Friday, 11 March 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Happy Friday!

Quick list of this week's reasons to be cheerful.  It may be small but it is perfectly formed.


The X Factor concert was FANTASTIC!  

Last Saturday I went with DD Hope, 14 years old (her first pop concert) to Wembley Arena.  
We had brilliant seats, and the acts were fab - they've got so much better since the tv shows.  
Apart from Wagner, perhaps!  
Matt Cardle was excellent, he waved at me and thanked me for voting for him so many times to ensure he won.  
Well ok, no he didn't really, but he would have done if only he could have found me in the audience.

We also saw Paije, Mary, Rebecca, Cher (brilliant), Aiden, Katie, and One Direction (or One Dimension as DH Grant insists on calling them, just to wind up Hope).

You want to know what I wore, after I asked for your advice?

Well I liked the idea of a paper collaged outfit, or the Zumba gear, or wearing leather trousers, mini skirt AND bra on the outside of my clothing............. but in the end I decided the best suggestion was to wear my infamous Calendar Girls outfit.  

Yes girls, JUST the reading glasses.

I'll let you take in that image

the nausea will subside eventually.

I did take some photos of the concert but my camera really wasn't up to the job:0(
but I will just share my picture of Matt - he was, of course, looking for me.

DS Luke says this photo looks like a scene from a zombie film, with all those arms stretching up trying to touch Matt!

Hope and I really enjoyed our day.  It was a real X Factor production with wowzer lights, pyrotechnics, fireworks, ticker-tape and streamers.  It was funny to hear Hope screaming when One Direction came on the stage (very pretty boy band).  

I didn't upload this clip onto Youtube, but this is One Direction singing 'Grenade' and it was the 
concert we were at.
Hope is now going to marry Harry Styles, apparently.

 I think there maybe a queue, love!


I've been a bit worried about our darling dog, Rosie Mae.  She's had a 'mass' developing on her back.  I thought at first she might have pulled a muscle but it didn't go away, and she wasn't too happy if i touched it.

So I took her to the vets.

Shame Grant had all the leads in the boot of his car, which he'd taken to work that day.

I had to take her in with a belt through her collar.

Poor Rosie was mortified.  The belt did not match her collar.

Anyway, we saw nice Auntie Sue who had a good feel and said, "Fatty lump."  I really didn't know what I'd done to deserve such abuse, and then I realized she meant that Rosie's mass was a fatty lump.  And nothing to worry about.  
Auntie Sue then went on the say that Rosie "wasn't the thinnest of dogs" - how very dare she! - and that because of her age (fourteen and a half) she was developing fatty pads on her outer thighs and a small area on her back.


Nice Auntie Sue didn't charge us for this advice and laughed when Rosie spat out her doggie treat and kicked it under a chair.  

I know Rosie Mae isn't going to last for ever but I'm so relieved that I was worried about nothing. 
This time.

Rosie Mae is now affectionately known by the nickname of "Fatty Lump."  

She doesn't mind.

She's deaf. 


Zumba this week - done and survived.

My friend Lyndsey and I made a tactical error this week and ended up in the third row back.  We like to be in row two.  But there was a bit of last minute jostling and, aaaarrrrggghhh, we were in the third.

I couldn't see the Zumba teacher's feet.  By the time I'd moved enough to see them she'd moved onto the next bit.  Hmmmmm.  

Note to self: you WILL be in the second row next week.


My Pay It Forward gifts are finished and packaged up, ready to go.  I'm just waiting for one address and they'll be gone.  I hope my patient recipients aren't disappointed - they are only little gifts but they are made with love.  I'll show you  once I know they've been received.


Grant is off today.  
We haven't got any plans but it'll be lovely to spend some time alone with him after a very busy week at work with long long days.

We might go to the cinema - we'd like to see Unknown with Liam Neeson.

But we will suffer the wrath of DS Luke, who also wants to see it.
We told him he could go and see it with his friends.

"I want to go with you." said he.

"Ahhhhh." we thought.

"Because when I go with you I don't have to pay." he continued.


Maybe Grant and I will go today after all.


I'm looking forward to Sunday when Grant's family are all getting together to celebrate his 50th birthday.  Grant didn't want a big party (he isn't much of a party animal) and only really wanted to celebrate with his nearest and dearest.

Grant, me, and the 'kids' are going on a lovely holiday in the summer as his big 50th treat.


The sun is out and that always puts a spring in my step.


That's it for today.

I'll post this link to Virginia (see Rocking Friday button on right hand sidebar) and then I'm off to play.

Have a lovely weekend.



Jane Housham said...

Hi, I really enjoyed reading your post. I'm glad Rosie Mae is alright.

Susan T said...

Rosie Mae and I share the same beauty problems! I think I may take a tip from her and grow my hair extra long to cover the lot!

What a great week. I think you may have been noticed in the crowd if you had worn your infamous Calendar Girls look!

bad penny said...

I have fatty pads on my tummy ! I think at fourteen, Rosie Mae can be forgiven them !
Well 'm sure that Mat was looking for you & your new glasses ! What about Wagner ? he'd have liked that too !

I know what you mean about not being ble to see the instructress at Zumba.

Roddy & I wil be 50 the same year - I think a holiday is alovely idea to celebrate.

Have a lovely weekend

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Thank you for the morning giggle. I am happy for the good prognosis for your sweet 14 year old pup.
enJOY a wonderful weekend, my friend,

Virginia said...

Ooh what a lovely list this week hun - so pleased Rosie Mae is fine - you had me giggling about your trip to vets - what are you like! The idea of being on the second row for zumba would have me running for the hills - I need to be at the back - always - definitely not near the front - never near the front - despite not being able to fathom out what was happening LOL! Hope you manage to do something today with Grant off do let us know what the films like Craig has said he'd love to see it but might have to wait till it hits the DVD racks as it were! So glad you enjoyed the concert and that Hope's first gig will be one she remembers passionately about! Nothing better than a bit of live music!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend - enjoy your family celebrations!


Fiona Whitehead said...

My old girl has lots of fatty lumps - she did have to have one removed 2 years ago as it was growing into her groin and could have caused problems but she's still here - such a worry these fur babies - almost as much as the real thing. Hope you have a good weekend

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear Joanna, you always have me smiling and giggling whilst reading your friday posts!!!! Too much to comment on everything, but exactly how old are those boys in one dimension/direction? They look about 14! Your DD is so very cute. Give miss fatty lump a kiss for me, she is too sweet. xoxoxo

missy k said...

OMG I must be older than I think..... surely that boy isn't even in secondary school yet?

Glad you had fun.

and very good news about Rosie

See you on Sunday.........


Fiona said...

Really enjoyed reading your post!!! Sounds like you had a great time at the concert, Glad to hear Rosie is ok!!!


Katie said...

Good one this week. Had me laughing out loud. Glad your pooch is okay, she's a cutie. Recently I see ads for diet dog food and think "Can't a dog even get a little chubby!?"
That concert looks crazy fun! Emjoy the rest of your weekend. :0)

Chriss Rollins said...

Happy 1 year in blogland and a bab fab fab 50th birthday gift you bought Grant I too would have had a tear in my eye if I got that as a present you truely spoiled him.

Sorry havnt been around for soooo long but do hope to get back to blog hopping very soon.

Have a great 1yr celebrations and a good weekend.

Chriss x

bad penny said...

Jo your lovely lovely PIF gift arrived today. I love love love it ! Thank you so much. The tiles are gorgeous ( and inspired ! ) & being diplayed on the kitchen fireplace with the wonderful postcard. Very happy mail xx

Jewels said...

Jo - I know ALL about fatty lumps (mine and G+G). Gryphon had some dillies before he passed and Miss Gwendoline is no slouch either when it comes to these "masses" (which like you had me worried but my Vet always says not to). Anyway, sounds like a Fab time at the concert and hope you have the same Sunday! J

trisha too said...

You are a ray of sunshine, bloggy sister--the concert sounds like it was amazing, zombie arms or no . . .

and glad to hear Miss Rosie is okay. We have a Bart, and he'll be 13 this summer, so I know what you mean . . .

Ragamuffin Gal said...

You have me in stitches over here across the big pond Jo ~ I am still laughing. You are just what I (and everyone else) needed to read today. Could you hear my snort? Honestly where do you get all of this? Love you gal ~ me

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh, I was also going to say that Miss Rosie has something in common with my Miss Sophie, she despises our vet and hisses the living daylights out at him ever since he called her fat once. So I totally get Miss Rosie. Now, I am sure you are on to preparing the nuptials for dear daughter to rival Prince William and Kate. Oh goodness what will you wear to the wedding now?

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Another fabby Friday list :)
...Enjoy reading what you've been up too!
Glad to hear that Rosie is ok :)
I know how she feels, I'm full of fatty lumps LOL, perhaps I should seek out a zumba class !!

Carmen said...

Oh this did make me larf... and I didn't barf - though I am worried you could've been arrested!

I agree with Luke - zombie invasion ala Dead Set (The BB zombie series!) They'd do us a favour if they ate One Direction! How was Aiden? I had a soft spot for him - reminded me of Johnny Depp in his mannerisms.

I want to see that film and so many others out at the mo, Our Devvie is of the same opinion as Luke when it comes to trips out so long as her money stays firmly at home she is happy.

Not even started my PIF's yet *worried look at all these blogs sending theirs out*