that I'm in the habit of always doing - there's always a charity bag on the go ready to go to work as it were and I love to go and find the little treasures that they have there! Simply wonderful!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend full of love!



she dreams big! said...

That Guard is a hoot! English history is so interesting and even more so when told as it really was! Do you suppose the kids in the group had nightmares that night?

You rocked my week!

SusieJ said...

What a wonderful post - your Yeoman even got David away from his computer to watch - absolutely priceless! Also had to giggle at your mugs - I'm very particular about my mugs too - hate it when s'one else uses my breakfast mug- it says "Drama Queen".
Love your other link too -hadn't heard of Rumer but what a gorgeous voice. :)
Great photos and charity shop finds. I've just bid and won some old books on ebay - thanks for the tip.
Sue xx

Fiona said...

Hi Jo!

That was such a nice post, the bit about the cups gave me a giggle! It is something I would do! I do like the Bunny mugs... hehe! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Love Fi!

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Great post.

Didn't you do well in the charity shop!!! Those bird houses are brilliant. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Great knitted mug- I've seen those in magazines and really liked them - methinks you got a bargain!!!!

I met up with Fiona today in Winchester for lunch which was lovely and then met Livi after and did some shopping.

Think I may need a camomile tea later as Livi did lots of driving with me today :) You've got that joy to come!!!!

Have a lovely weekend

Love Karenx

daisy said...

You are such a good treasure hunter ... I salute you. I'm dead jealous of your crafty corner too ... looks as though it's straight out of a Country Living mag!

Have a fabby weekend xx

Katie said...

Friday again. Love your thrift store finds...we should thank people for getting rid of their strange and lovely stuff. ahhh,stuff...I can't help myself. And thanks for introducing me to Rumer.She will be perfect for our rainy days and time at the craft table.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

All so enjoyed, joanna! Rumer, the tea mugs (!!) the yeoman guard. Love these rockin posts of yours!

Kristin said...

Hi Jo, long time no chat! I am up to my eyeballs in hearts but wanted to stop by and say hello:) We still need to set up that swap!
What lovely stories you shared, I especially like the story about your DS and the CD:) I too adore Colin Firth and the Kings's Speech, it was so good to see him win! Lovely mug collection, enjoy your tea time:)

Chat soon!

Dogwood said...

Fun hearing about your bed-time routine., that was not too much information.
Love the photo of you working at you studio table.
Cat and dog too cute.

Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

Irish3 said...

There's the beautiful Rosie Mae!!! Rosie and Susie look warm and cozy. I can't wait to see the King's Speech, so glad to read your good review. Your tea cup story had me laughing, great choices for your bedroom pleasure!!

Carmen said...

Ooh bargains galore and I had to chuckle at your mug OCD :D

Will leave your page open so I remember to check out that linky too. I love that bottom piccy of your baby!

Relyn said...

Oh, I love finding new music. And, I love Karen Carpenter. Just now I'm listening to John Denver. Love him, too.

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

I loved your mugs! And all of your purchases at the Charity shops are neat. Madam Suzie Tu and Rosie Mae are precious.

It is so good to get to know the "families" of the bloggers we follow, isn't it?

Thank you so much for your vote for Taffy. Really. You are a sweet heart and, as promised, I now love you forever and ever!!

Floss said...

Hello thjere - I popped over to see you via The Balancing Kiwi! Great post (love the mugs) and I received and actually kept the Diary of a Farmer's Wife this Christmas - well worth reading and there's an interesting website linked to the ongoing research... have fun!

margaret said...

Super cool newsy post! love it all, fab pics and links. Love the little bird houses, can't wait to see you alter them! M