Tuesday, 15 March 2011

They're here!

Another lovely mail day today - my return Vintage Notecards from Lenna's Creative Swaps arrived! 
 I have already been contacted by the 3 ladies who received mine (I so enjoy knowing where my 'babies' have gone, click here to be reminded about the ones I made), and waited in anticipation for the returnees.

Today's the day and Oh Boy, have I struck lucky!

First up is this dreamy beauty by Corinne Marie.  I can't begin to explain how gorgeous this is, from the sweet image of the be-flowered girl, to the butterflies, to the gold accents, to the music score, to the ribbon, etc. 
 It is so beautiful, *sigh*.

Next is this wonderful piece of textural heaven by Sharon Walworth.  The gorgeous layered bronzed gold, cream doilies, ribbon and vintage French accents bring a superb faded charm.  This notecard really is a joy to hold, having a weight which adds to its beauty.
It is absolutely stunning.

(note, I'll have to see if I can take a better photo tomorrow - in the daylight - as the scanner didn't like the button and has made the image rather blurry)

Finally is this amusing notecard by Jewels from Just Tickety Boo.  I so love that the obviously posing couple are wearing roller skates.  Just look at the expressions on their faces, particularly his!  Jewels thoughtfully enclosed a note detailing the materials used in her card - explaining that she copied fabric onto card stock, which is a brilliant idea.  The music is original score from 1931.  I adore the colour choices for this notecard, which perfectly complement the lady's dress (which is beautiful and a wonderful example of its time).
It is so gorgeous, I love it.

I have to admit that these cards will not be used as notecards and sent out, because I am going to selfishly keep them safe at home.  I will allow myself to look at them and stroke them every so often (like a miser gloating over his piles of money), but that is as far as they are going.  

This post is as close as you lot are going to get to 
them, HA HA HA HA!!!

You see, owning these beauties has already corrupted me.

Lenna is going to arranging another swap soon, mini books, so if you fancy being corrupted just like I have then you might want to keep an eye out for it - click here to get to Creative Swaps and follow her blog.



craftattack said...

Oooh, what lovely creations, enjoy!

missy k said...

Lucky you they are GORGEOUS!!!!

I don't blame you for keeping them safe at home :)


Corinne Marie said...

Ah Joanna, thanks so much. That's great we did swap our note cards thanks to Lenna.

Katie said...

Those are some beauties!

joy said...

All three cards are just so gorgeous! I love the whimsy of the third one. I would keep them for myself, too, Joanna! That's the fun of the swaps, isn't it??

Lenna Young Andrews said...

What a beautiful write-up, Joanna! Thank you for being so thoughtful and of course I am delighted you are pleased with your swaps. : ) yes this time it worked out perfectly and everyone traded with one another. It's so fun when that happens.

You were very gracious with your comments on the blog & I could have given you one of every card if I took all your hints!!! : ^ ) So glad it all worked out and you are pleased too.

Yes, A new "little books" swap shall be announced in a couple of weeks, after I write the lesson! I'm looking forward to it & happy you want to be corrupted!
xo lenna

Carmen said...

I did the same with a set of labyrinth greetings cards I got in a swap. I am still just looking for the perfect frames for them - not wasting them on my unworthy friends or family - they might end up in the recycle bin after a few days *gasp* perish the thought. It's OK - they didn't see me type that, I hid them safely away.

Mmmmm. David Bowie in tight troos!

These are gorgeous and it's good to know that you CAN be corrupted! Hmmm.

Jewels said...

Har Har Jo - Be as selfish as you like - I'm with you on that one - so happy you love the card (I have to say I really went through separation anxiety with it). Make note on your calendar, a year from now I'll be demanding a peek to ensure my darlings are still in your care (LOL). J

quinn said...

Those are lovely - I'd be keeping them to display as well!

As a newcomer, I've been reading some of your recent posts. The one about taking your pup to the vet made me laugh - especially the part about her kicking the treat under the chair. And wasn't "Fatty Lumpkins" one of the troll insults in The Hobbit? ;)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

HELLO!! I'm so sorry that I've missed your last few posts with vacation, etc, and have enjoyed catching up on your posts. I really love these cards--I'd keep them too! :-)

I hope your enjoyable day continued!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

All three cards are just gorgeous,Jo!!
I would keep them too.
Have a great day.

Jane Housham said...

Wow, this world of swaps is new to me, but isn't it amazing how generously creative people are for them?

Susan T said...

Beautiful cards. Now you know why Mr Steampunk is under house guard! The second card appeals to me especially. The gorgeous faded colours.

bad penny said...

ooh what treasures to keep Jo. I've started a box of things received in swaps etc & look at them every now & then & show friends who are interested. These are totally delightful

Miss Iowa said...

Beautiful cards! Perhaps you could make a copy on cardstock, attach the copy to a cardfront, and then you have a card you could use without jeopardizing the original? (I do this with some of my own things that I don't want to part with.)

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

I am happy for you, Joanna. These are beautiful cards! And I don't blame you for being "corrupted" and wanting to keep them!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

whoooo Gorgeous mail :)
I wouldn't part with them either!!