Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Birthday, Penny (Calendar Girls style)

Today it is my dear friend Penny's birthday, 
HaPpY bIrThDaY, pEnNy!

For a bit of fun she requested that as a birthday 'gift' we post a link to a photograph of ourselves in our 'blogging position'.  She also made a specific request that I should be wearing my new, as of yesterday, reading glasses.  

So here I am, in my blogging position in my new reading glasses, in the style of the film Calendar Girls - sadly I didn't have any cakes and Hope's chocolate brownies piled up in front of me just didn't look right ;0)  

Luke asks, "Why, Mum, why?"

Why not, son?  It's fun and I've made sure I've covered up enough of my bits so small children and cats won't be traumatized.  

"But what if one of my friends should stumble across your blog?"  

How likely is that?  That one of your zombie-killing, bedroom- dwelling, small world outlook friends should 'stumble' across the crafting blog of a middle aged woman.  I think you're safe there, love.

Thank you to Hope for taking the photo (one of many before the balance of what was concealed and what was revealed was just about right.  Hope preferred the one that had just the top of my head poking out the top of the flowers!).

I hope Penny gets lots of photos - it'd be lovely to put faces to names.

Penny's fun blog is here so you could go and have a look (and wish her a Happy Birthday too).

Have a lovely day, Penny.  



Linda said...

Joanna, I love this photo! And your conversation with your son just cracked me up! I hope Penny has a lovely day.

bad penny said...

Jo ! What a giggle. You have made my day & congratulations to the photographer for not giggling too much ad blurring the picture !

Crash Bang Wallop What a Picture What A Photograph !!!

" Mum - what ARE you doing ? "

Susan T said...

Jo you are such fun - what a brilliant idea! Sons are all the same.

Sue xxx

SusieJ said...

ROFL! At your conversation with Luke not the photo I might add!
Great photo - and happy birthday to Penny!
Sons really are all the same - had a similar conversation with mine - his friends were apparently taking the p*** at my "Celebrity Lovers" app. on Facebook.
Hugs xx

Pixie said...

And aren't you gorgeous! You know how you talk to someone and imagine how they would look...and then they never look the way you thought they would...that is the case here.

Boys are all the same, no matter their age!

Sandra Hall said...

A great post, witty and fun, fun, fun! :)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

This is so superb, Joanna!!! The photo, the reason you took it, your glasses, your smile, Luke and Hope's comments, the flowers - no cakes or brownies were needed, sheesh! Again, you have me smiling. What a great post.

happy happy valentines day! -now I'm off to visit Penny! xoxoxox lenna

Nathalie Thompson said...

Who knew that the soft glow of a computer screen could be so flattering? You look fab!

ROFLing! LoVe the whole idea-- and why do kids worry about the most unlikely events happening? haha!

Off to wish Penny happy.

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Jo!

Katie said...

Haaa! Great post. Looking fabulous love! Cracking me up about his zombie-killing friends coming across the crafty blog of a middle-aged woman! Blog on,mama!

Jewels said...

How funny Jo - good thing nothing was "reflected" in the monitor screen (tee hee). You go girl (nice specs too!)

missy k said...

Hi Jo

What a giggle....what has Penny started??? Great photo by Hope - love the new glasses btw....

Poor Luke..... I guess you can always offer to pay for therapy!!!!


she dreams big! said...

This is just too funny but what a great idea!

Have a happy Valentine's Day!


Kristin said...

This is so FAB! Good for you! I love it, xo

Virginia said...

Loving the photo I'm on mass blog catch up - off to visit Penny's blog now! Hope you're having a great day!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Sweet Joanna, the photo is perfect!! You look gorgeous!

My stupid laptop camera went "kaputz" for some reason. Hubby will fix it for me. Anyway, the way I am in pain, any picture of me would scare all my friends away. That's why I ended up not posting it, but I promise I will still do it. Not naked, though!

Love ya, girl!

Jinny Holt said...

Absolutely love it, might be a good idea for a charity calender lol

Fab blog Joanna, I too have new glasses!!! just have to remember to wear them!!!

Caleb said...


Your son was right! Here I am! (107,565 dead zombies to date)

How did I get here? Well, the girl I'm dating is in a production of "Happy Days" and says that there is some number ("Calendar Girl") where she's wearing a skimpy, playboy-like outfit. Remembering the show, I thought, "What? There's no skimpy in Happy Days!" I set about to googling.

Apparently, googling "Happy Days Calendar Girls" led me right to this blog.

So tell your son to hide in shame! His mother has been found out!

Nice Mac, hippie.

Okay, just kidding. I'm out.


PS nice blog- I like all the buttons. Like I'm surrounded by cozy buttons that act like blog pillows. Very comforting.