Saturday, 5 February 2011

Masterchef in 3D, some pages and Mary's Monthly Challenge - February

DS Luke made Chili Con Carne for the family last night. 
 He insisted on wearing his cinema 3D glasses (because of the eye stinging properties of the onions) so he has rather a Buddy Holly-esque look. 

"Is this photo gonna end up on your blog, Mum?"  
"Only with your permission, Luke."  He he he.

"Is the mince supposed to look like fish paste?"

"Back off Mum, let me do it."

  "Mum, my glasses are steaming up."  
"Take them off then."

"Ah, that's better, I can see now." 

30 seconds later......

 "Aarrgghh, my eyes are stinging!!!!"

Anyway,  Luke's meal was delicious.  No photos of the actual meal because we were all rather hungry by the time it arrived.  It was a great success and didn't look too dissimilar to the picture on the recipe...... 

.....if you wore 3D glasses!!!


Some more pages in my mini-Moleskine book.  

Everything has beauty

Read the instructions, ladies
The next one didn't really work very well but I thought I'd show you anyway as it's in the book.  It does look a bit better in 'the flesh' but you'll have to take my word for that, I guess!

An Indian Journey

And lastly, my entry for Mary's Monthly Challenge.

She Always Seemed a Bit Different


Susan T said...

What is wrong with your kitchen? it looks perfectly spruce and delightful to me - as does son. What is it about a man working.

Ps Love the Mary's monthly challenge. You have such imagination.


JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Loving your pages from your mini-Moleskine book Jo!!
Well done Luke on cooking a delish meal!! Giggling here at the cinema goggles, that's something my lads would do!! LOL
Jan x

Serenata said...

He does have a certain Buddy Holly look about him doesn't he? Especially wearing the three D glasses, what a hoot!

Your pages as always are wonderful and imaginative.

Have a lovely weekend.

SusieJ said...

Wonderful pages Joanna!
The meal sounds delicious and it's lovely to see a man at work in the kitchen.
Sue xx
p.s. the 3D glasses were inspired - I just have a good cry when chopping onions!lol

joy said...

Luke is so sweet to let you photograph hime as he is cooking! Those glasses were genius.

Your pages, as always, are just great, Jo! I have gotten away from my moleskine and hope to get back at it once all my V-day swaps, etc. are out of the way.

Tracy said...

Ahhh, so good that he is learning to cook; he certainly will be able to fend for himself later in life!

I love the pages...certainly have an 'old' look to them to enhance the photos :)

Jewels said...

What fun - wish my hubby spent more time cooking meals for me! LOVE your pages - especially the Read the Instructions Ladies (LOL). J

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I am so glad you followed up with Luke's chili cooking. The glasses!! The stinging of the onions! I had a good giggle though and I'm glad it was yummy. I did print the recipe out yesterday!

Your mini moleskine work is wonderful joanna, even what you don't think is as good as the rest is lovely. i love your style. And I have got to get a move-on Mary's challenge, your answer is grand, loVE IT!!
xo lenna

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

A young Chef at home! How about that? He looks so intent and so cute with those glasses.

As for your work - wonderful! Here I go again, clicking on the pictures and making them as large as I can, in order for me to "investigate" all the little details, secrets and surprises I can find.

Beautiful, Joanna.

missy k said...

Lovely pages Jo and Luke really does look like Buddy Holly! Bet he doesn't even know who Buddy Holly is!!!!

Love Karenx

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Jo ~ Those photos are priceless ~ what a cute hunk guy you have and he cooks! Sounds like a winner to me! I really savor the photos of your new pages ~ you have really got some wonderful things going on at your housed! Love you gal! ~ Katie

bad penny said...

Luke is the same build as Joe - they could do " Me & my Shadow " Must get Joe to cook...well done Luke - the wearing of the glasses was inspired !

Roddy was supposed to cook last night but decided to watch Rugby instead so Jess cooked what he was supposed to for us - then went out - to eat !!!

Lovely pages Jo & the challenge pic great fun xx