Sunday, 6 February 2011

Cat Shrine and Bargains

This is the first time I've taken part in the Alter It Monthly Challenge, and this month the theme is Shrines, Nichos, Altars and Dream Boxes.  
Susie, our cat, has been leading us a merry dance with her food demands and what she will and will not consider eating.  She is, in her opinion, very much a Queen to be revered.  And who else revered cats?  The Ancient Egyptians, of course.  So I decided to make a shrine to Queen Susie.

I used this wooden box which had come with some IKEA tiny Christmas decorations - the box is only 14cm square.  I lined it with handmade paper, to look a bit like papyrus, and this has been stamped with Ancient Egyptian symbols.  I hope it isn't saying anything rude.  I also stuck on a gold skeleton leaf.  The front of the shrine is made with card, and I used my gold Dabber to get the old beaten gold effect.  This was then rubber stamped again with more symbols.  The black card Susie cat, drawn freehand, is sitting on a bamboo tile next to her dinner bowl which is, as usual, empty.  Susie is adorned with gold earrings and nose ring just as the ornamental cats were in Ancient Egypt.  

I enjoyed this project - there's nothing sophistiCATed about it and it isn't saying anything deep.   It is what it is.  

And I guess you can tell I work in a school!


Karen asked in this week's Rocking Friday post where my Charity Shop bargains were - well, I went hunting yesterday, Karen!  So here they are......

A hand embroidered linen table runner which is so pretty.  And some books, The Great Gatsby, which I've never read, A Picture Postcard Album (for pictures), A History of Painting by Sister Wendy (for pictures and I adore Sister Wendy, she's such fun), The Paramount Story (for pictures), and Marie Stopes book Married Love - a piece of literary history.

I also got 3 wooden paint pallets, ripe for altering.  3 mini blackboard pegs, a necklace of shiny heart beads (yes, Valentines Day is soon.....), and a very tatty 1916 issue of London magazine.  There are some super pictures inside, perfect for my Collage Coterie pages.

I LOVED this picture - the frame is so pretty and the vintage book plate is delightful. 

My dear friend Louise had saved some old books for me that were destined for the pulping man.  She knows what I like, that girl!

And lastly, earlier in the week I visited the online shop The Fruit Pixie and got some lovely bits and pieces. The link to The Fruit Pixie is on my left hand sidebar (it's rather small, sorry).  It's worth a look and it's free p+p in the UK.  

Bye for now!



Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

AAAAH ... your shrine is so awesome. Love what you did with the box. The shape of your shrine is very suitable to it's subject. Love your blog!

SusieJ said...

Fabulous shrine - Susie looks very regal!
And... great charity shop finds - can't wait to see your collages!
Sue xx

arts4all said...

You have quite the eye for nifty bargains!!

I love the little 'S' on Susie's food dish - a clever detail..... Have not made a box/shrine type thingy yet, but you inspire me!

Susan T said...

I need you for my blogging room, you could transform it. Seriously charity shops around you are SO much nicer than ours, you have found some treasures.


Sabrina said...

What a nice surprise to find your post this morning. I often check it on my Google Reader so I had missed the new banner and background you put in place. So cheerful! My favorite tidbit is the image with the unfed husband, so true!!!

The Cat Altar turned out quite stunning. I imagine Queen Susie is quite impressed as well. Best Wishes for the new week ahead!

Fiona Whitehead said...

Great post Joanne - that shrine is wonderful - your cat will love all that attention - I actually bought a book in an antique shop yesterday when out with a friend and had to tell her to turn away - she loves her books and I knew that she would have been devastated by me saying I needed the book to cut it up - I've not yet been able to make myself deface books but this one looked so unloved that maybe I can give it some reason to live! gulp x

Rhonda said...

I love all things Egyptian and this shrine is terrific! A perfect tribute to a Queen! Cheers!

bad penny said...

Great haul Jo. Any books I want in the CS are put away to be valued !

Love your shrine - why are cats so blimming fussy ? not Billy of course - Billy eats everything & his rapidly growing size shows it. Jess said earlier to Roddy, " Don't annoy Frankie, she desn't like it. Annoy Billy cos he's a dog "

Katie said...

Love your shrine Johanna! A shrine to a cat,queen of the house, is perfect! I love that you used xmas packaging too.
And, wow, do you ever find the coolest stuff at thrift stores and such. I have an image of your home being shelves and shelves of antiques, trinkets, old books, and other lovelies!

donna said...

Your shrine is perfect. Every cat should have one.

joy said...

Love the cat shrine! The thrift stores I visit never have the cool books, ephemera for collage that you have found. Will have to look for new places to haunt:)))

missy k said...

Hi Jo

PLEASE don't tell Grant it was me that inspired you to go to the charity shop!!!!!

Though I have to say you did get some truly wonderful bargains.

I have a Mr Middleton gardening book and used it a few years back in one of our atc swaps- do you remember him???

I am so lucky with our cat Beattie, she just likes the cheap TIGER range from Asda - refuses to eat the expensive stuff!!! Good cat!!! Is the shrine by Susie's basket or cat bowl??

Love Karenx

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Love your shrine to Queen Susie!!
...and loving the look of all your new finds and goodies!! :)
Jan x

Zuzu's Blog said...

Hi there :)
thanks loads for joining us on alter it monthly.
Love your Egyptian alter. very effective stone look too.. and what a revered cat lol
nice job.
Z x

Gillian said...

Such a cute shrine for Susie, made me smile, thank you for sharing it with us over at Alter It Monthly.

Kim Dellow said...

Totally love your cat shrine, fabulous! Kim