Saturday, 12 March 2011

ArtJoyStuff ATC Swap

Last week's ATC swap with Kimberly (ArtJoyStuff) had the theme of 'Alice in Wonderland.'  

Now I don't have anything to do with Alice - no rubber stamps, images, even books (if I'm honest I find the story all a bit too dark for my taste).  So what to do?

I chose the part of the story where Alice meets the Caterpillar.  The background is a splatter of inks to look quite psychedelic (the story is rather like a trip on drugs, after all).  Instead of a caterpillar image I chose the image of a man who could be (but ISN'T) Lewis Carroll.  There's quite a lot of controversy about the relationship between Lewis Carroll and the real Alice, so she's asking him, "Who ARE you?"  The image of Alice, printed onto old book endpaper, was from a free image site I found and forgot to note down (sorry).   I chose a grungy edging of black duct tape - which kept on peeling off grrrrrr, so Kimberly, if that has happened in transit, sorry.  Mod Podge should sort it ;0).  I finally added a Tim Holtz typewriter 'A' key,  for Alice.

I sent the ATC in a Mail Art envelope. This is just an envelope covered with original 1950's adverts from a magazine, and the image of the girl reading the letter is from a Ladybird book.  One of my favouritist stamps - Enjoy The Journey - is, of course, one of Tim's.

Kim has emailed this evening to let me know that she has received my ATC.  I really should have enclosed an explanation of what the ATC is all about, so I hope she reads this so she can make some sense of it!

I have received Kim's ATC, and she has created such a fun, happy card - rather different to my own!  What hasn't shown up well on the scan is the subtle pretty sparkle accenting the dots and chequerboard.   The little spoon is so sweet, too.

Thank you for swapping, Kim!


Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Jo,
I totally got the meaning behind your awesome card! Alice in Wonderland is really my favorite story (I like dark) and I loved the Disney animated version when I was a kid, because it was the only Disney movie where a girl had her own adventure without waiting for some boy to save her. The day I made my cards I was in an uncharacteristic pink mood, so I am glad you like it.
This was fun!
Thanks again & enJOY,

Tracy said...

What a creative way of looking at Alice in Wonderland. I am like you; I've never been a fan of the book or the movie because it is too dark.
I like what you did though!

Gaby Bee said...

Your ATC looks fabulous. Love your color choices and the Mail Art envelope is stunning!
Have a wonderful day!
Gaby xo

Jane Housham said...

What a great card (and envelope). Wow, this sets a high standard for Postman's Knock!

arts4all said...

Hi Jo,

You 'Alice' ATC is spectacular. You've captured the backstory to the story in the book so perfectly. I've always liked Alice because as Kimberly says above, Alice is her own person - not afraid to take a chance and handling her adventures like a trouper! Must admit that The Red Queen was a little scary in the animated film when I was a little girl (oops! I'm giving away my advanced age...)

You know Lenna and I are practically neighbors. We see each other occasionally, but she has DH Steven and her parents, and I have my family close by, and we both have art, the beach, DeSoto walks, and more, so getting together is sometimes tricky to schedule. We've both had company lately too, and I have more on the way. (Why in the world would anyone want to visit sunny Florida in March when they can have all that beautiful freezing ice and snow back home is beyond me - LOL)


Jewels said...

Hi Jo - Love your ATC - I'm like you, not a tonne of stuff about Alice (or Marie Antoinette either - some fads I don't get) - but I like your imagery.

I have to ask as I see it all the time - what does your abbreviation stand for (DH) (sorry have not followed you long enough to figure it out :( Jewels

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Lovely swap Jo! I think you did wonderfully and your partner will be delighted! I hope you are having or will soon have Spring break. We are on ours and no school for 7, yes 7 days! And I am enjoying every minute of it. First ~ had to visit all my favorites and that means darling you!

bad penny said...

I've never owned a copy of Alice 'til last old copy for 25p. The man in the shop told me Carroll's daughter Alice was buried in a Church in Lyndhurst near here. I said " his niece surely? "
I love how you printed her onto old bookend paper though. I think it was an Opium haze Carroll was in !
These are both fun - great swap !

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Fab ATC trade, love how you both have hung charms from your cards (loving those Holtz typewriter keys)
...and your mail art envie is stunning!
Jan x

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Love both your sent and received atcs..... Your 'dark' tone suits perfectly.

I especially love the envelope :)

The 3d version of Alice made me feel a bit ickky!!! I have an old copy of the book, don't think Livi will let me get my hands on it! She no longer trusts me with books!!!!! It does have great illustrations.... sigh.....

Privet and Holly said...

What a talent!
LOVE your sweet work.
I'm sure it will
be well received,
even without explanation : )
Happy Monday!
xx Suzanne

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

I loved your card, Joanna. And you made me laugh, when you said that Alice in Wonderland "is rather like a trip on drugs". Yes, I agree.

You gave it a special touch and interpretation with the "Who are you?".

Kim's card is also precious. Clicking on it and making it bigger showed the sparkles that you mentioned.
Love ya!

Carmen said...

Oh I adore your card - I love the grunginess of it and the dark and sinister undertones. I would've done Alice, my Alice - the legend and deviated completely so YOU did fabulously :D