Friday, 11 February 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Hello to you on this dull and damp Friday afternoon (in Kent, anyway).    My list of gratefuls is a little  bit late today because of the first item on the list......


DH Grant and I went to the cinema to see True Grit.  This is a Coen brothers remake of the John Wayne original and was brilliant!  Jeff Bridges has certainly cornered the market of aging drunks (he had a similar role in Crazy Heart), Matt Damon, quite unrecognizable,  played an almost comical character but still managed to be moving and the young actress Hailee Steinfeld gave a very powerful performance.  

So my first grateful is spending time with Grant, we really enjoyed it.

My second grateful is spending time with my friends.  It was my dear friend Louise's birthday yesterday and a gang of 16 of us went out for a pizza.  I knew a couple of the girls from the charity shop but didn't know the others, so I was a little bit nervous.  I really shouldn't have been, they were all lovely.  I enjoyed a lovely big plate of paella, yum. 

This is the birthday card I made for Louise.  It's particularly appropriate to give her this card because the background papers are mostly supplied by her!

 There was a picture of a cupcake inside.


Because I was stuffing myself with paella I couldn't go to Zumba (he he he).  I'll be back next week.  Probably.

Next grateful is that DS Luke is cooking again.  Tonight it is going to be Sausage and Root Vegetable Hot Pot.   I saw the recipe in the February issue of Delicious Magazine (which I saw while waiting for Luke's Orthodontic appointment), and quickly scribbled it down.  I looked on their website for a picture of the dish to put on here but it appears to be the only one they haven't put on there.  

I wonder if the 3D glasses will come out again......


It's been a long week for DD Hope.  She had a big dance show on Wednesday night and she was quite nervous.  

She caught my eye at the very start of her group dance and then, of course, got the giggles.  Thankfully she managed to hold it together and it was lovely to see her perform with a broad grin on her face!

Then this morning she took part in a big school gymnastic competition.  More nerves.  But at 10.30am I got a text saying,

~ Yay!  I'm a gymnast now!  No probs :) xxxxx ~

I could then relax.

So I'm grateful that she survived the week without major problems.  One more week and then it's the half term holiday.  She's so ready for a break.


I'm grateful that my brother Simon's daughter, Becci, and her dear little girl, Hope (yes, we've got 2 Hopes in the family!) have got a place of their own at last following a few very difficult years. 
 They've been living with Simon, my SIL Deborah, their 2 sweet dogs and cat since last summer and it will be good for them all for her to make a fresh start, in her own place.  I wish them lots of luck and happiness.  
I also wish Simon and Deborah lots of luck - despite being very hard workers they are sadly both due to be made redundant over the next few months and face a trying time seeking employment in their field of expertise.


I can't wait to collect my new glasses tomorrow. Early warning, on Monday it is Penny's birthday and she has requested that rather than commenting on her post, she would like a link to a photo of us sitting in our blogging 'position'.  She has specifically asked that I should be wearing my glasses.  She didn't, however, specifically request that I should be wearing clothes..............

You have been warned.


Lastly, my girls.  I'm grateful for every minute I get to spend with the little darlings.  Rosie Mae has taken to moving her bed around in a big way,

I think she's experimenting with different views of the room.  Having slept in the same position for the past 11 years. 

And a rare photo of Susie 'the Madam' Tu - she never stands still long enough, which is why this one is slightly blurred.  In this picture she was, as usual, demanding food.  


I'm off to put this with the other Rocking grateful lists with Virginia (look for the button on my sidebar, righthand side), and then I'd better get Luke to scrub up in preparation for cooking. 

Have a lovely weekend.



missy k said...

Hi Jo

Had fun reading your post.....

I was thinking of you today.... I went to the Packhouse with my bf today for a shop and lunch and a good old chat!!!

Hope Luke's dinner is as tasty as it sounds!

Have a lovely weekend..... love to you all

Love Karenxxxx

Susan T said...

Your week sounds a good one. Husband wants to see True Grit too so I read out your review. Everyone at your end seems healthy and happy and ready to have a lovely weekend. I hope you do.



Virginia said...

Oh tea cooked for you again - lucky thing - let us know if the 3D glasses are needed again! Congrats on daughter and her achievements this week - it's always nice when they can chill out and de-stress a little!

Glad you enjoyed the film and managed a bit of quality time - precious time!

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend!


SusieJ said...

Lovely list Joanna.
Great to have time with Grant (I managed some with David today too).
Well done to Hope on her dancing and gymnastics and to Luke for cooking again - that recipe does sound yummy!
Love the "fairy" on the card. :)
Hugs. xx

Katie said...

As always, you are up to fun things. Have a wonderful weekend.

joy said...

Sounds like a good week for you Joanna! That birthday card you made for Louise is a hoot! Bet she loved it. I love your sense of humor. Have a great weekend.

Dogwood said...

You certainly do have a lot of wonderful things to be greatful, friends, pets & etc.

Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

bad penny said...

I always smile when I read these Jo - especially the end ...are you doing a Calendar girl's shot ?! So far no success with me at my blogging position photos they look so staged !

Roddy is due to cook tonight but the Rugger is on again so I expect Jess will step in. She really is being a little star at the mo.

Congrats to Hope - well to both the Hopes actually !

Glad you had a nice time out & your card is such fun. My friend always makes me a "I made it all by myself" pressie he makes on the girl's activity weekend we go on. I received it early last night - a customised etched champers glass very very funny. We all look like we are in occupational therapy in these classes !
Have a lovely weekend x

Jewels said...

Heh Jo - have not seen True Grit yet but hoping we will go and view Gnoemo and Juliet tonight - it has had great reviews...

Loved your BD card - what a great image and how funny...

Yes our "kids" do some strange things Miss Gwendoline has suddenly decided she needs to be reminded "why" she is outside (geesh) - probably because it has been so dang cold and she does not understand why I am making her leave her cozy bed in the house (LOL)

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

I love your "list of gratefuls" every Friday. What a neat way of thinking and reminding - us also - that, throughout the week a lot of good things have happened. It makes me think more seriously about life and quit bitching about silly stuff.

The giggles of your daughter - can anything be sweeter? I have never seen her, but I can imagine the picture. Loved it!

You better have the 3D glasses ready, in case there are onions to be chopped, right?

Your girls, Rosie Mae and Madam Tu are lucky to have you as their mom.

Have a great week-end, Joanna!
Love ya!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

you always bring a smile to my face, Joanna!
=: ^ D -in fact, i was really giggling about Penny's birthday post! so fun, xo

Carmen said...

I've not even seen that film advertised - bet my dad will be after seeing that one!

Oh dear me... am having unwelcome visions of your Blogging Position - sounds like something you'd read in a teen magazine - Blogging Position of the week :D :D