Friday, 4 February 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Friday again and after last night I'm rather amazed I'm up and able to talk......  This leads me into my first happy.


Zumba has come to town!  Oh......... My............ Goodness...........!!!!!!  It's fast, it's furious, and, ugh,  the heating was on in the hall!  Last night was a free taster session and there were about 60 of us there, all ages, shapes and sizes.  The style is Latin American, with a bit of Bollywood thrown in for a bit of variety.  Luckily none of us, apart from the super fit 12 year old running it,  had a clue what we were doing (well ok she wasn't 12 but compared to me......).  She went left, I went right.  She jumped, I clapped.  She told us to swap our hopping leg, I'd swapped ages back.  But it was such FUN, the music was loud and pumping and it was a solid hour of full on chaos.  There was lots of laughter.  I'll definitely be going back for more.


I'm happy that DS Luke is cooking tonight.   It's Chili Con Carne tonight, using a recipe on the Good Food website (click on the picture above for the recipe).  Looks simple enough for him to follow.......  I'll let you know how he gets on.


I can't put it off any longer.  Reading has become increasingly difficult (so much so that Hope has started writing in big letters things that I need to read on a regular basis, like the breakfast porridge quantities).  So today it's time for the eye test and glasses.  I'll be so happy to be able to read and do my close arting without getting a headache (maybe I'll stop cutting off vital pieces of people's anatomy too.  In pictures, that is).  So it'll be a positive thing.  Really it will.  Really.

I just hope I don't get the giggles like I did during my last eye test.  How embarrassing was that?!  You know when you're trying so hard not to giggle that it comes out as a snort?  Yes, like that.  Very very embarrassing.  I'm going to a different opticians this time, and I'm going to be on my best behaviour.


I'm really happy that DD Hope has finally made her GCSE option choices.  Apart from the many subjects she HAS to take - English Literature, English Language, Maths, Religious Studies, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, IT, PE, and a modern language (she chose Spanish), she has also decided to study Latin, Photography, and History.  On top of that she also has to take part in extra studies to do with the Environment, Human Ingenuity and Health and Social Care.  How on earth she does it all I don't know!

This impending decision has been playing on her mind and I'm pleased for her that the online form has been completed and submitted.  Phew!


I'm happy that my job has developed as it has.  I am incredibly busy and it's quite a struggle to get it all done but it really makes the time go quickly and I feel I'm making a difference.  


I've enjoyed visiting lots of blogs as part of One World One Heart.  I didn't get my act together to take part myself but I've enjoyed dropping by lots of different blogs and seeing such creativity.


I spotted a new blog button on Karen's blog and clicked on it to investigate.   

You might want to click on the blinkie button above - it's great!  Once you've registered there are free tutorial videos from people such as Effy Wild.  I've only watched 1 so far, but I'll be back when I have some time to watch some more.

It's a brilliant site and I'm glad I 'found' it, thanks Karen!


I'd better go and get myself ready now for the Opticians.  I'll just post this with Virginia first (see Rocking Friday button on right hand sidebar). 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, keep safe.



SusieJ said...

A lovely, lovely list Joanna.
Hope the glasses help you (can't have you chopping off random bits of people's anatomy can we? lol) - I got my new ones from ASDA - they had a great offer - so I got prescription sun glasses as well.
Enjoy your Chilli - isn't it lovely when your boy likes to cook? My DS makes a mean stir fry.
Have a great weekend Joanna.
Sue xx

joy said...

Joanna, your Friday posts are so much fun to read! At one point or another, glasses become a necessary evil. And that Zumba class sounds like just the thing to stay with it! Have a great weekend.

Minky Magic said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog for the owoh. Really enjoyed reading your post and will follow and pop back again! All the best, Marie x

bad penny said...

Zumba sounds such fun ! Enjoy Luke's chili & I'm glad Hope is getting her subjects sorted.
I bet you did giggle at the optitians I do ! I couldn't read a thing & had to get the kids to read medicine dosage & cooking istructions for me !

Thanks for he link am struggling with my inchies

Fiona said...

Awesome list Jo!! I have always wanted to try Zumba! I think I will have to give it a go...

My mum is the same, I keep telling her to go get her eyes tested and she refuses, but then I am the one she is always saying "Fiona, what does this card say? Fiona, what price does that say?" hehe. She has promised to go this year.

That chilli con carne look gorgeous, made me hungry!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!! x x x x

Serenata said...

Wonderful list and it sounds like Zumba is fun.

Good luck at the opticians. I picked up my glasses last week, they are taking some getting used to.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Thanks as always for your RoCKin' posts, Joanna! You always seem to make me giggle and/or smile, how lovely. That recipe looks super good! I have never served chili with avocado, but that is a perfect combination & my hubby would love it. I will have to do some calculating though . . . 'Heat oven to 150C/fan 130C/gas 3' and 'Reheat on the hob until bubbling' is not what I usually see in my recipes, but I know I can figure it out and I will!!

p.s. I love Zumba!!! I started going about 2 months ago a couple of times a week and it is so much FUN. Hard work, but fun!

xoxoxo Thanks for the link to the visual journaling workshop and also for all the love you spread commenting on the creative swaps posts!!!

Katie said...

You gave me a good chuckle this morning! I can imagine the zumba chaos! Sounds like a hoot! Just don't think of it while getting your eye exam...don't want you embarrassing yourself.ha! (at least you didn't cry at the dentist haha!I'm too old for that!)
I am going to check out that recipe for my husband to make. yummy! Have a good weekend.xo

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Your Zumba class sounds great. I do three classes a week, Yoga, Aerobics and Dance and Dance is the best fun!!!!

Did Grant go with you?

That chilli looks yummy... no grating with a chilli?

Hope you managed not to giggle in the opticians!

Hope is doing so many subjects!!!! I think Latin is a great subject to take - Woody and I were only saying yesterday how useful it is.

Did Hope get a camera for Christmas? We never had photography as a choice when I was at school! :(

Glad you are enjoying your job. I am not missing mine at all!!! Pauline my old office manager rang me up yesterday!!!!!

I'm glad you liked the site. I'm hoping to catch up with some more videos from it this weekend.

I managed to 'do' all of 21 Secrets too. There was such a lot of content! So many video and pdf's. Good fun.

Whats happened to your charity shop bargains this week?

Have a great weekend, love to you all


Virginia said...

Hello hun - the zumba sounds fun - we've got someone doing it at our work place at the moment but I've not managed to stop for a session to find out what's what! Tea looks divine - can he come and cook ours because I'm not sure what to make! Will check out the blog link later.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!



Susan T said...

The Zumba sounds brilliant
The Chilli looks wonderful
I'm coming round!!

Hope that you have a lovely weekend too.

Ps I am typing this with reading glasses on - it sucks but at least I can see for now. I think that may get thicker and thicker.

Much Love

Sue xxx

Monica said...

Zumba is fabulous and even after 3 months I went the wrong way. Never go to class when on Prednisone as the kicking higher and faster than anyone else leads to hip replacement.

Jewels said...

Another great week Jo! Anything that gets one moving is "A" okay with me!

Personally I don't trust opts ever since I discovered that "bifocals" really don't work no matter how much I try (LOL).
Thanks for the art link - looking forward to visiting. Cheers.

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Your friday posts are fab Jo!
The Zumba class sounded like great chaotic fun!
Whooo, I've had a little difficulty with reading smaller print just lately too! probably should get myself off to specsavers!! ...anyway i hope you behaved yourself at the eye-test!! not too much giggling! LOL
Off to have a peek at the link that you posted..
Jan x

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Yesterday I came home so tired that I could not comment on any of my friend's blogs. So, I'm late... I'm late... for a very important date.

Joanna, you are going to feel so freaking GOOD when you can see without struggling, believe me! And nowadays there are so many different styles of glasses, very light ones - not like when I got mine 52 years ago!

I just wonder... why do you feel like giggling when you do the test? That is so cute!