Friday, 28 January 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Can you believe it's the last Friday in January already?


Which neatly leads me into my first thank goodness for......Pay Day!  It seems to have been a long month with lots of pre and post-Christmas bills, but we've just about made it to Pay Day.  Tonight we'll celebrate with a take away, which is a rare treat.  


My charity shop bargains this week are......

a GORGEOUS brand new grey Gap handbag with a lush lining, a lovely spotty retro cup/mug, lots of bias binding (don't know what I'll do with it but I'm sure I'll find something), some wonderfully smelly incense sticks (to cover residual Smell From Hell, we need some warm weather to totally dry it all up apparently), some Hardanger fabric, a nostalgic book about the 1940's with lots of lovely pictures, and a book for Hope who is a sucker for dog stories, 

.....and also this brand new snuggly knitted dress with, ladies, a detachable snood.  It's been threatening to snow again this week, so I think I might need warm clothes for a bit longer yet.  It will look great with thick black tights and boots. 

So it's thank goodness for charity shops - they keep me and my family clothed, entertained (and keep my craft stash topped up) and we'd struggle to manage without them.


Thank goodness that.........DS Luke's first attempt at cooking the evening meal was a success, which has given him confidence to do it again next week.  He cooked Chargrilled Steak with Orange and Mustard Vegetables.  It was yum scrum.  He did grate his knuckles, of course, but then I think we've all done that at some stage, haven't we?!


I stood for some minutes and watched Mrs Blackbird washing herself in the bird bath.  It gave me such pleasure to see her making a thorough job of it.  Mr Blackbird was fussing nearby, 'chink-chink-chinking' at any real or imagined danger.  

Thank goodness for our local birdlife.  I love watching and feeding them.


As you know, I love my girls.  Thank goodness they are fit and, as far as we know,  healthy.  Here is Susie Tu, sadly disturbed from her slumbers under the dining table.  She was not impressed with the flash on the camera, sorry Susie!

And here is Rosie Mae, 

in her usual position guarding the house and its occupants........

and a bit closer........

and closer still. 

She was hurrumphing and snorting each time the camera whirred and clicked, and then finally got up and stalked off in a huff.  So sorry to disturb you Rosie (strange it did disturb her because she's as deaf as a post!).

She then got up, and started to try and drag her bed through the gap between the coffee table and the dvd basket.  It got stuck so she just plonked herself on top.  She doesn't look very comfortable does she?!

(There's my blogging chair in the background, and Susie's manky cushion on the footstool.)

I'll try and take a photograph of Clifford the rabbit for next week, but it's far too cold for me to be spending too much time in the garden.  She is looking just like her nickname 'the slipper' (because she looks just like a novelty slipper, the sort you get at Christmas). 
 Yes, Clifford is a boy's name and yes, Clifford is a girl rabbit.  We didn't name her.  She was the school rabbit from Hope's school.  A Grammar school.  One of the considered 'top' Grammar schools in the country.  And they gave a girl rabbit a boy's name.  Says it all really doesn't it??!!  
Poor Cliffy lived in a shed for the first 3 years of her life until the school decided it was cruel, so they decided to offer her up for rehoming.  Hope was, of course, first in the queue (I think she bumped off anybody else wanting her!) and so Cliffy came to us a couple of years ago.  
Since then the school have got another rabbit that lives in the  shed.  I still can't quite work out the sense in that.


Thank goodness I've had my hair cut!  It hadn't been cut since last September and I did resemble a walking haystack but, as of this morning, no longer.  This morning I sat in the chair of torture  (I hate looking at myself in that huge mirror, it's so unforgiving) and then emerged, feeling 3 stone lighter,
 with a clubby, curly bob.  
I did get Luke to take a photo but  no, I can't bring myself to put it on this post.  It must be something to do with me barking instructions at Luke but I look like a cross frog, with my eyes going in opposite directions.  
Now you really want to see it, don't you?!  Tough!


What else am I thankful for?  
My loved ones being safe and healthy.  
My home being warm and cosy. 
The blogging community, I'm so grateful you're there to come and visit me and for me to drop by your blog.  We have some great chats, don't we?!

Usual stuff now - I'm off to put my Rocking link to Virginia (her button is on my right hand sidebar) and then I'm off to visit other Rockers.

Have a lovely weekend.



missy k said...

Hi Jo

I'm glad that Luke's dinner was a success - and hope that his knuckles have now recovered!!!

Now Livi's first lot of exams are over I think she may have to take a leaf out of her cousin's (cook!) book and get in the kitchen. We've got 9 months to get her Uni ready!!!!

Great charity finds.... we had a few flakes of snow yesterday - so I agree warm clothes needed for a bit longer.

Have a great weekend.... love to you all


Virginia said...

Hi Jo

Loving the list - it's brilliant! Loving the photos of your animals they are so cute! The charity shop buys look awesome - I'm envious of the handbag, dragged one down this week as my other was on it's last legs and swapped everything over muttering that I couldn't understand why I hadn't done it earlier and since then I've realised why - too many pockets that I seem to lose everything in plus it's got one of those dangly handbag things that I keep trapping in car door grrrr - anyhow hope you have a grand weekend


Joni James said...

You can send me that gray handbag!! LOL
Love seeing where you do your blogging. I too have a dog that "guards" the front of the gas fireplace, where he falls down all the time. ;-)

Fiona said...

That was a lovely list Jo!! I adore your pets, Rosie looks like such a sweetheart, they look like some seriously pampered pets!! Glad the meal went well :D

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!!

Love Fi x x

SusieJ said...

Lovely cheerful list with great photos - I just love Rosie Mae (Max says hi to her and it's tiring work being a guard dog - all that licking of "intruders"!).
Wow on your charity shop finds - I'm obviously going to the wrong ones,
And well done to Luke on that great sounding meal. And yes, I too grated my fingers as recently as Monday. :)
Have a fabulous weekend.
Sue xx

Susan T said...

Have a great weekend Joanne.

Charity shops are definitely not like that round here, looks like you went to Harrods. Lock up your dog as I will come and pinch her, she is gorgeous.

I want covers like those on my dining room chairs!

Sue xx

Serenata said...

Great things to be thankful for. Glad the meal was a success.

Charity shops are brilliant aren't they. Great dress. I got a load of patterns and a thimble today all for the grand price of £1 :-)

Hope you have a lovely weekend. Stay warm

Lenna Young Andrews said...

love your posts, Joanna. they always bring a smile to my face!

Katie said...

Sounds like a good end to the month. I would look awesome in that knit dress Joanna! wink wink. :0)

joy said...

Joanna, your Friday blogs are always so full of good things - I love the things you got at the thrift shop (great dress), the pictures of your beloved pets, and the everyday happenings in your household! Have a great weekend!

Fiona Whitehead said...

Lovely list Jo - I can never find anything in charity shops really - love the pictures of your pets - my youngest dog is always to be found by my feet under the desk when I'm at the computer - I'll upload a pic of her!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

That was not fair, Joanna!! Not at all. I am talking about the lack of your picture with the new haircut. You tell us, make us all curious - well, you know us girls! - and you do not post the picture. Not fair, you hear me, girl?

I also go to the (here called) Thrift Stores for our jeans, shirts, blouses and jackets. And anything else that I "cannot live without" and must buy. There is absolutely no sense in paying something like $60, or $70 dollars for a pair of jeans, when we can get them for $5 and sometimes even $3 bucks!

I loved your new dress. It will keep you warm for sure.

Love ya!

Dogwood said...

Love your doggie and kitty photos.
Wow, you sure did score at the Charity shop.
What a fun dress.

Enjoy your weekend.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I so love reading a bit about your life, which is similar to mine but I love your slant on things and the way you word things. Geez, now I am really wanting to see your haircut now! Jo, your fur babies are adorable and your thrift store items are way cool, I would love to see you in your dress and boots with your new haircut, sounds like a picture to me. Shall I have Relyn come over and snap it tomorrow?
You are a hoot and I love to come and visit you!
Blessings dear heart, me

bad penny said...

ouch grated knuckles ! That dress is fab & I bet it suits you. You do well in the CSs. Rosie Mae is soooo cute. Lovely Rocking Friday list Jo. I desperatly need a haircut but I DID put a pic of me up ! xx

Kristin said...

What a lovely friday wrap up!

Glad Luke's dinner was a success, that means a night off for you every once in awhile!

What lovely finds at the charity shop, the bias tape will be fun to play with and that dress is Fab!

Poor Rosie, seems she really needed some alone time and no she did not look comfortable:)

Can't wait to see cliff the boy girl rabbit :)

chat soon

Susan Allan said...

I love charity shop shopping.
The mug looks like one I got from the National Trust last year, but mine is pink.
The bias binding will be useful if you sew and the dress is fab, just the job for this weather.

Sue xx

Fiona Whitehead said...

Hi -Jo - me again - I don't know if you know about the One World One Heart phenomenon that is going on in blogland but pop along to my magickdiva blog and check out my inchy giveaway x

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Great minds think alike then re: martha's hat!!!!

I'm glad you checked out House of Art - it's really great.... I've been meaning to do a post about it with a link but I've been so busy with OWOH .... very time consuming (but huge fun) visiting all those blogs!

Ok, I'm off to make some oat and vanilla shortbread cookies!!! Yum!

Hope you have lots of happies ready for tomorrow.

I got a beautiful green duralex glass jug in my local charity shop in the week for 99p and a great book (for arting with - not reading!) for 99p. The jug is looking lovely with some grape hyacinths in it.

Love to you all


Anonymous said...

Hey Jo, You are so right the snuggly warm snood dress looked fab, i was ever so slightly...... JEALOUS! Just got back from the Kings Speech, I was absolutely and entirely absorbed from the first scene. Wow what a fabulous wall!!! I was salavating, thought must buy the film so that I pause it and see it some more. Ah any-way wall aside you summed up the film so magically after you had seen it, I'll just say here here! Was great to see you Saturday and yes there was something else I had put by for you. 3 cute lil base covers for wine glasses with embroidered cockerels on. You are the Queeeeeeeeeeeeen of Charity Shops not Mary. Love Ya, See you Thursday Lou xx